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Our running unscientific poll to date.



3 thoughts on “Our running unscientific poll to date.

  1. Interesting results! But sorry folks, this cannot happen. With support from the RFMF our family has created the most successful business in Fiji. We participate in everything where money is made. We take 10% of any Chinese contract, we are the most successful consulting and accounting enterprise, we control the media, we pay our serving members very good salaries in foreign exchange into completely safe bank accounts. This model can only be sustained if we keep political power. Imagine SODELPA winning election and sticking their snotty noses into all the good deals this government has done for our profit! This cannot happen! We have a very impressive arsenal which spans from vote buying (sewing machines and rural electrification) to intimidation (ban on discussing politics), traditional rigging to the option to cancel elections because national security is threatened. We hold all the cards and the entire population knows that. So don’t get too exited with your little poll.

  2. Now this is an interesting result compared to the sun one. But I guess it is a reflection of two entirely different groups. This one reflects people who have access to computers while the sun is from people approached on the streets.

    The difference between making a choice from the privacy of your computer and responding to someone on the street.

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