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“If people throw out the current constitution then they have thrown out the chance of avoiding coups.

New constitution is the key, says Fiji’s new military chief

By Robert Matau

Fri 11 Apr 2014

SUVA, Fiji—- The new head of Fiji’s military Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga says the country’s new constitution should stay if there is to be no more coups in Fiji.

In an exclusive face-to-face interview with Islands Business magazine at the office of the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces inside the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said the 2013 Constitution the government of Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama passed in September 2013 holds the key to breaking the country’s coup cycle.

“Our job is to protect the constitution – coups or no coups these issues are enshrined in the constitution,” said Tikoitoga.

“If people throw out the current constitution as some political leaders are suggesting then they have thrown out the chance of avoiding coups.

“That will be the answer to the security questions people tend to ask.”

According to the new RFMF Commander, the military under his leadership will respect the result of the upcoming general elections.

He said this the RFMF would do because that is what is demanded of them under the 2013 Constitution.

“Our job is to defend the constitution and our role is provided for in the constitution.

“Whatever the result (of the elections), our role will be to support the government of the day and whatever government the people choose.

“It’s not our choice, and we base our choice on the will of the people.

“If the people have willed in a new government, it’s our responsibility as a law abiding institution to abide by the will of the people under this constitution.”

Brig-Gen Tikoitoga was appointed commander at the recommendation of his predecessor, Commodore now promoted Rear Admiral (retired) Bainimarama. Until his appointment, Tikoitoga was a colonel and held the position of Land Force Commander of the RFMF. He is a career soldier having joined as a private in 1981. He earned his commission as an officer seven years later and has attended staff colleges in Australia and India and holds double degrees in masters in management in defence studies and a master of philosophy in defence and strategic studies.

Bainimarama had announced late last year he would retire from the military to pursue a new career in politics. He has announced his proposed political party name and would reveal his manifesto before the country’s general elections scheduled on17 September, 2014.

Asked by Islands Business on whether he shared the political ambitions of his predecessor and that of two other military commanders before that, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga remained non-committal.

“The focus for me is to me to remain in the cocoon of the commander so I cannot have any other thoughts but that,” he said.

“I can’t focus elsewhere – it’s a huge task so I cannot be double minded – so my main focus which is the requirement of my appointment is to do the work of a commander.”

The Muani villager from the island of Kadavu said Fiji’s light infantry army is amongst ‘the most low tech but high skilled’ in the world and were able to adapt to any situation they were thrown in.

“You can opt for high technology to equip your troops but for that you will need specialised people and your focus becomes very limited.

“But a low tech one is more realistic for Fiji particularly in the work we are doing.

“That’s been one of the success stories of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

“We can go anywhere and adapt to any situation and do any job compared to high tech armies that can’t go everywhere because they are specialised and highly reliant on technology.”

Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said a case in point were Fijian soldiers currently serving with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force between the Syrian and Israeli borders in the Golan Heights.

“We have never tried skiing but now we have videos of our soldiers in proper skiing gear skiing down the hills doing patrols in the Golan Heights.

“That’s the adaptability of the Fijian soldiers put them anywhere in any situation with the right equipment and training, they learn quick and they can do the job and do it well.”

He said however the problem in Fiji was our troops were not appreciated enough at home compared to other parts of the world.

His message to his troops as they embarked on a new era under his command was to continue the good work they were doing.

“Soldiers adept to whatever leadership they are given and have gone through that over the years.
“They work under a different command in Fiji then go to the Middle East and work under someone else so they need to adept according to the wishes of the commander.

“Hence the soldiers make the changes according to the commander.”

On his thoughts about the legacy of his predecessor, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said the welfare of soldiers was of utmost important to Rear Admiral (retired) Bainimarama.

“He knew that unless and until their family is financially secure you can’t expect them to perform to the best of their abilities because lives are at stake especially when they are in areas of operations.

“Better armies get better pay – for instance the Australian army is one of the highest paid armies in the world and they appreciate the work their people do.”

“So we are no different and Bainimarama believed that soldiers need to get their rightful dues for the type of work they do.

“We do subject our soldiers to a lot of operation risk and they need to be compensated.”


