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A problem of his own making

I have not stopped smiling since I listened to the bucket tipped on Bainimarama by his supporter Ratu Timoci Vesikula.

He reminded Bainimarama that the Vanua is his power base and the Vanua was already there when the church and government, the others pillars of iTaukei society, arrived.

And the Vanua demands answers: “you talk of royalties, what about our qoliqoli and our land which is entrusted to you” and “why have scholarships for iTaukei been taken away?”

If Bainimarama thought all his campaigning would be like a visit to villages where overwhelmed villagers sit by and give their big-shot visitor the royal treatment, he has been rudely awakened from that dream.

He is dreaming if he thinks assurances that land is protected and in a the constitution will fool someone like Ratu Timoci, who was a Valuer by profession. He understands very well that a 99 year lease without proper provision for rents to be re-assessed in line with inflation is no different theft and is exactly what the Land Use Decree allows for.

Most important of all: Ratu Timoci is a supporter of Bainimarama. When the Charter was the issue in the early days of the regime Ratu Timoci put his hand up in support. He is not one of the supporters who turns up out of nowhere to mouth words of support on the day. He is a long-standing supporter who is now potentially facing a prison sentence of up to 10 years for simply telling Bainimarama what the ordinary iTaukei voter is thinking.

But what Bainimarama has still not appreciated is that it is his control of the media which gave rise to this problem. The intimidated media toned down Ratu Timoci’s words, attempting to gloss them in a way they thought would be acceptable to the regime.

Then the truth became clear and MIDA made its on translation of Ratu Timoci’s blunt declaration: “we’ve lived together for a long time but the water and kerosene have never mixed”

Bainimarama will hit the media hard, without understanding that self-censorship is the root cause of this blow-up. If he also hits Ratu Timoci hard, he will make matters even worse. His attempt to silence Ratu Timoci will be the focus of discussions around yaqona bowls all over the country, not to mention the barracks.

If long time rivals SODELPA and the FLP can discuss their competing policies freely Bainimarama and his supporters should be able to do likewise.

29 thoughts on “A problem of his own making

  1. i taukei be careful of Muslim Khayium who is using Bainimarma for his political ambition.
    Vinaka Ratu Veikula. Never trust Muslims.They are self centred people.

  2. Khayium tell the people of Fiji what you had before before 2006 and what cash and asset you have now.
    Khayium tell the people of Fiji how much you have earned over 8 years in salary.
    Tell the people about the $1.2 million you earn.
    Why your salary is processed by your aunty nur bano ali?
    How much were you paid by aunty nur in the restrucutre of Rewa Diary?
    Nur Bano was paid $500,000 without any tender.

  3. if we receive this water and kerosene analogy from a sociological standpoint we would find it to be a fairly accurate perspective on inter-ethnic relations (read Indian – Fijian relations) in Fiji.
    We have lived side by side mostly very peacefully but without deepening our understanding of each other. instead the racial prejudice and the racial stereotyping and even racial scapegoating continued to characterize our attitude towards each other – mostly covertly but occassonally even overtly ( as happened at the time of the Rabuka and the Speight coup).
    But no matter how deep an understanding we acquire of each other’s community we must live with the fact of out ethnic difference and distinctive cultural ways. there is nothing wrong with that. in fact that is one of the beauties of our multiculturalism : its diversity.
    we must not read every racial commentary as racism.
    we must be mature enough to accept that people from another ethnic community will view us differently.
    and that’s okay provided people don’t overstep the law and step on others toe. that of course is not acceptable in any modern democratic society.
    when Speight said after his coup that Indians smelled he did not make that comment from a purely sociological standpoint. if he had he would have been right. I discover now living Australia that Indians do have a rather distinct smell and a not nice one! ( if you google you will find a fair bit of literature on this subject). But Speight’s commentary was political. he was trying to ostracize and marginalise the Indians . that was not the right thing to do because Indians were fellow citizens even if they were smelly ones!

  4. i taukei be careful of Muslim Khayium who is using Binimarma for his political ambition.
    Vinaka Ratu Veikula. Never trust Muslims.They are self centred people. Like in AFRICA they are now converting i Taukei to become Muslims.

  5. CCF this booklet must reach every home in Fiji. Distribute it before the Taliban send the police to burn it just like what he did for professor Ghai’s Constitution which had the input of the people of Fiji.

  6. Ram ram

    I have told all hindus to support First Party as Frank is the best choice for fiji. Hindus are almost 30% of fiji’s population. More than 5 times the muslim pop. We will ensure Frank wins.

