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Mick Beddoes says it appears as though the international community just wants an election, even if it is flawed.

NZ government misguided on Fiji elections – UFDF

Updated at 3:20 pm today

A leading Fiji political grouping says the New Zealand government’s view that good progress is being made towards elections is misguided.

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, has said he is satisfied with the election machinery in place, and will provide financial support for re-establishing Fiji’s parliament.

But Mick Beddoes of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji says Mr McCully is getting his information from regime leaders, the very people who usurped democracy in 2006.

“If the Foreign Affairs minister of New Zealand prefers to take what they say as what is on the ground then that’s fine. But as far as what is actually going on, no. Things are not fine, things are not free, things are not fair. And everybody, it appears, except the New Zealand and Australia government seem to know it.”

Mick Beddoes says it appears as though the international community just wants an election, even if it is flawed.

He says there is no point in having an election if it is not free and fair, as the same problems in Fiji politics will continue to occur.


46 thoughts on “Mick Beddoes says it appears as though the international community just wants an election, even if it is flawed.

  1. The election will never be free and fair under the regime. The election will be rigged to keep Khayium in power so he can legalise all his 500 decrees and save himself from going to court.

  2. A big thanks to UFDF for speaking up for those who cannot express themselves and tell these jokers in OZ and NZ about the truth on the ground from a different perspective other than the contorted rhetorics from the regime mouthpiece. These countries have abandoned the suppressed Fijians and taken the easy path for their own convenience. Its only left to us the people of Fiji to determine our own future as no one else ouside will. So decide with the ballot paper who to pick based on the character and profile of the person. It would do well if the UFDF statements were publicised in these countries.

  3. Mr Mick Beddose, pls pay off your NBF debt first.

    You know you will never be elected in Parliament again, so stop complaining.

  4. It was always going to happen this way from the start! Aus and NZ despite being free and open democratic socities themselves have always showed no leadership in dealing with undemocratic actions particularly illegal overthrows of governments in their Pacific island neighbourhood. Fiji recuring military coups has never been fully addressed as result of this and there is no certainty that Fiji’s coup culture will cease in the future either. We can somewhat conclude that culture of complecity has made its roots in Pacific islands geo-politics. For all the transtasman rhetoric on Fiji we can safely say that political expediency has been the model approach and it has hallmarked their foreign policy in the Pacific! What hope do we look up to, given this style of leadership? More specifically, what hope is there for democracy in the region when this is the leadership shown in the backdrop of influence that most authoritative and undemocratic regimes of the globe are showing in the Pacific? Do Aus and NZ mind stronger political, economic, social (and military) influence of China, Russia and India in the region? What is Aus/NZ vision of the Pacific islands region given this trend? Now that the easy way out of accepting elections for the sake of it is demonstrated, we can almost be certain that the transtasman power and influence on Pacific island affairs has withered for good! Their smart sanctions have not produced desired results! Their political and diplomatic rhetoric are now seen to be mere empty words and their social and cultural posturing are surely a waste of space! To sum it up, they have not shown leadership and their influence judging from the way they have tackled the Fiji coup problem is zilch. So, is it propre to respect their words when they speak on Pacific islands matters in global forums in due course?? I certainly doubt it from this performance!!

  5. Why the hatred now for Aust and NZ. The truth is that we are moving forward.

    Politicans like Mick is self centred. He needs to pay his debt at NBF first. He chooses not to answer that question over and over.

  6. NZ is simply taking its lead from Canberra. Conservative right wing governments (mind you Rudd & Gillard’s Labour Governments were not of much difference in outlook in key policy areas both domestic & foreign) hang out together and they don’t really give a toss to popular democracies or free & fair elections, much the same way Fiji’s military junta and the MSG continues to pay lip service to West Papuan liberation as in a recent Jarkarta paid visit to the colony. One should questioned as well the logic of SODELPA’s cosy relationship with Tony Abbott and his Liberal National Coalition leading up to the Australian general elections last year when the first thing Abbott did when he got into power was to send his Foreign Minister Bishop to Suva to embrace the military dictator & reestablish ‘business as usual’. Learning from our past mistakes can only make us stronger, and potential UFDF members like PDP should stop dithering and join the collective now. Vinaka Mick, vinaka Wadan, vinaka vakalevu na nomudrau lomana tiko na noda vanua and keep on the good fight. Freedom fighters like yourselves are made of sterner stuff, viva fiji democracy, viva liberation west papua!

