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Coalition Government unless a Party gets 51% of the vote.

Allocation of seats in parliament

Fijian Elections Office
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

THE Electoral Commission will allocate seats in the parliament.

According to the Fijian Elections Office, this will be done following the submission of the national results tally by the Elections Supervisor to the commission.

Political parties and independent candidates must win at least 5 per cent of the total vote or they will not be eligible for a seat in parliament.

According to the Elections Office, if a political party clears the 5 per cent threshold, the number of seats it wins will be proportionate to the total number of votes it receives.

For example, if a party wins 60 per cent of the total vote, it will receive roughly 60 per cent of the seats in parliament.

According to the Elections Office, the process involves using a specific mathematical formula to calculate the exact number of seats to award a party based on the number of votes it receives.

Fiji’s formula is one that is used by at least 39 countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, and Scotland and Spain


26 thoughts on “Coalition Government unless a Party gets 51% of the vote.

  1. My man VB and his party will win a majority.of these seats.

    He will form Govt and continue to be PM.

    As for other parties – winning is one thing and winning at least 38 seats in order to have more than 75% majority is a dream that will never come true. So stop dreaming and join my man’s party!

    A party that stands for the notion that Fiji should come FIRST .

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  2. Fiji First: A party that stands for the notion that Frank Bainimarama should come FIRST

    A traitor and criminal – whose only claims to fame are irrelevant and stupid policies, confused legislation, deportations, beatings and tortures, brush cutter giveaways, a weak economy, cowed media, subservient judiciary and a bus that he painted blue.

    I think the blue bus is possibly the only good thing that Frank has done that might possibly benefit someone other than himself.

    But that only assumes that someone else wants to drive his fat arse in his big blue bus.

  3. Radio, you are wrong again. Yes, there have been a few heavy handed actions of the forces, yes we had to watch this video where one of the bad guys gets sodomised with a police truncheon but to call this torture is misleading and will eventually incite disaffection with our leaders. The economy has seen an average growth of 0.7% from 2006 until now, but compare this with Italy’s economy which has only grown 0.3 % in the same period. Our PM and finance minister has shown a remarkable talent to increase the wealth of his family and the Khaiyum clan has even done better. So there has been growth! And the policies that our great leaders have developed are all based on a very broad consensus amongst the population. Every policy has been rigorously discussed amongst officers, ministers and other key stakeholders in the ministries led by the AG.

  4. this man frank is the best PM fiji has ever had…..he is god given to save fiji from the thieves from sodelpa,labour especially chaude,nfp and the jealous x military like the waqausas,raivoces and the muas…..they have emerged now…the movers of the 2000 upheavals….u guys used us the CRW……u do it for yourselves…….u r being tailed guys so watch out….LONG LIVE KING FRANK AND GODBLESS FIJI

  5. Khayium clan had nothing before 2006. Now Khayium owes several properties so his brother. Aunty nur making millions and is the one organizing all the deal – casino, mahaoghy, rewa diray sale etc etc.

  6. My prediction of the election results:

    NFP: 0 (not fit for parliament)
    PDP: 2
    FLP: 3
    Sodelpa: 8
    Fiji first: 37

  7. Rajend

    You Indians think we ka viti are fools. We will vote for SODELPA.
    You being a Hindu how you can support a Muslim Khayium. Khayium has only done things for his Muslim community. A muslim never liked a Hindu.

  8. Bainimarma and Khayium ruled Fiji for 8 years. I suggest you two give chance to other people to rule. Why you do not to give your position?

  9. Realism vs Idealism
    I agree with some observers that it is futile and unrealistic to expect a free and fair election under the current circumstances. The only way we can have that is to have a caretaker administration which will be responsible with managing our transition from this illegal dictatorship into a democracy.

