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The time for democracy is now and we are not wasting this opportunity on the past

The Time for Democracy

Aman Ravindra-Singh
Strategist, People’s Democratic Party

After almost eight years of chaotic leadership under the current regime, Fiji will return to the polls on September 17, 2014.
This will once again be a historic election for all Fijians. Historic for a few reasons namely that we return as a nation and as a people to a democratic system of government. That after almost eight years the people of Fiji will once again be able to exercise one of their basic human rights – to elect a government of its own choice.
The truth remains that many of our youths have no clue about governance under a democratic system and what parliamentary is like or was like prior to the last military takeover in December 2006. Many of the youths who will be voting for the first time will have no recollection about the last government. Surely there are those critics who have pointed fingers at past governments in Fiji and their wrong doings.
However, we cannot continue to live in the past and continue to point fingers at those who were in charge of our destiny in the past. It is our time to chart our path into a new Fiji, into a future for a greater Fiji.
What has happened in the past must remain in the past. Why must the younger generation continue to inherit the mistakes of the past leaders and caress the misery, pain and destruction of the past into the future?
We continue to hear from the regime leaders about the past older politicians and yet these regime leaders have not offered any new alternative or direction during their self imposed seven plus years in government.
The fact remains that we continue to hear the same rhetoric from the regime day in and day out.
There is neither purpose nor any place for this level of leadership and politics in Fiji.
We have to move the country forward and not backward. The regime is getting desperate by the day and this is seen in the form of more discriminatory laws being introduced by way of decrees.
The time for democracy is now and we are not wasting this opportunity on the past. You the voter will have the strongest part to play in shaping the destiny of Fiji.
There is no need for these sorts of political parties with their leaders who have limited or no vision at all, and parties with divisive politics and policies are doomed and destined to failure.
We only need to look back in our own recent history and the destruction and divisions since May 14, 1987.
Voters need to focus on a party that is determined to make a difference in the lives of the everyday person; a party that is based on issues and has better solutions to deal with those issues; a party that needs to work together with all communities and is able to cut across racial, provincial, religious and economic boundaries; and a party that is determined and focused in moving Fiji forward.
Note that after seven plus years the regime has finally decided, after putting themselves first, they would put Fiji first. It is too late now since this is the time for democracy, where the will and voice of the people must be heard.
The People’s Democratic Party offers a new brand of politics. The People’s Democratic Party offers real change for a new and greater Fiji.


– The opinions expressed in this column are those of the People’s Democratic Party. They are published by the Fiji Sun to enhance free and open debate ahead of the General Elections.
Feedback: rosi.doviverata@fijisun.com.fj

10 thoughts on “The time for democracy is now and we are not wasting this opportunity on the past

  1. what has happened in the past must remain very present in our minds as a reminder that we must not go down that path ever again if we want to be a member of the world community of democratic nations governed by the rule of law and respect for human rights and human dignity.
    We must use the lessons of the past to guide our vote for the future.
    That must rule out all the coup makers!

  2. The lessons learnt from our collective failures of the past should be a beacon along the stormy waters ahead, towards the promised September elections. It’s never the end of history and we ignore it at our own peril. Perhaps it’s now time for the PDP to join the ranks of the UFDF after all whatever disagreements they may have had with Chaudhry in the past may have now become redundant now that he unfortunately faces a possible jail sentence? The key debate at the September elections should be made simple, it’s should be between those who support Bainimarama, coups & lies vs those who support democracy & the rule of law. The UFDF should also extend its membership base into a wider coaliton to include trade unions, student bodies, women groups, religious groups, squatter groups and other oppressed communities. And as co-PDP founder and union leader Dan Urai intimated last week the only way to defeat the tyranny of the military junta is to treat its illegal and unjust laws and decrees for what it is – as a joke and with disdain. Let’s start those civil disobedience actions happening and like Narsey you too should bring your guitar (or empty biscuit tins) down to the gig and let’s all sing these songs of freedom.

  3. “Lord! we know what we are, but know NOT what we may be”
    ~ Hamlet (1601) act 4, sc.5,1

  4. Indeed Shakespeare, the Lord knows of our suffering, anguish and pain under the current military junta but am sure the bard knows as well that the Lord won’t shower his blessings to those who don’t dream and act for a better tomorrow.

  5. Ah! ‘Better’ and ‘brighter’ are invariably, operative words for all aspiring to higher office. So long as finally getting “there” does not justify the means … lest we become like those we accuse.

    “Consideration like an angel came, and whipped the offending Adam out of him”
    ~ Henry V (1599) act 1, sc. 1

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