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“The law clearly stipulates that it cannot be used, if the design in any way resembles the coat of arms in a manner that is likely to deceive. So, your guess will be as good as mine, what do you call that thing that’s on the side of Frank’s bus? That’s a coat of arms.”

Fiji opposition to make another police complaint about regime

Updated about 1 hour ago

A leading Fiji political grouping says it plans to make a police complaint today on the regime leader’s use of the Fiji coat of arms.

A spokesperson for the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, Mick Beddoes, says Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama’s campaign bus bears Fiji’s coat of arms in contravention of the Coat of Arms of Fiji Act.

But the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, has rejected the claims, saying the UFDF is trying to seek publicity.

Mr Beddoes says that is not correct.

“The law clearly stipulates that it cannot be used, if the design in any way resembles the coat of arms in a manner that is likely to deceive. So, your guess will be as good as mine, what do you call that thing that’s on the side of Frank’s bus? That’s a coat of arms.”

Mick Beddoes says he will also ask police why it is not investigating a complaint lodged last month about Rear Admiral Bainimarama campaigning without having a party registered.

He says it is unlikely any complaint against the regime will be followed up until democracy is restored.


23 thoughts on ““The law clearly stipulates that it cannot be used, if the design in any way resembles the coat of arms in a manner that is likely to deceive. So, your guess will be as good as mine, what do you call that thing that’s on the side of Frank’s bus? That’s a coat of arms.”

  1. Frank has more right to that coat of arms than any other mongrels. why?

    Well one half of Frank is Negroid and the other half is Caucasoid. which the latter is the rightful owner.

    So who is this mickeymouse a-hole.to complain.

    As far as I am concern any mongrel that reside in Fiji has the same right as Frank to use the coat of arms for no one owns it except Franks ancestors..

  2. Then again you have to ask the obvious question, does driving around in a bus collecting signatures that are required before a party can be registered ‘resemble’ campaigning?

    I suppose we could all complain about everything using any interpretation we want, it’s an often used method of getting noticed if you have nothing to say of relevance to keep yourself in the limelight.

  3. Mick has a legit point.. India’s ( worlds biggest democracy)Supreme Court agrees!

    Misuse of the Indian National Flag by Political Parties

    The Supreme Court of India on Friday 7th February 2014 issued notice to Congress, Nationalist Congress Party and Trinamool Congress on a PIL seeking to restrain them from using party flags resembling and similar to the Indian National Flag.
    A bench of justices B.S. Chauhan and J. Chelameswar also sought response from the centre and the election commission on the issue of framing guidelines to restrain parties from imitating the India National Tricolour (Tiranga).
    The court passed the order on a PIL filed by Jamshedpur- based social activist Amarpreet Singh Khanuja who pleaded that the apex court must direct the centre to take immediate steps to stop all political parties from imitating the National Flag.
    He submitted that Congress is using a “colourable imitation” of the National Flag with the only difference being that the party was using the ‘hand’ symbol in place of the Asoka Chakra. Similarly in case of NCP and TMC, he said the parties were using ‘watch’ and ‘flowers and grass’ respectively in place of the Ashok Chakra.
    “The common man of this country recognises the tricolour as a symbol of national integration and unity and identifies itself with the tricolour and the political parties should not be allowed to use flags resembling and similar to the Indian National Flag,” he said.
    The petition sought issuance of appropriate writ, order or direction to the central government/election commission to frame appropriate rules, regulations and/or guidelines with respect to grant of permission regarding use of National Flag or its colourable imitation by any person.

    Source: http://www.livemint.com/Politics/dvJmCsatmTQZExTehs6PBI/SC-issues-notice-to-Congress-NCP-TMC-on-flag-issue.html

  4. It is not a matter of right, its matter of what the law dictates; let alone the irrelevant issue of whether one is Negroid or Caucasoid.

    Keep the pressure on Mr Beddoes, let the people see how independent is the Police and the judiciary for that matter.

  5. The whinging form Mick is irritating. Perhaps he should consider mobilising his followers to protest in the streets against the regime?

  6. It is high time people protest otherwise the thugs will use the Muslim tactics to ran the country for ever. Khayium is the mastermind.He was involved in making bomb in 1987. He is guy never to be trusted.