13 thoughts on ““If people throw out the current constitution then they have thrown out the chance of avoiding coups.

  1. This fool was party to the treasonous vermin that raped the nations real constitution. Now the cowardly fool wants to ‘protect’ the new sham constitution which gives him and the other vermin immunity for their treasonous crimes against the nation. This scumbag is not worthy of being a soldier. He, and the useless UN that employs these criminals, have a lot to answer for

  2. Where in the constifusion are provisions that gurantee that there will not be anymore coups!? No person is a world on their own. Idiot.

  3. Sa qai dua na vakamacala ulukau ….sega ni dua na veisau da raica vei vutulaki qo.
    O cei mada e vola na Constitution 2013 Tikoitoga ??? dou vutuka!!!

  4. This is just another threat from the very poorly led Fiji military. What this clown is saying is ‘support the sham constitution which gives me immunity or you will have yet another coup’. Under the Fijian military gets professional, courageous leadership it will continue to be a cancer on the nation.

  5. This is the kind of song and dance expected from him given his role in the the process that gave birth to the 2013 Constitution. The time may soon come when he will be forced into the lime light to make a call on what he sees as the role of the military. In the end the will of the people should be the deciding factor and Moji will have to show his hand the guts to support it or selfish personal agendas.

  6. The content of this interview is really a bit scary: Is this moron serious when he talks about the miracles his light infantry army has performed. They can even snow ski! Well if I have my say, they can stay on their mountains all year enjoying their sports. As long as we do not have to smell their stinking feet in Fiji.

  7. I thought all would be peace and calm after this moron was appointed commander and his statement thereafter saying he will stay out of politics. Now he warns of further coups and instability if parliamentarians make any changes to the constitution. BG mosese seems to be afraid of developments which is why he is preempting it by his threatening statements. It shows he is still subservient to the creators of the sham constitution and is a puppet in the army.

  8. Ah of course! When the shit hits the fan on the propaganda front with the illegal & treasonous regime, they trot out their guard-dog to bark and growl with veiled threats levelled directly at unarmed civilians who pay for their sorry asses and who will be voting in September.

    This is the type of democratic society that the Bainimarama regime and his ‘Fiji Fir(La)st’ party is upholding. Don’t be fooled by the brass buttons and swanky outfits — they’re common street thugs and crims underneath it all, and it shows.

  9. Here we go again, Robert Matau has just exposed the caliber of the Commander and his agenda, which appears not to have strayed away from the self-preservation agenda of the last 8 years.

    Mosese, this is your chance to redeem the soiled reputation of the FMF. Please do not say things you will regret later or reveal the shallowness of your mentality. What you seem to be saying in the interview is that this toilet paper constitution that was thrust down the nation’s throat to behold and embrace at the barrel of a gun, without going through any proper democratic process, is cast in stone and any incoming government is obliged to uphold it. You appear to have two masters in whatever, but weren’t you taught about the subservience of the military to civilian democractic rule in a normal country? So please keep quiet, and figure out what Fiji and our future generations deserve in the long run, with a clear conscience if you have one.

    And please stop your boasting about the FMF’s adaptability, you sound like a bragging idiot.

  10. Utter shambolic! This idiot is showing the world just how nuts he is. He tries to be threatening but it doesn’t wash with the people. The truth behind all the events of their illegal reign undermines him, his empty rhetoric and the whole regime he guards. We’ve heard so much nonsense from the dictator himself and this interview release sounds very similar to that same old load of crap. Its the half-schooled class all over again!

  11. He says if the new govt throws out the new constitution, there will be more coups…Shithead.

    Think about this dumfuk, If Frank and co. lose the elections, the powers given to him and the Talibaan, under the draconian decrees and the sham constitution will then transfer to the winner, including dealing with Native land as they see fit, and following precedence set by you, they might grant themselves immunity for the next fifty years while they fuk you over.

    The very people you have accused off corruption etc could end up with unprecedented power….There is no checks and balances in your constitution, and too much power is vested on two people.

  12. Hahahahhaa I will take your word Mogy.I think The military should do just that and that is to protect the constitution from this selfish people and sinners.Whack them out if they want to touch the constitution

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