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Sayed-Khaiyum hate that the public may know the truth about our land and his immunity from prosecution.

CCF told to withdraw Constitution booklet

07:06 TodayTaken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Edwin Nand

The Fijian government is calling on the Citizens Constitutional Forum to immediately withdraw its 2013 Fijian Constitution Booklet. Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the booklet contains factual errors and deliberate omissions and must not be used for any public purpose.

“There are a number of anomalies and in fact, a couple of lies about what’s in the Constitution or what not in the Constitution. It’s very worrying because we understand activities such as this are being funded by foreign entities, governments et cetera.

More to the point, the CCF, supposedly an independent, impartial member of civil society is telling lies.”

The Attorney General’s office has found inaccurate statements in the booklet about the compulsory acquisition of land in the 2013 Constitution.

Sayed-Khaiyum says the document also makes false statements about the immunity provisions, the make-up of the Cabinet, and the Bill of Rights.

The CCF booklet has also attracted criticism for saying the Opposition Leader has diminished powers and that the Prime Minister and Attorney General have control of the Judicial Services Commission.

Sayed-Khaiyum says the booklet needs to be withdrawn immediately.

CCF Executive Director Akuila Yabaki told FBC News he wants to dialogue with the AG’s office and sit with legal advisors so that the issue can be resolved. –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/18971/ccf-told-to-withdraw-constitution-booklet#sthash.VUvla7zF.dpuf


25 thoughts on “Sayed-Khaiyum hate that the public may know the truth about our land and his immunity from prosecution.

  1. As a lawyer I have read the CCF booklet and other than a legally incorrect statement that the constitution was abrogated in 2006 and not 2009 there are no obvious faults in it. It doesnt go into great detail as it is only a summary of the full constitution. The AG wants more detail around land concerns and the workings of parliment and its ability to cancel immunity provisions. If so I suggest he fund his own version of the constitution.

  2. If it is a summary, it must be with its correct meaning and not to mislead the people of Fiji into a something opposite the constitution

  3. The only people the new constitution serves is those that created it, for why else does it have to give immunity from prosecution to its creators. Just answer that Kaiyum

  4. The cheek of this monkey to call for the withdrawal of the booklet. Who the hell does he think he is? Does he think only his interpretation of the Constitution is the correct one?

    It is the Court that will interpret any dispute on the Constitution. On its face Aiarse’s view or interpretation is as good as that of the CCF. He has no authority to order for its withdrawal anyway.

  5. Sayed-Khaiyum is an arsehole who pretends to be a brilliant and knowledgeable legal eagle.
    He only wants things that sing the praise of his dictatorship.
    In other words he wants only pro-regime propaganda in the public domain.
    He is a bahoot boor fala!

  6. phuck him. he got no right, no lawful authority to call for the banning of the CCF booklet. he is an illegal attorney-general. let us not forget THAT!

  7. What is wrong with the useless poorly led Fiji military? Allowing this unelected treasonous clan to destroy the nation?

  8. The liar Sayed Khaiyum claims the CCF is spreading lies (FS 7/4). Everyone knows by now who has been lying to the people of Fiji.
    Sayed Khaiyum did you lie when you said the salary of Frank Bainimarama and yourself would be made public in 3months time over 9 months ago?

  9. And wow! look who is talking about “moral duty”! It’s that regime mouthpiece Nemani Delaibatiki who despite being a veteran journalist has forgotten what ethical journalism means!!
    He is the last person to be talking about moral duty after abandoning his own professional ethical commitment to fair, independent, impartial, unbiased reporting.
    you have shit on your face sir!

  10. Renu you make good sense with what you say.
    But in a dictatorship it is the whim of the dictator and his henchmen that determine what is and is not lawful and what is and is not socially acceptable.
    If the dictator or his henchman has decided something is “unlawful” or unacceptable then that’s it.
    that is how it is in Bainimarama-khaiyum’s “benevolent” dictatorship in Fiji.

  11. Yabaki needs to go to jail for treason! He is not only spreading lies about our wonderful new constitution, he also goes around and claims that the PM’s and the AG’s salaries must be declared. Who does he think he is? Fiji’s dictator? Sorry Reverend, this position is already taken! Why can’t you mind your own business rather than trying to mess with our family? Do you really think that the peasants out there will listen to your crap. One of Jiko’s sewing machines speaks louder than 100 CCF leaflets!

  12. If Squealer really believes ordinary Fijians need to have the right information, to be informed by facts, to make up their minds, then why does he oppose a live debate between Bai/ Kahyium and the opposition candidates?

  13. what’s you salary maichod? tell the truth. and why is your aunty processing your salary instead of the government department that is meant to be doing that sort of thing?
    don’t tell others they are lying.
    YOU are the stinkiest liar the country has had.

  14. CCF this booklet must reach every home in Fiji. Distribute it before the Taliban send the police to burn it just like what he did for professor Ghai’s Constitution which had the input of the people of Fiji.

  15. FB and ASK may as well make a list of people he wants out of election and Fiji politics and put them in jail or blacklist them from standing for elections. People will not be able to do anything anyway. Why are they wasting time trying to justify everything they do. In fact they should have done this in 2007 and had an election. There is nothing we the people, can do nor will FB and ASK will hear us. They just wasting our time and showing internationally that they are going through the motion. The overseas governments have been fooled by a tiny tot.

  16. I a grease with aunty nur 101% . the reverent should be shot in the back of his head for making trouble for our beloved Dear Leader and his vision of a utopian Fiji.
    the reverent is a very naughty old man. the A-G should send him to the naughty corner and require him to write a short essay on the wonderful leadership of our Glorious Leader.

  17. Tamai Miller, I can confirm Mack is a qauri either sitting in the Office of PM or Ministry for Misinformation typing his wonderland tales while doing something naughty

  18. Regime desperation showing its ugly head again! Just amuses us how the truth really hurts them. Crying over the truth has always been a hallmark of Bainikiayum’s party! They really are torn to pieces when the truth is told as it is and thrown at them. It literally reflects the devil in them! The past 7 years or so has been about deflecting truths and deceiving people in Fiji and abroad. There are so many events we can account for this. The burning of the draft constitution and the enforcement of their own is just a simple example! Lies and deception are at the heart of their reign. Everyone knows the devil is fearful of the truth and Kaiyum is merely reflecting the devil in him when he tries to withhold and conceal the truth from the public!

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