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New Zealand ready to accept elected government

14:07 Wed Apr 09, 2014

Taken from/By: The Daily TelegraphReport by: Shanal Sivan

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says they’re ready to accept any government after the September General Election in Fiji. Speaking to New Zealand’s Radio Tarana Keys says he’s confident the polls will be free and fair, based on assurances by the Fijian Government.“The only indications we have at this stage is that it’s going to be free and fair, and it’s been a long time coming with those elections, but Frank Bainimarama has now, quit as the head of the military and is setting up his own political party, and from New Zealand’s point of view we don’t care who wins the elections, if its free and fair, good luck to whoever wins.”There’s been a warming of relations between New Zealand and Fiji – the most recent sign being the lifting of all travel sanctions against members of the Fiji government, senior civil servants and the military –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19040/new-zealand-ready-to-accept-elected-government#sthash.5cmEzb9P.dpuf


7 thoughts on “New Zealand ready to accept elected government

  1. Amazing! The assurances he relies on comes from the usurpers of our democracy and if he and his government were paying half the attention they should, they will know that so far the process is anything but free or fair. The fact that he does not care who wins speaks volumes about just how ill informed some governments are about the truth or perhaps they are not interested in the truth about the extent of the manipulation under way and just want an election regardless if it is flawed, not free or fair just so they can justify saying they did their bit by supporting an election in Fiji.

    Mick Beddoes

  2. John Keys is fully confident that the elections will be free and fair based on assurances by Khaiyum and Bainimarama! The main opposition leaders Qarase and Chaudhry being forced out of the race by the regime, MIDA tightening the screw on freedom of expression & media, Khaiyum threatening prosecutions against CCF and anyone else who dares speak the truth about the lies in Bai and Khaiyum’s constitution – come on NZ and Aus High commissions, open your eyes, see & feel the pain of our people and try telling the truth when you write this week’s briefings to Wellington and Canberra. NZ and Aus taxpayers will expect no less.

  3. Mickey Mouse.

    How can anyone in their right mind ever believe a toe-rag like you aye?

    You wouldn’t believe who I ran into yesterday, someone who knows your dirty little secrets.

  4. they don’t really care about democracy. they just pay lip service to it. they just want to get back to business as usual. if it means trading with rogue leaders that’s ok – so long as they have a “democratic” garb on.

  5. Good to see you Mr Beddoes. I still think the key to defeating the military junta at the September polls would be through a broader coalition of the UFDF, an expanded coalition to include trade unions, student groups, women’s groups, religious groups, farmers & small businesses and other NGOs aside from the opposition political parties. We stand alone at our own peril come September. Organize, protest and survive.

  6. John Key is a coward! He should take on the dictator and remove him for the people of Fiji to enjoy real democracy!

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