McCully in Fiji for talks on election support

Foreign Minister Murray McCully is in Fiji to meet with Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

This is the first visit to Fiji by a New Zealand Minister since the lifting of New Zealand’s remaining travel sanctions against Fiji.

“Fiji is making good strides towards holding elections later this year and this has resulted in a positive shift in New Zealand’s relationship with Fiji,” Mr McCully says.

“There is still a great deal of work to do in Fiji around preparing for elections and supporting the institutions that will underpin a successful return to democratic rule.

“New Zealand wants to support this work and we are throwing our full weight behind Fiji’s return to democracy. I look forward to discussing how we further assist with the September elections during my visit,” says Mr McCully.

Minister McCully travelled to Fiji directly from Papua New Guinea.


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  1. This is a very sad day for all those in Fiji who expected Australia and New Zealand to remove the unsavoury dictatorship in Fiji. Apparently, McCully has come to the conclusion that there is more to win by doing business with the thugs in Fiji given the complete indolence and subservience of the population. Let the savages have their strongman, he reasons and move on.

  2. Come on guys, there is money to be made and history tells us that in a climate where scrutiny and transparency are absent, there is even more money to be made. NZ businesses had now a long, dry period because of this sanction thing. Now we are open for business again and a small commission of 10% will secure the protection of the AG.

  3. when we were kids growing up under colonial rule our folks – who were mostly semi-literate if not illiterate and who had internalised the white man’s worldview – would let us know that the white man was intellectually superior. One look at Mc Cully and you swiftly realise how wrong our folks were!
    Mc Cully is a proper idiot!!

  4. New Zealand wants the elections to be fair and you antis should not complain when you have lost fairly in the next Elections.

    My man VB is a growing force and majority are backing him.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  5. Here’s something I just read and thought I should share it with the Fiji election watchers.
    Kim Jong-Un ‘re-elected as North Korea leaders (Yahoo!7 news 10/4)
    *Kim Jong Un was Wednesday “re-elected” as NK’s leader.(We have to wait for ours to be “elected”)
    *The country does not have a president because the current leader’s grandfather KimII-Sung, who died in 1994, has been declared its “eternal president” ( we too should have an eternal president and I nominate Ratu Epeli Nailatikau).
    * Kim was reaffirmed as First Chairman of the NDC by the new parliament,in a show of “absolute support and trust of all service personnel and people in him” the State media KCNA reported. (We too can do that. show absolute support and trust for our Glorious Leader, can’t we?. Our State media the Fiji Sun is already setting a good example in this regard).
    *The session of the rubber-stamp parliament was held after North Koreans last month cast ballots in the pre-determined elections in which all candidates were unopposed (Now, this is precisely the kind of election we should have.Problem free election).
    *Upon Kim’s re-election, ” all the deputies and participants in the session broke into stormy cheers of “hurrah!”, extending the highest glory and warmest congratulations to him” KCNA said. ( We are champions at doing that. some Fijian chiefs and Indian chamchas are already doing that without bothering about the elections!!).
    *Kim is also first secretary of the ruling Workers Party of Korea and supreme commander of the Korean Peoples’ Army. But his re-election as head of the top military body gives him ultimate power in the heavily militarised state. ( Well we also have our Rear Admiral who is also the supreme commander by virtue of being the Dictator of Fiji with ultimate power to do whatever he wants to with the backing of a heavily armed Fiji Military Force and militarised civil administration – not too different to what Kim Jong-Un has).
    We can compare ourselves to North Korea.
    That should make us feel very proud!

  6. MaCully does not know that with Saneem as SOE the election will be rigged.
    This election will never be free and fair.It is all going the Taliban way!

  7. the Australian public is having a field day with Bob Carr following the release of his book Diary of a Foreign Minister. See the potshots people are taking at him in every Australian newspaper.
    Here’s one sample :
    “Message to Bob Carr. It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”- Gabrielle Baker , The Australian 11/4.
    Just because someone happens to be a Foreign Minister it does not mean he is a repository of all that is intelligent.

  8. Aust and NZ dont give a hoot about Fiji. Fiji has nothing to really offer either of them. Saying that they are happy that elections are on track does not mean Aust and NZ endorse Frank, they just dont care either way.

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