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Chaudhry out of election race but still holds on to FLP leader’s position

Chaudhry out of election race but still holds on to FLP leader’s position

Publish date/time: 09/04/2014 [07:12]

Fiji Labour Party Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry cannot contest the September 17th election this year after his conviction however the Elections Office said it will only decide on this matter if Chaudhry files a nomination to contest the election.

The 2013 constitution clearly states that a person may be a candidate for election to parliament only if the person has not, at any time during the eight years immediately before being nominated, been convicted of any offence under any law for which the maximum penalty is a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more.

The same is stated in the Electoral Decree for candidate eligibility.

This means that 72 year old Chaudhry is out of the parliamentary elections for the next eight years as he has been convicted of three counts of breach of the Exchange Control Act.

The maximum penalty for the charge is two years imprisonment.

When questioned by Fijivillage on the matter, Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem said candidate eligibility will be determined by what is stated in the constitution and the Electoral Decree.

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Chaudhry can hold the Fiji Labour Party Leader’s post for now as the court is yet to decide on his sentence after the conviction.

Under the Political Parties Registration Decree, a person is disqualified from being an office holder of a political party if that person has, in the five years preceding the date when he or she applies to become an office holder of the political party, has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of not less than 6 months.

Mitigation and sentencing for Chaudhry will take place on the 1st of May.

Chaudhry has not made any comments on his plans as yet.

Fiji Labour Party President, Lavenia Padarath could not be reached for a comment.

Story by: Vijay Narayan


15 thoughts on “Chaudhry out of election race but still holds on to FLP leader’s position

  1. Chaudhry’s sentencing needs to be as harsh as possible. He has betrayed our family, he has betrayed our PM when he resigned from his post as finance minister. He has forced our overworked and underpaid PM to take on another portfolio for which he is not really qualified. Also, Chaudhry still wants to challenge the rule of our great leaders. All those severe wrongdoings must be taken into consideration, not only the exchange control violation.

  2. M Chaudhry still qualifies. Ask the regime criminals as their law does not apply to them?
    So if they take Chaudhry to court so should chaudhry take them to court. The decrees are all illegal anyway

  3. 72 years old, supposedly suffering from heart problems and an extremely dubious question mark regarding legality and intent with funds in his control.

    Does it not confirm the absolute selfishness of someone that hangs on to a top position in a political party for so long for his own greed and self aggrandisement.

  4. Chaudhry should take the regime to court as they are illegal and all decrees are illegal.
    He should take them also to ICC.Someone has to challenge these thugs.
    An election without Chaudhry is incomplete. This man must be given the chance to contest as he was democratically elected and removed illegal twice.

  5. Veikeda na i taukei-
    E sa matata vinaka sara tu ga ni constitution nei Bhai/Khai e sega ni taqomaka na qele ni taukei.
    taqaomaki taudua ga na nona immunity of Bainimarama.
    You see my point is that all entrenched legislation have been selectively removed to allow the potential alienation of native land. One does not have to be a lawyer to understand this.
    On top of that they introduced the Toppers Scholarship to deny our sons and daughters of their scholarships.
    Only 14 scholarships out of 600 given to the indigenous people of this country and you still think that this is ok.
    E sega no mosi vei iko na veivakaloloma taki ne Voreqe.

  6. Mack sona levu
    Evei na Section 185 dau tu ena 1997 Constitution? Tobo tale tu nomu lasu cici levu

  7. This one is for all those against Mr Chaudhry. Go and get fucked teri maichood “Chaudhry” is a brand name which will NEVER go away.

  8. Goodbye politician of the past.

    Fiji is now heading to a better and united future with my man VB.

    Vinaka VB.

    Majority will vote for you.

  9. Kai Bai sona levu sa rauta mada na anti tiko .This is the best constitution so far where Fijian land has been safe guided.You should look at the amount of freehold land out there that had been given out by previous Govt.Fijians are crying and this Govt has acted as their Savior by stopping all the alienation of Land by anyone.CCF is is trying fool the people by witting different constitution

  10. Only 14 scholarships to the taukei. You mean 14 out of 600.

    Bullshit. As the committee has still awarded all the scholarships.

    If it was true, its a reflection that they must study hard, spent less time playing rugby and coke games. Parents must look after school.

    Moce mada

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