    Here are the reasons:
    1. The regime does not want to relinguish power. They will only do so if they are forced or persuaded to.
    2. VB and his crew are very aware that if they lose the election and a new Government assumes control, they will be held accountable for all their actions, regardless of the immunity decree and the worthless constitution they have designed.
    3. Should they engage the military to intervene if they lose the election,then they will take this country to an even worse situation. But they will do so if they have no other means.
    4. VB and his crew know they are under siege, and the pressure will increase as more people become aware of the whole truth.
    5. Their power all along has been based on force, intimidation, terror, fear and vengeance. One of their major weapons is ignorance and total control. Public dissemination of information (truth) is what they fear most because when people know the truth, they are empowered to make the right decisions.
    6. A caretaker government to manage this transition phase will put an end to the disinformation and misinformation. The brainwashing will slowly cease and people will be finally free because the truth will set them free.
    7. It is very idealistic and unreasonable to expect the regime to suddenly allow people to finally hear the whole truth. This is why they will continue to pretend and go through the motions and create that illusion of a free and fair elections.

    May I suggest that all the parties get together and organise a public referendum or petition. We must demand that the regime step aside and let a transition administration takeover and take us to the elections. Unless we have that, it is very unrealistic to expect the murderers, liars and robbers to suddenly change into decent law abiding citizens for the sake of an election they would rather not have.

    As for the transition government, perhaps we could have some locals and and overseas people from our friends from UK, Aust and NZ, etc. Perhaps the funding for this exercise could also come from our kind neighbours and others who really care about our nation. This would be much better use of foreign aid. Instead of pouring money into an election that is heavily stacked against the people of Fiji.

  10. It would be really helpful if FB and ASK can answer in very simple terms the following very simple questions being asked everyday by most people here on the blog or on the ground:

    Is the 1.2m salary true or false. If is true then just say it as we will not be able to do anything about it anyway. If not then just show the public the salary slips. Are the salaries being paid through Nur Bano? Are you allowed to campaign before even being registered as a party? Are Chinese from China being given preferential treatment ahead of others? Are they paying you cash under the table? Did you buy the b lack car your wife is seen riding yours or Damodar gave you free for use or perhaps as a loan as long as they get their business deals through? Is is true that Nur Bano was paid 1m in fees for a report on the Rewa Dairy operations? Is it true that you have money stashed away in overseas bank? is is true that you now have more properties in Fiji? Why are you not disclosing your assets as promised by ASK some time ago? Why did you abolish the Public Accounts Committee? What happened to all the 4X4 that you confiscated from Ministers just after the coup? You said that these are waste of money but you went and bought plenty more 4×4′s Why? can you tell why Col Aziz wasnt charged? What if you dont win this election are you prepared to sit on the opposition? What if you dont win at all will you accept the results? What is the true government debt now as compared to pre-Dec 2006? I am sure more questions will follow by other bloggers. All we need is very very simple answers.

  11. Anon 11.36pm

    Why are you saying its a muslim dominated govt when the main hindu politican mahend chor gave credibility to this govt. Hindus will give their full support as Dr neil sharma, parmesh sharma, kamlesh arya, and others including all hindu businessmen excl motibhai will support this govt.

    You are also absolutly wrong, all poor and rural taukei will support fiji first. What has SDL done for them except fill their own pockets.

    Hope u have a blessed day.

  12. Who’s the idiot using my name?

    How dare you – you little cock roach!!! Imposter!!!

    Listen and listen good!!! My man VB’s FIJI FIRST party will win this elections for the people simply loves and are grateful to him!

    We who stand with FIJI FIRST do not favour one particular race over the other – for we believe in love for one another. We believe in growing our economy for the benefit of all races.

    NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND even if they belong to SODELPA or NFP or PDP or whatever party!!!

    We do recognize the importance of all races’ and the various stakeholders’ interests – they are all important and needs to be treated fairly.

    We love our blue bus that is attracting all people from all walks of life throughout our nation!!!

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

    As for the imposter using my name in vain – STOP IT – You uncreative thinker and no vision!