  7. Ok, Mick let me explain what the position of the Australian, NZ, EU and USA is. Fiji is considered to be a Banana republic where the population has fully embraced, endorsed and accommodated military coups. They have elected a coup leader as their prime minister , nobody in the military was ever held accountable for their deeds. So what do you do with a country like that? You accept the local (coup) culture and keep the business going. It is a well established fact that doing business with unsavoury, dictatorial regimes is easier and more beneficial. So why would Australia and NZ want to fight other peoples fights and forego excellent business opportunities. With the PNG asylum seeker camps being a disaster, Australia needs a capable and tough administration to handle this dark business and what would be a better place than a country run by the military?

  8. Well how about the thief stealing from NBF…? It sounds Ur approving it.He is a thief and the people of Fiji know that very soon he will be under Ficac”c jurisdiction

  9. You are making wild accusations: thousands of people brought down the NBF down. If Mick stole from the NBF as alleged, why hasn’t he been prosecuted?

    AS for labeling someone as thief, try and look past your ugly nose and begin with the Pig himself. Bai is the biggest thief of all.

  10. Bai/ Khayium the biggest thief and liars having taken a $1.2 million salary each which they have not declared till today.Both have robbed the people of their basic freedom of expression.

  11. To Lala, Jes and Mack and anyone else.

    If you have information that proves I have committed a crime or acted in a manner that is illegal, please report it to the authorities.

    Just remember your dealings with your bank is your business, and my dealings with my bank is my business.

    For the record, my bank account/loans are all secured with property to the satisfaction of the bank/organization. I have yet to hear of a thief who provided security for his loot?

    To Lala, I have no hatred for New Zealand or Australia or any other country, my response was to the question that NZ was satisfied with progress in elections preparation so far, and this was based on what the regime said? But of course the regime would say all is well? You are obviously a regime staffer or supporter because you have objected to my comments.

    Well I am not and when I see something I know to be wrong I will say so. That after all is supposed to be my right.

    Thank you Ratu Sai for defending me, I really appreciate it.

    Mick Beddoes

  12. Thank you Mick you have always been my best politician I will stand by you no matter what those morons say which I know are baseless.

  13. Mick keep the fight with the illegal regime. My vote is for you. How can N.Z. support an illegal regime when the people of Fiji do not have basic right to speak freely and not forgetting the 400 plus decrees that has been imposed on them by the illegal regime.
    N.Z. is for the interest of it’s business as it exports many things to Fiji. N.Z. never had the interest of the people of Fiji.
    N.Z. could have come very strong on the military by not allowing them to go on missions overseas.N.Z. did nothing for the people of Fiji for the last 8 years to stop the illegal regime.

  14. Ratu Inoke Kukubola the current illegal minister for Foreign Affairs who has been behind every coup and is now globe trotting on taxpayers money. Bainimarma should tell the people if he owes over $200,000 to NBF.

  15. What is it with these idiots that seem to believe they know every detail about other peoples financial affairs?

  16. Also it would be really helpful if FB and ASK can answer in very simple terms the following very simple questions being asked everyday by most people here on the blog or on the ground:

    Is the 1.2m salary true or false. If is true then just say it as we will not be able to do anything about it anyway. If not then just show the public the salary slips. Are the salaries being paid through Nur Bano? Are you allowed to campaign before even being registered as a party? Are Chinese from China being given preferential treatment ahead of others? Are they paying you cash under the table? Did you buy the b lack car your wife is seen riding yours or Damodar gave you free for use or perhaps as a loan as long as they get their business deals through? Is is true that Nur Bano was paid 1m in fees for a report on the Rewa Dairy operations? Is it true that you have money stashed away in overseas bank? is is true that you now have more properties in Fiji? Why are you not disclosing your assets as promised by ASK some time ago? Why did you abolish the Public Accounts Committee? What happened to all the 4X4 that you confiscated from Ministers just after the coup? You said that these are waste of money but you went and bought plenty more 4×4’s Why? can you tell why Col Aziz wasnt charged? What if you dont win this election are you prepared to sit on the opposition? What if you dont win at all will you accept the results? What is the true government debt now as compared to pre-Dec 2006? I am sure more questions will follow by other bloggers. All we need is very very simple answers.