  7. Arrre pundit, taukei will support frank in thousands as well. Poor fijians prefer Frank over any other fijian leader as he cares for us.

    Frank should win all seats for his party.

  8. Hindus will never vote for a Muslim. Bainimarma is in the front only.Hindus be careful if you vote for Bai then big blacklash to Indians.Vote NFP/ FLP.

  9. A few anti govt bloggers on this website will not deter the hindu voters. Go look at the support for Frank and his first Party. You will see thousands of name already.

    What has NFP and FLP done for the indians? Just confrontation and more racial divide.

    In this holy period of ram naumi, hindus want peace and security and only Frank can provide that.

  10. Breaking news.
    Dr Rohit Kishore, former USP lecture, ex PS lands will be the new or rather interim leader for FLP.

  11. RT Timoci Vesikula was a poltican;

    He was deputy PM under SVT;

    He put pressureon LQ to resign as MD for FDB but LQ did not. Vesikula had to take back his directive;

    He was head ofNLTB charging 25% admin fee. Now its down to 10%;

    Vesikula has been affectedby the new lease payment and hence he is angry;

    He was a key witness against LQ;

    He was giving souvouvou villages on $3m to throw their demands away;

    What has he been doing recently: looking for fame.

  12. Vesikula was a nationalist and his words shows us that but that does not mean Frank will back off,he has proved to be the strong man all this years.Vesikula will surely crawl to his knee anytime now

  13. Interesting development. Will Khaiyum come down hard on Vesikula? What will it mean for discussions about our land rights? Will people understand that the coup was about stealing our land and making huge profits for the Khaiyum clan? 99 years of forced lease without any lease adjustment is nothing else than stealing our land. Will we wake up now, leave indolence and fear behind and start fighting for our rights?

  14. bula tale

    I for one am glad to hear that Ratu Vesikula had tried to do something about Qarase even if the latter had stubbornly refused to budge. I had only read about the late Adi Kuini Speed and Senator Manu Korovulavula raising the FHL corruption publicly but were quickly shut down by Qarase and cronies.

    So what about other Fijian leaders or those who were in the senior ranks in govt, what did they do about the crook when they were in a position to do something?? Qarase was very lucky to get away with a very light punishment when justice finally caught up with him.

  15. Vinaka VB for all your efforts in uniting our beautiful Fiji.

    Only you VB can unite all races, religion and the various stakeholders of this great nation.

    We don’t want to be divided further and to mistrust and hate one another.

    We want a Fiji that cares for all races and once we are united will ensure that all group’s interests are further addressed and measures put in place for all our betterment.

    We believe in you my man VB.

    We know you will ensure that our future and the various interests of all our communities like the iTaukei interests, interests of Fijians of Indian origins, Fijians of European origin, Fijians of Solomon origins, the business communities, our Chinese community, our farming communities and everyone’s interests will be well addressed in time.

    We know all changes do take time and things must be done one step at a time.

    We therefore believe that you should continue to be our good PM and take us on that brighter journey. As you and only you have shown to really care for all in this promising country.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  16. nabua p

    U’re trying too hard boy…….. @ convincing your own self! wahahahaahaha……

  17. With all the support shown to Frank and fiji first party, one a blind would say that the opposition has a chance.

    As a social scientist, I am surprised at the gross root and taukei support for frank.

  18. Biman and NFP as well as the new FLP leader and the party should just go to sleep and not create division amongst the indian people.

    What have they achieved foer the nation and for its own electrol to date? Nothing.

  19. @james
    The show of support for Papa Pig is superficial. Even if he gets voted in that does not equate to his party getting the majority because it is the 50 (or whatever the number is) who receive the highest votes, who will be the ones who make it to Parliament.

    That is why the opposition parties pose a real threat if they agree to fight the election individually but form a coalition after the election.

  20. Dream on Ratu She.

    People can all see that in your parties Fijians of various races will never unite.

    Only in Fiji First the nation unites as one with love, respect and tolerance for one another for we are on a journey of building a better Fiji where no one is left behind.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  21. Sewing machines and brush cutters will buy you supoport and generosity but not our Vote. The bulk of of the Navua delta have been educated enough to know whats going on in the echelon’s of power. Bainimarama will no doubt receive a warm welcome, lots yes sir and smiles and thats it. His character mirrors his policy. He perpetuates the race card policy just like everyone else.

  22. @Nabua Prick

    Dick head that is called analysis of the electoral system not dreaming.

    @mackey mouse

    Winning 50 seats outright is the pie in the sky …boica va levu na cebo nei Bai

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