  7. a complaint to the Fiji Police? is there any point in that? the police is there to act only on the complaint (read directive) of the dictator

  8. The point is simply to prove whether the rule of law applies in the country; whether the police, judiciary, and DPP are independent. Either that or the animal farm reign of FB where some animals like Pigs are more equal than others continues.

    Is that the way to true democracy as they keep trumpeting all over the place?

  9. Some idiots believe that because Papa Pig is still in government he can go around in a blue bus with the coat of arms painted on the side preaching politics.

    If that is not political campaign, than Macky the mouse must be a monkey pretending to be human.

  10. Hey Lamusona Levu, please dont let my whinging stop you from mobilising your followers and doing whatever it is you can to help restore democracy in Fiji. It cant just be my responsibility or the UFDF members alone to resolve?, the solution requires everyone, who believes in the rule of law, democracy and Human Rights to do what they can to push for our return to parliamentary democracy.

    We have our plans, and as soon as we can we will ‘press the start button’ and it will be all systems go and when that happens we will need everyone’s support because all the cards are firmly stacked against us and we know it. We have had to play things close to our chest for a while because every time we want to inform people, the regime issues another amendment to their decrees to block what we plan, so we cant be as open as we would like at this time.

    But once we start the campaign proper the winds of change will start and with the people’s help, we can restore parliamentary democracy by Christmas..

    Mick Beddoes

  11. First Frank & Co. said, we started it and we will finish it but now since he does not have the numbers he is asking the poor grass root people to help him because he does not have any other strategy and is out of options. His last one is sewing machine, chain saws, poorly constructed roads etc. FRANK listen here, the killing of kaivitis, the degrading treatment of kaiviti women up at the barracks, the disgraceful manner in the way you treated the bose levu vakaturaga and the Methodist church is still fresh in our minds and still hurting a lot of kaiviti. This is what your advisers want, to use the kaiviti as sacrificial lamb. Vakamalumalumu taka na yalomu mo rawa ni raica kina na na nodra I lawaki na dauni vakasala. Otherwise, remember the message from the Tailevu Provincial Council …………..FORGET IT……….

  12. Kaiyum is out of Derees in his book, Mick be careful his last one will be Quilty of any other act which will cover anything which is not covered by the existing decrees. KEEP ON THE PRESSURE.

  13. Mack you are the biggest as hole no wonder you cannot control the shits coming out of it which brings bad smell to this site.

  14. Mick , full of shit . Come with something constructive to move Fiji . Coat of arms is different from an emblem as on the bus . Boci , anyone can use the emblem . You will loose very badly .

  15. The emblem on the bus is in fact the coat of arms being used by Papa Pig as his party symbol and not any one can do that according to law.

  16. Rt Sai, seems ignorant between the two . Kua mada na yaloca . Even class one students knows the difference –koya drau sega ni kila kei koya na macawa qori ko champion taka tiko – mick . Mick has never come up with anything constructive to move Fiji forward but acting like a kindergarten student asking for lollies .

  17. taukei

    You are the ignorant one. Na cava me yalo ca taki? Its all about the rule of law which I guess class one students like cannot understand.

    I don’t know Mick personally and I don’t care what he has or has not done for Fiji, but I do agree with the points he raised.

    What kind of democracy is achieved by animal farm style rule of law; where some animals like Pigs are more equal than others?

  18. Mick, thank you for that encouraging response. I am glad that you have contingency plans to fall back on after the election. All indications are that the proposed elections are just a cunning and well orchestrated means of voting this illegal regime into power. I fear that after the elections, when Bai is voted in, we will have a more difficult task of bringing them down because the election has given them the very thing they have wanted. My personal view is that we have sufficient evidence and grounds to mount a protest and national boycott. By doing so, we will deprive them of the most important thing they need. However, you and your team must have taken this into consideration and have decided that there is a better way. So I await your plans and will join you in that noble stand to save our country from further destruction and desecration of all that we value and treasure. Please know that thousands of people follow you and other leaders and we sincerely appreciate your courage, wisdom and commitment to fighting for what is right, honourable and true. May God bless you and protect you always. Vinaka.

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