  17. Thanks Mick for once again trying to prove what everybody and anybody already know quite well: a) that politicians around the world are self serving, blood sucking opportunists and b) that in Fiji they are not even constraint by the law.

  18. Mickey.

    You claim to have provided security for the loot you borrowed?

    So why didn’t you provide security for the loot you borrowed from someone in NZ?

  19. What Aus & NZ final interest here is a democracy that is on their terms. What’s good for the people comes later. They have missed the economies of Fiji for too long and the positive support of a Fiji government in regional affairs. They have bigger problems to solve. This one they can put in their back pocket, on the “done” list. If we want a proper democracy we are going to have to do it ourselves. Lets take it to them in the elections and after the elections until we have a government for the people and by the people. Go Fiji Go.

  20. Mick Beddoes has said that he does not owe NBF.
    Now can Bai/ Lhayium make the same disclosures publicly.
    Khayium owns several properties after 2006.

  21. Here is an excellent letter written by Steve Ellis to the Canberra Times 12/4 . What he says about the former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is true also for some of our politicians. When you read his letter you’d know who it can apply to in Fiji today.
    “I agree with Bob Carr that “a healthy ego” is important for everyone, especially those in leadership positions.
    But there is an enormous difference between having a healthy ego and being a narcissistic snob with a grossly inflated sense of self-importance. Mr Carr’s attitudes towards his entitlements are sickening and serve to show how extreme is the divide between ordinary citizens and the ruling class.
    At the same time we are being asked to tighten our collective belts and accept that “the age of entitlement” is over, our politicians continue to sink their snouts more deeply into the tax-payer funded trough. These are people who are already generously rewarded for their service and enjoy pay and working conditions far beyond the reach of many of us. It’s obvious to me that more time spent by our politicians and CEOs back in the cattle class with the plebians would help them stay attached to the real world,not the ratified world of privilege.
    As for Carr’s arrogant belief that “trivial” criticisms will increase the sales of his book, I can only say “tell him he’s dreaming”.It will be avidly read by the handful of political junkies obsessed by such matters, and will quickly join all the other political memoirs in the bookshops bargain bin. It is unlikely that a future Penguin edition will compete for shelf-space with Pluto, Machiavelli and Alexis de Tocqueville”.
    Notice the parallel with our mob in power?

  22. Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama, has lied to the people since the May 2000 coup is now desperate to remain in power or it will mean prison for him and his corrupt bunch of greedy parasitic supporters that include Khaiyum and his father and brother and their families, Shameem sisters, Vodafone, CJ Patel, Tappoo, Solanki, Punjas, and the more than 30 unqualified military officers and civilians who have been appointed to senior government roles. There are others who linger in the shadows. They are all dependent on the dictator retaining power and control over Fiji and it’s resources so that they can continue to rob Fiji like CJ Patel and its illegal acquisition of Rewa Dairy.

    So Bainimarama is trying desperately to fool the less educated of our people into thinking that he cares about them and to vote for him. Meanwhile, Bainimarama and his puppet master Khaiyum, have driven Fiji to its:
    highest levels of corruption
    highest unemployment
    highest poverty
    highest cost of living
    highest levels of crime, suicide and rape

    Be warned – the reality is that once Bainimarama is elected [God forbid], by hook or by crook, a worse evil will be released over Fiji.

  23. One of the things that I find totally disgusting with the current government is the total lack of humility shown by all of them. There is not one ounce of humility or respect to others including their opponents or the public. The boss and his underlings all seem to act as if they are entitled to hold office. If they were voted yeh sure..but the way government was obtained they should not carry on demeaning the very voters that they seek endorsements from. Look what happened to Kev Rudd.

  24. Hi Mick,

    Why are you lying man?

    When did you pay off your loan?

    Can you provide the details.

    The last I know was you were paying peanut repayments when you had the means.

    Proof pls proof. Not just words.

    Frank says he does not earn $1.2m and you ask for proof. How about you provide evideance my man.

  25. NBF manager – you, Makarava and others should be prosecuted because not only you were sleeping on the job, your hand was in the till as well.

  26. Mick, pls provide evidence when you paid your loan.

    If you don’t than it will show that you are lying like most politicans.

    Pls save yourself

  27. Ratu Sai

    Its not a private matter you mutton head. If he wants to be in politics, nothing is private matter.

