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Mosese Tikoitoga

Can you give an assurance that there will be no further coups under this constitution?

Our job is to protect the constitution – coups or no coups – it is all enshrined in the constitution. It’s not the military’s wish to conduct a coup but it’s about ensuring we all abide by the same constitution. If people throw out the current constitution as current political parties are talking about – then they have thrown out the chance of avoiding coups. Everything that has been planned in the last seven years by the current government is to ensure we avoid any coups and this is enshrined in the constitution. That will be the answer to all the security questions people tend to ask.



21 thoughts on “Mosese Tikoitoga

  1. The current Constitution cannot be thrown out just like that – as alluded to by some parties on what they will do if elected.

    When there’s a need to change certain aspects of the current Constitution the proper procedures enshrined in it has to be strictly followed.

    With the support my man VB is getting there is no way that a big majority of Parliament and the nation will agree to such notions of throwing out the current Constitution.

    This Constitution is one that is inclusive and allows all to be respected and treated fairly and can unite our people of all races.

    Issues that perhaps need further strengthening then all is required will be changes/amendments to our various Acts and Regulations.

  2. This constitution is illegal.The Fiji Court of Appeal has held the 1997 constitution.
    Kai viti are good at limuri. This is what they will do to VB a the election!
    Now is the time to take whatever is given!
    VB party is for Muslims.

  3. The biggest threat to National Security and the Constituion is the Military…………They are the one who threw out the last 3 or 4 constitution. Get real!!!……You dont even listen to your own words Mr Commander , just like every other one before you…..We will not vote for Liars.

  4. Above the constitution is the ultimate Authority. That is the People! If the people choose to change the constitution through democratic processes which includes asking the courts to review the 2009 abrogation then that will be your authority. Not the BA/AK constitution!

    All of you have to remember as well that this decision to revisit the decision of abrogation can be done at any time. Particularly when all of you have retired and the military that you and BA/AK are so readily to wielded for non-constitutional acts has changed personnel to people who are innocent of your acts since 2006 and have no need for the immunity clause. When the decision is revisited at that time you will all be found on the wrong side of the law and the house of cards that you have built will coming crashing to the ground.

    You might say that at that time that the fruit of your efforts will be so clear that no one would think to send us back. Well no because the people and those that represent them will have the greatest motivation to go back to that decision. Because in that decision lies the protection of our constitution and the punishment of coup makers. Only from that decision the righting of that decision can the first step be taken to protecting Fiji against any other aspiring coup maker. That is a whole lot reason to go back and do right from what was done wrong.

  5. Well said.

    These RFMF traitors and fools should be held to account for the crimes that they have committed

    All under the treacherous claim that they did it in Fiji’s best interests. What lies.

  6. Now tell me who exactly wrote this 2013 Constitution??? No one knows and it could have been aliens so it needs to be thrown out and the 1997 constitution which we the people formulated bought back.

  7. Too hard to admit that it’s simply the Fijian mentality that has been the cause of the coups, lets forget where those in the army come from.

  8. The problem today in Fiji is Muslims the ring leader is Khayium.
    Frank is used by these Muslims for them to loot the government finance as it is very clear from what is going around for the last 8 years.
    Christians and Hindus never vote for Frank as this a Muslim party the ring leader is Khayium..

  9. Gang of armed goons has taken away our lawful and democratically elected government at gunpoint and installed a murderous pack of thieves and traitors in its place. It’s spent the past several years lying and cheating us at every turn whilst bleeding us dry in the process. It’s made a mockery of Fiji and its institutions, especially the vanua and the lotu. It threatens torture, sodomy and murder, and is documented to inflict these on its prisoners. And we are ALL its prisoners.

  10. Mosese Thickoitoga is beginning to sense what will eventually come about, hence the rhetoric to stand by the constitution that no one wanted! Its one thing to impose a self=style constitution on the people and another thing to expect the people to accept it. These are two different realities that Thicko should appreciate and the sooner he appreciates it the better it will be for his long term mental state! It should have been clear to him already that two, three, four, and so on wrongs don’t make things right. Frank and thugs have totally messed up! Illegally overthrowing the elected government, throwing away the nation’s constitution, burning the draft that was meant to replace the old one, creating own constitution and expecting people to accept it whether they liked it or not is one wrong too many! The mess is even greater when the backdrop is a host of unwanted images like damage of state governance institutions, looting of state coffers, appointment of cronies and relatives to high offices, borrowing of international fund without proper audit, civic checks and recourse, abuse of citizens rights, torture and killing of civilians and the stubborn effort by the regime to stay in power despite all the regression in social, political, economic and moral standings! To hear Thicko pronounce allegiance to the unlawful constitution this way is like seeing a crying gate keeper waking up to realities of events that dawn upon him. I really really wonder what is going on in his mind!

  11. Tikoitoga and Army
    Instead of defending the 2013 Constitution which is a dead document and will be thrown out, use your limited time now to prepare to be good state witnesses so that you are pardoned.

  12. One really wonders what is on the general’s mind. Does he warn us that if we don’t vote for the AG then there will be another coup? It pretty much sounds like it. So folks, you better vote for Khaiyum or else…..

  13. Majority of the population are for my man VB and his proposed party so how in the world could other parties get the required numbers for the current Constitution to be thrown out or anyone asking the courts to review the abrogation of the previous Constitution?

    It’s only a dream that will never become a reality for other parties getting the required numbers.

    My man VB and his party will win this Elections fair and square with a great majority.

    Their actions speaks louder than words!!!

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  14. Nabua Boci
    Results will be as follows:
    SOLDELPA – 80 Kai Viti Votes
    F First – 20% Kai Viti
    NFP, Labour & FFirst will share the Kai Dia votes

    Soldepa, NFP and Labour will form Coalition Govt
    Bai goes to prison
    Moce Nabua Boci

  15. Lamusona Levu – It is looking that way! As is normal with Fiji elections, self-imposed leaders often get kicked in the ass after spending so much time wooing people with bribes, and charismatic gestures. The Fijian psyche of ‘liu muri’ (as you said in one of your previous posts) hits the self-appointed leader hard, and gives him a good reality check! For this particular criminal who is now on stage and promoting himself saviour of the country, the ‘liu muri’ may just turn him into a vicious monster, given his tendency not to be humble and prompt him to ask his anointed gatekeeper to overthrow the elected government as provided for in their self-styled constitution. And so we are back to square one of coup coup land and all the work towards political stability, democracy, freedom, genuine peace and economic prosperity for all citizens moves further away from reach! Given the country’s record, a 5th coup will not be a strange event either as the history of Fiji’s unstable democracy speaks for itself. Even those that are voting for the first time this year would have all been born during the coup era so returning to square one is not a really new phenomena for them. Furthermore, we all know that the 2013 constitution provisions for immunity and right for the military to overthrow government are nothing more than catalysts for more coups. In other words vote Frank or there will be another coup. Given the mood and informed nature of young voters and their general apathy and dislike for Frank for the thuggery and bandit like behaviour he’s shown, they will be aiming to kick him in the ass at election time. For the older voters the ‘liu muri’ trait will dictate. So if Frank’s appointed gatekeeper connives with his ‘liu muried’ mate to throw out the peoples’ government of choice, then all will settle with returning to square one which is not really new! And the coup culture goes on and on and on and on……

  16. I thought that coup was eradicated by the current regime in all decrees, contitution and other rhetorics declaring so. However thicko’s untactful silly statements bring back some recurring nightmares of more coups ahead given the developing political situation and a suspicion of a secret military pact between bai and thicks to execute if things do go accoring to their plans. To even mention the word coup thicks is condoning this eventuality.

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