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Truth about salaries will emerge soon – SODELPA Leader


Publish date/time: 09/04/2014 [17:06]

The leader of the Social Democratic and Liberal Party, Ro Teimumu Kepa has told her party members that the truth about the salaries of the Prime Minister and the ministers will emerge soon.

In a recent SODELPA meeting, Ro Teimumu said people will know the salaries of the ministers soon.

Ro Teimumu Kepa also stressed that all the Auditor Generals reports need to be made public.

Meanwhile it has already been confirmed that the minister’s salaries will be made public when the Code of Conduct is established as stated in the 2013 constitution.

According to the constitution, a written law shall establish a code of conduct which shall be applicable to the President, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Prime Minister, Ministers, members of parliament, holders of offices established by the constitution or under any written law, members of commissions, permanent secretaries, ambassadors and people who hold statutory appointments.

The code of conduct will provide for the annual declaration of the assets, liabilities and financial interests of all these officers, and of such other direct relatives of the officers as may be prescribed, to the Accountability and Transparency Commission.

These declarations also have to be accessible to the public.

On the Auditor General’s reports, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had earlier said that the government has dissolved the current Public Accounts Committee as a prelude to the resumption of Parliament after the general election.

Sayed-Khaiyum said a new Public Accounts Committee chaired by the Opposition will be formed once Parliament resumes.

He confirmed that when the Public Accounts Committee sits, all the reports compiled by the Auditor General will be considered by the Committee and be tabled in parliament.

He confirmed that the office of the Auditor General is currently preparing and compiling all of the relevant reports for presentation to parliament.

Story by: Vijay Narayan


18 thoughts on “Truth about salaries will emerge soon – SODELPA Leader

  1. SODELPA make 4 campaign teams and get out of the office to counter the blue bus.I must tell you if you don’t act now then sodelpa will become SONALEVU.

  2. I will bet my last dollar should by the slimmest chance the criminals ASK and VB win the 2014 elections, the “Code of Conduct” will not see the light of day.

  3. The whole truth and nothing but the truth: don’t hold your breath because what will be revealed is what he chooses to release. Who is there to check on its validity or accuracy?

  4. Ro Teimumu Kepa is mistaken. We have very carefully and very competently hidden the wealth of our leaders. We are not pathetic amateurs like Chaudhry when it comes to hiding money.

  5. How many times must my man VB repeat that these are just lies?

    He has repeated this again – refer: http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2014/03/14/i-don%E2%80%99t-earn-1-2m-pm/

    And how many times must my man VB repeat that iTaukei land is safe?

    He has repeated this again – refer: http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2014/04/10/pm-land-safe/

    Stop you lies and misleading our good people of Fiji.

    My man VB and his current Govt have done alot for our beloved nation.

    Because of these good deeds more and more people are backing his FIJI FIRST PARTY and are registering their names with him. This a party that puts Fiji first!

    Don’t be left out and come join my man VB by registering your names with his party.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  6. Nabua Prince
    Yes – keep on repeating lies and it will evolve to one believing their own lies.
    Section 185 1997 Const has been removed so you and Bai are liars & bocis

  7. @ Na ‘vivia’ Dina But Lasulasu

    My man VB has explained how your claims are lies and the big loopholes in the previous Constitution to which things don’t work to the advantage of the iTaukei native landowners.

    In case you still don’t understand, you will note that while all the Sections relating to land in the previous Constitution that you champion were in place, iTaukei lands lands were being converted and then successfully sold off.

    Now tell us sara mada how these are lies!!!

    After that then you explain your views and how in the new Constitution iTaukei native lands will be manipulated and our dear iTaukeis native land owners will suffer!!!

    Now tell us sara mada and let’s see who is lying!!!

    You idiot!!!

  8. @Nabua Prick

    What land was successfully converted and sold off? Dumb ass try and think before you write.

  9. And what significance is there in this truth being revealed and salaries being made known soon?
    Is it going to change peoples opinions or the way they vote?

    Would be far more use campaigning and telling the people what SODELPA has to offer the people not regurgitating useless information that the people have no use for.

  10. @ Ratu She idiot

    Where have yo been all this time???

    Sleeping or just wanting to be blind to the truth and deaf to what my man VB had been repeatedly saying in the media???

    OK…………ok…………ok ………. For a start READ THE ARTICLE QUOTED ABOVE!!!

    Then do your bloody research and you will see the various cases my man VB and his Govt. had been repeatedly quoting and detailing to the public.

    You OK??? Your arguments are usually better than the above??? Maybe you should go check mada in St. Giles???

    Or has darkness consumed you more into a more vicious cycle of hatred, racism, divisiveness and all those evil and dark bottomless pit???

    Sobo boy!!! You set???

    Hehehehehe …………………….. you cock roach!!! Do your research and write!!!


  11. Nabua Prick

    You are an as ole who believes everything that Bai spews out; you got no brain to think for yourself. It is common knowledge the land he keeps referring to was exchanged and not sold, an agreement between native land owners and the freehold landowner. What government did was facilitate the exchange by converting native land portion to free hold and the freehold to native. Sold and exchanged mean different things.

    Sa rui levu nomu sese ena punpun taka tiko na sapo nei Bai.

  12. @ Ratu She idiot

    Your answer is not good enough to even convince your own camp.

    Give more explanations and link your supporters to the appropriate links so you sound more convincing to them and all those following this.

    So try again! You half-cooked researcher!!!


  13. Nabua prick

    I don’t need to convince anybody because I know what the Constitution says about land. Unlike cock suckers like you trying to convince others of the Pig’s lies.

    Your pea brain calls that research; no wonder you keep sucking Bai’s balls.

  14. Isa drau lomana na tacidatou o nabuaprick, drau vakatavulici koya vakamalua, though you’ll need reservoirs of patience as it’ll take many years before he comes to his senses. Dau lau ‘ukuni na lala ni qavokavoka sa qai o ia qoi!

  15. Ratu She Dumbass

    It’s the same story that I have already quoted above – you idiot!!!

    Do your research and identify to your supporters the name of the land you are mentioning that was not SOLD but EXCHANGED!!!

    And also provide the link to your supporters to prove to them the difference between these two words


  16. Nabua prick

    Why don’t you read it than? Or do you need a translation ulukau. Sivia ga na kubu vei Bai.

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