    BTW, this is beyound you as its clear u r a class 5 drop out.

  28. Mick boci , at one stage you were banking on Aust and NZ to continue sanctions on Fiji but now changing tunes . Waraka tiko because FICAC wil come come down on your fat belly . The world over have recognized Fijis progress to democracy but seems some people are scared because it smells disaster for them .

  29. Taukei – why do you think your hero Bainimarama overthrew a democratic government in 2006? Exactly, because he was staring down at multiple life sentences for the killing of the CRW soldiers. Kua mada na vosa ca tiko ena Sigatabu, gole mada lai sisili laki tusanaki iko i vale ni lotu.

  30. People you need to focus and see through the LIES. The basic questions of salaries and Public accounts have not been answered. If there is nothing to hide why hide it. Its because there is something to hide and its so frightening that they will go to the lengths of re-writing the constitution, underwriting their freedom from prosecution in it using the immunity clause (no not from the coup but from prosecution from the theft of millions!), stacking of the cards for the elections through the electoral decree and preparations.

    People stop drinking the Koolaid and call it for what you smell. It smells fishy because it is fishy. CORRUPTIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! and FRAUD!!!! NBF will be like pick-pocketing compared to this.

  31. @ General elector

    It is a private contract so its not yours or anybody’s business; but Mick and the bank.
    He declares his interest if he wants to stand for the election to the appropriate authority not to the likes of you.

    If I am a class 5 dropout than you are a class one drop out, that is if you went to school at all.

  32. Ratu Sai

    You funny man opps a hyprocrite!

    On one hand you want FB or AG to confirm things, why not Mick? He was leader of opposition. He wants to stand for elections.

    He supported the stance by NZ and Aust Govt, why the about turn now. He is a politican who will agree to anything that will suit his agenda. But it will be very clear that Mick will not get 1% of the votes.

    By the way, don’t you think that it sound stupid to be cxritical of the 2013 consitution but than start campaigning to stand for elections under the same constituition.

    Or maybe, this is too much for your pea brain to understand.

    Oh I forgot, you got a nice hairdo. It suits your so put your real face!

  33. @general elector

    FB and AG are public servants, their salary comes from public fund and people have the right to know how much they are paid. Mick on the other hand is a private citizen and nobody has any right to delve into his private business.

    However if he decides to stand in the election than he will have to declare his assets as required by decree.

    Every citizen of this country have the right to criticize the 2013 Constitution given it was forced on them. However the election is being conducted under the 2013 Constitution and again every citizen have the right to participate.

    It does not take a genius to figure that out but I guess it is too much for block heads like you. And yes the hair do will decreed into law for every male citizen of animal farm once Papa Pig wins the election.

  34. We shall overcome – you don’t know the truth about the CRW soldiers . Ciao baca . Sava mada na kora de na qai rarawa Mai nomu kila . It’s going to be a landslide victory to Bainimarama .

  35. Folks, it”s no use calling others names to justify the opposing views that individuals contribute on this blog site. What we should concerntrate on are real issues that we should all join hands and pose questions on are the simple bread and butter issues that affect all of us. Issues like Minimum wage rates, lowering of VAT deductions, rule of law incidents that even the Regime are not even adhering to and all the other things that affect all and every citizen of this country. WE (THE CITIZENS OF FIJI) SHOULD ALL AGREE AND DEMAND THAT ALL THE LEADERS OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES REGISTERED SO FAR SHOULD HAVE WEEKLY PUBLIC DEBATES ON TV,RADIO,PUBLIC ARENAS ETC AND LET US ALL GAUGE THE LEVEL AND UNDERSTANDING OF THESE LEADERS AS THEY CONTRIBUTE THEIR IDEAS TO THESE FORUMS. Once all our querries are satisfactorily dispensed with then we would have the benefit of fully appreciating the responses of these Leaders and how their decisions will affect us and our families. The process will then enable each and every eigible voter throughout the Land the benefit of making wise and informed decisions as to which political party one should vote for. So lets all agree on this consensual approach rather then calling each other names and adjectives which serve no usual purpose to any of us.We should ALL agree and BLOG that each Leader should make a committment to these Public Debates as a prelude to our giving them OUR vote. People lets ALL agree and make all of them come to US. Any suggestions please?

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