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Where is the hate?

Ashwin Raj has labelled the speech by Ratu Timoci Vesikula as “hate speech”.

But where is the hate?

The statement that oil and water have not mixed is a simple statement of fact.

The two major communities have not mixed. Is Bainimarama not aware that the RFMF is mono-ethnic? Even if he’s not troubled by this fact, he should have noticed it? (But then again he didn’t notice his second in command in the RFMF, and his logical successor as Commander – he was somehow invisible to Bainimarama).

Then there is the statement that Bainimarama’s most reliable supporters are iTaukei. Is that hate speech?

Ratu Timoci said that Bainimarama could not rely on the vote of ‘others’, meaning those who are not iTaukei. Is it hate speech to suggest that a group of people will not vote for Bainimarama? Most people I talk to think that saying people don’t support Bainimarama is a compliment, a tribute to their intelligence and common sense.

One thing we need to clear up is who is supposed to be the object of this alleged hate. The accusation by Ashwin Raj is that it’s directed at Indo-Fijians and yet there was no mention of Indo-Fijians by Ratu Timoci. The word used for the group we’re talking about – let’s call them the ‘False Friends of Frank’ – was Vasu. Evidentially, this is a new word to Ashwin Raj.

Vasu is not a term of abuse, nor does it mean Indo Fijian. Our vasu are the people outside our group to whom we are most closely related. Vasu iTaukei is a positive way to refer to our Part European relatives. The Melanesian-Vasu-i-Taukei (MVT) development fund, which has been around since 1998, has been funded by Bainimarama to help people from all minority communities (apart from the Rotumans, Banabans and Kioa Islanders, who have access to their own special help).

Prosecuting Ratu Timoci is going to make for some very interesting legal argument. Where is the authoritative source for the meaning of vasu? Not Ashwin Raj, I’m guessing.

What was the “incitement”? He was urging people to vote for Bainimarama! Is the idea that people might vote for somebody other than Bainimarama incitement to hate those people?

This keeps getting better and better. Every speech in vernacular is now going to be handed in advance for Ashwin Raj to peruse in translation. Is this the way Talanoa works? Ashwin Raj may not be aware that Ratu Timoci was speaking in a Talanoa session at the Tailevu Provincial Council.

As I said, this keeps getting better and better.

7 thoughts on “Where is the hate?

  1. This Arswind Raj now thinks he is the GCC! These regime dancing girls like Raj, Bumm Young and Md Saneem have no mandate whatsoever – and only exist in their illegal roles thanks to the protection of the i-taukei military.

  2. This is the Truth About Native ie Native Landowner Now Have Zero Power Over his Land with removal of Section 185 — Power Now With Parliament Not GCC nominees who are reps of the Native Landowners

    Ref Aiyaz S Kaiyum’s letter of FTimes 3 March 2014 where he states that ownership of I Taukei Land rights is not a problem as it is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

    His letter is misleading as Section 28 (Bill of Rights) is vague on processes on native land. Further he should note that native land can also be alienated under long term leases. In any case, what are the effects of placing native land protection under the Bill of Rights? What is the impact on the Native Lands Act, the Native Lands Trust Act and the NLC? What is the effect of the Land Use Decree? Does it have adequate measures to safeguard and protect native landowner interests and later generations? I also recall a Decree issued by Kaiyum blocking all Deed of Cession claims. What is the effect of this on legitimate landowner claims. For example, the original Suva people moved to their current location to make way for public state use of their lands. Today, these lands are being used for real estate purposes at market rates deviating from the original purpose. Who will correct this on-going injustice? These questions need to be asked and addressed.

    Kaiyum seems to ignore the fact that Section 185 of the 1997 Constitution no longer exists. Why was it removed? That section specifies that any changes to “entrenched legislation” ie Native Lands Act, Native Lands Trust Act, Fijians Affairs Act etc – must be approved by 9 of the 14 GCC (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) members of the Senate. The GCC members are nominated from the Provinces and represent the native landowners of Fiji. By removing Section 185, Kaiyum’s government has effectively rendered we, the native landowners, powerless over our own land. This power, under the 2013 Constitution now rests with the politicians in Parliament. All these changes were made without the consent of we the native landowners and as such totally unacceptable. Worse, the changes were made by people we do not know or recognise. It was not made by the leaders we elected nor were they made by our chiefs.

    I urge all native landowners to read the changes carefully yourselves, analyse, discuss, share the knowledge and make a stand.

    Bainimarama Statement Which Is A Lie to Native Landowners

    Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has called on the public not to vote for “liars” in the upcoming general elections on September 17. He made the comments while opening a new nursing station at Yakete in Ba today during which he told the people that “liars” were spreading untruths about what is in the 2013 Constitution regarding iTaukei land. “If anyone tells you that your land is threatened in any way, do not believe them. They are trying to stir up trouble for their own political ends. They are trying to instill fear in you. They are lying,” Bainimarama said. He maintained there was no threat to iTaukei land or to its ownership and that his government has strengthened the protection of these lands. “In the past, some unscrupulous politicians used a loophole in the law to sell off portions of iTaukei land. They got around the ban on native title being converted to freehold with a fancy legal sidestep. What they did was to first convert native title into Crown land, which the law allowed. Then they converted that same piece of land from Crown to freehold, which the law also allowed. The result was that some very valuable native title –iTaukei land – was sold off and lost forever. “So the truth is that more land is now protected than ever before because we ended this practice. But don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself in our Constitution – the first Constitution in Fiji’s history ever to be translated into iTaukei. It’s all there in black and white in the Bill of Rights – an absolute guarantee of the protection of I’Taukei land for you, your children and the generations to come.” He told villagers their land was not going to be lost forever and that landowners will benefit greatly. “And there are other benefits to landowners that have never existed before, such as the right to a fair share of royalties for any minerals found under their land or under the seabed in waters where they have customary fishing rights. Also, for the first time in any of our constitutions, the Bill of Rights says that any land leased by landowners must provide them with a fair and equitable return. “So there it is – the truth as outlined in our constitution. It is the Supreme Law of our country and the law from which all other laws flow. And it gives landowners a fairer deal than they have ever received before.” He said whoever said otherwise was a liar. “There is no threat to iTaukei land and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. And I ask you not to vote for liars when it comes to the election, for your sake and the sake of our beloved nation.”

    Read more at: http://fijilive.com/news/2014/04/dont-vote-for-liars-bainimarama/57182.Fijilive
    Copyright 2014 © Fijilive.com

  3. And would Arse Khaiyum also be good enough to tell the indigenous voters and taxpayers why it is a sudden priority of his (and not the Line Minsta of Fijian Affairs the abominable Bainimarama) that native records such as the VKB and NLC are being made electronic and taken offshore to India, and why this is being supervised by Khaiyum’s relative and IT stooge also pretending to manage government ITC services even though there is a gross conflict of interest involved on his part that PSC is turning a blind eye to?

    Perhaps if the arse-wipe Kaunisela who is the PS for Fijian Affairs was not out there campaigning for Bainimarama’s illegal and treasonous constifusion, he could actually be doing his job.

  4. Good posting by yourself Pita Waqavonovono – for remember any Tom, Dick and Mary can sign onto FijiToday and upload their articles.

    The tone and argument is all YOURS!

    Now two guy buddies Pita and Ashwin are at each others arse!

    Pita is talking like some mini dictator politician of Sodelpa in waiting!

    Its better to get Ratu Vesikula charged – and then see which side his politics is buttered!

  5. ashwin raj go gun maro with matai akauola, leone cabenatabua and maika bolatiki…you are just a bunch of cowards, marthafarking sonalevusonofabitches!!!

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