  13. Nabua Prince
    Boci – who wants to vote for a traitor and murderer, a liar and corrupt no manners ruffian…..

    suppose you are a wanker who now has a high paid job due the 2006 coup – BOCI

  14. @ Mr. Boci – whoever you are!!!

    You are your name!!! You deserve your name for that is what you are called!!!

    Your world revolves around your name!!!

    Your being and everything about you is your name!!!

    Your name is Mr. Boci!!! OK Mr. Boci!!!………………… Good boy girl!!!

    Now as for my name I am NABUA PRINCE.

    That’s what I am called.

    Remember my name!!!

    NABUA PRINCE stands with my man VB for a united Fiji where all are equal and all respected!!!



  16. The Nabua Prick is breathing fire and brimstone because someone used his name. Report it to Papa Pig son and keep breathing the fumes from his slipstream.

  17. Nabua Prince
    You are a moron because you follow without thinking.
    You dont even know that guns were used by your boci leader in 2006 to now to keep him in power. People were injured and killed. No use going on to explain further cause obviously u are brainless.

  18. Kai viti will vote for SODELPA. 8 years of robbery of taxpayers money by Bai/ Khayium. Give chance to others. Why they are afraid all their dealings will be exposed.

  19. Please, my fellow citizens. Open your eyes. The writing is on the wall. Try and see the dots and connect them. Disconnect yourself from the deception and evil influence of the regime. Stand away from it all for just awhile and think out of the box for a moment. Here is what we can consider:
    1. The regime must have the vote of the people. It is their only way out during the short and mid term.
    2. They will only have an election that they can win. That is why they have to engineer an election that will give them the win.Look at the key features of the election, from the institutions, office bearers, processes, duration, electronic voting, etc. No consultation whatsoever with the people. The same with their constitution.
    3. They have already given us sufficient evidence of that so far. e.g. Muzzled press, harrassment, trial and convictions of key people, electoral decree, a weak and powerless electoral commission, a young, inexperienced elections supervisor, MIDA, police inaction, political campaign without a party using Government resources, Fiji Sun polls, etc etc
    4. The result must declare them winners. Otherwise they will not allow it.
    5. Victory celebrations for VB’s party already planned and a sham of a constitution that they will use to exercise complete control over anyone and anything without any accountability whatsoever

    It seems that we are caught between a monster and the cliff’s edge. However, we have a way out, and a peaceful one. Lets have an election that is fair and free, other wise , we must refuse to be deceived and fooled again. Enough is enough.

    I suggest the following:

    1. That all of us, the people who stand for truth, righteousness, freedom and justice unite and demand a free and fair election.
    3. We must demand that the regime step aside and allow an interim administration to manage the transition from dictatorship to democracy.
    4. The interim administration can be composed of local, regional and international people of high repute.
    5. Financing this could be from friendly governments and neighbours.
    6. Lets have a petition, organise a march or three, hand the petition to the lame President and make him earn his retirement support
    7. All of us must unite. NGOs, political parties, churches, schools, common citizens, trade unions, rural & urban dwellers,etc
    8. Have this covered by local and international media.
    9 Let us refuse to have the election unless it is absolutely free and fair. Otherwise, we will be playing to their grand design, just like moths in a spider’s web.
    10. In the meantime, let’s try an organise reeducation campaigns so that as many people as possible will know the whole truth about this regime.

    I strongly believe that if we allow the regime to continue, then no matter how hard we try, if the election happens under their control, we can only expect one result that favours the dictator. Is that what you want? Are we prepared to face the consequences of such a result? Vinaka

    1. The regime must have this election to obtain the

  20. Friends, I hear a national petition or referendum is being organised by Coup 4.5 and others. This would be followed by a march and/or a sit down. I think that would be a great move forward, given the very restrictive and fraudulent actions by the regime.

  21. To reiterate, Contract wars hack plays a huge part in the lives off.
    Noting that this would save, at best, $30 million, Taibbi says, “That’s not government; it’s stand-up comedy. He pushed for federal subsidies for private colleges and trade schools.

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