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No funds for internal investigation?

No funds for internal investigation:

Narayan17:06 TodayTaken from/

By: FBC NewsReport by: Savaira Tabua

More than 200 complaints were recorded against police officers in the first quarter of the year and this is a concern for the Fiji Police Force. Acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan says officers should be cautious all the time as there are no funds to investigate complaints against officers. Narayan has urged officers to take their roles and responsibilities seriously.“Government does not allow us any single penny to spent to investigate our own officers because we are regarded as professional officers who are due in train and skills to provide service to the communities so think of yourselves and know who you are in the organization.

”They were also reminded to be apolitical and familiarize themselves with the Electoral Decree ahead of the September 17 General Elections. –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19049/no-funds-for-internal-investigation-narayan#sthash.RSCm9Sy0.dpuf

3 thoughts on “No funds for internal investigation?

  1. No surprises here. There is no shortage of funds or manpower when it comes to police & FICAC investigations, false prosecution and persecution of opponents & critics of the military junta. But we are given the usual sloppy excuses of lack of funds and what not when it comes to investigating state sponsored terrorism by the police, corrections services and the military. I’m actually surprised they bothered giving us an excuse. Treat their unjust laws and decrees for what they actually are – as a joke and with disdain, organize, protest and survive!

  2. Ravi has changed tune since he first took up the acting police chief’s post. Boasting about the revival of police professional standard unit to investigate police officers misconduct. In actual fact it’s just another bullshit whereby members of the public are led to believe that he take no shit on indiscipline officers. No action so far, only investigated and shelved away. Some recent complaints about police assault should not go to professional standard but treated as criminal offences. It is now evident that assault by police is treated as different from any other assault.
    It seems that since Ravi was not given top job, he started to show who he really is, a farkin useless piece of shit. Better of to resign so police can have the fund to investigate serious pending cases by members of the public.

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