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PM hands out election year bribes of “six year full scholarships” in breach of TELS protocols.

“I came here with high hopes of getting an accommodation scholarship but the PM gave me a full scholarship for my six years of studies,” the former Dreketi High School student said.



19 thoughts on “PM hands out election year bribes of “six year full scholarships” in breach of TELS protocols.

  1. Just came back from a sodelpa meeting. Good lineup. One name that people will be surprised to hear is that of former Governor of RBF, Savenace Narube.

    While a smart man, I am dissappointed at this choice as Narube is having a adulterous affair with a chinese women and his is wife of almost 40 years is so sad.

    Sodelpa pls don’t choose people who don’t respect christ.

  2. Wow! Papa Pig in action…he must think that people are either naive or blind to all his corruption, abuse et al. The very same thing that this as ole accused Qarase of is now his modus operandi

  3. Jona

    Its sad but than SODELPA is not a church. I don’t judge Narube for what you allege but I do respect his capabilities and his proven record professionally.

  4. Waraka namaka…Ni wini ga qo na SODELPA oqo na vei vakasavasavua taki ena yaco.
    1. E na qai i Naboro o Bai kei kai.
    2. Qai muria yani o Gate kei Shamimi Sisters.
    3.Veisau na Constitution especially the Chapter 10.
    4.Suka tale na FNU me FIT kei na FSM baleta ni sega tiko ni comply i na Fiji High Education Commission.
    5.Veisau kece na PS kei ira kece na Ambassadors. Ena half era na heart attack because they can not find jobs else where because they are cronies of the current government,
    6.Veisau na FRU Board and Chair.
    7.FICAC to start investigate corruption and over paid ministers and PS.
    8. Seize properties gained during the 2006 coup.
    9.Stop all Chinese businesses in Fiji and seize all their assets.

  5. Bhai and Khai;s constitution does not PROTECT NATIVE LAND. Look at Chapter 11 of the constitution. The only thing that it protects in BHAI AND KHAIS IMMUNITY IN CHAPTER 10.

    This point needs to be stressed and highlighted all the time to the villagers and land owners.

    2. The indigenous rights have been destroyed by Bai and Khai. This is a UN instrument but the No school Bhai does not understand this. The removal of the Bose Levu vakaturaga is the removal of our traditional culture, identity and inheritance. This need to be over emphasized.
    3. Secularization of the state is the opposite of what our elders and nation builders intention off a God fearing nation. The rise of Eastern religion of Anti Christ is now rampant in Fiji.

    E tolu ga na ka me vakamatatataki vei ira na noda ena caroba kina o Bainimarama kei ira na nona tisaepeli mataboko sega ni vuli.

  6. Yes, but chiefs, church and thieves brought it upon themselves.

    As long as I can remember, these bastards and native Fijian politicians never stopped exploiting it at the expense of Indo-Fijians!

    Cry you bastards – now you know how to feel despite we being in Fiji for over 150 years!

    Good Frank and now Mosese – chase these bastards into the sea!

  7. MPC who was behind the 2006 coup wants to go to bed with Sodelpa.

    Ro temumu kepa is already in bed with a young man. How can she go to bed with MPC.

  8. Ro temumu kep had affair with a young man who works at the effiel tower in suva.

    Tui cakau had an illicit affair with an under age girl

    Savenaca narube has abandoned his wife and is living with his fillipino mistress

    The list for sodelpa goes on and we call ourselves ethical and god fearing. Is this the type of politicans we want to lead our country. What more unethical things we will do when they get into power.

  9. Ratu Sai

    Agree Narube is an intelligent man. But that is precisely the problem. When they think they are too smart and will not get caught.

    Would you support a person who is having an adulterous affair or one that is not?

  10. The opposition parties need to go full tilt against the illegal government. Start campaigning and educating the public esp the outer villages on the lies and wrong doings of Bai Kai. All the media outlets will continue to highlight what the illegal government wants them to whilst glossing over the lies, crimes and false promises.

  11. Qarase , Chaudary and Beddoes should have been doing these where were thy when they in leadership positions.well womanizing is”nt the answer either.We the people have seen everything with our own eyes and we will decide who to lead us

  12. Will be very hard to elect perfect people to parliament . all people are born sinners . once you repent your sin, believe in CHRIST who died for our sin , then you will be saved into GOD’s KINGDOM.

    Elect those who have changed and transformed into a useful person and participating in the community by doing good, with justice .

    GOD bless all the new members of parliament , about 50 .

  13. bai explicitly shows us that he is above the law, even those made by him for suppressing the people. It clearly shows his disregard for all form of law and order. He has already broken many and will even break other laws to win the election. Law breaker from the start will remain what they are as that is the only way they got there and try to remain there. One cannot change the stripes of the tiger can we? I thought this scheme was supposed to address the itaukeis who mostly lost out on the toppers scheme. Wonder what was the worth of each assistance and what was the percentage of ethnic composition and the total number assisted. Seems like bai was selective over who got what and was designed as a publicity stunt to gain points for his election campaign.

  14. Agriculture is a sector that needs to be boosted hence more scholarships should rightly be channeled towards this area of study.

    My man VB cares for the people and can come down to ensure people’s concerns are addressed appropriately. As long as established requirements are met deserving candidates applying for those needy areas of study should be assisted.

    Vinaka VB.

  15. My prediction for the 2014 election is as follows:

    NFP: 2
    PDP: 2
    FLP: 3
    Sodelpa: 10
    Fiji firt: 33

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