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Fiji Sun gives Frank a new and suitable moniker

Mr Simple’ wins hearts

Maika Bolatiki
The Prime Minister, Rear Admiral (retired) Voreqe Bainimarama, yesterday earned a new name, ‘Mr Simple’.



8 thoughts on “Fiji Sun gives Frank a new and suitable moniker

  1. Then why can’t Mr.Simple simply answer the people’s constant query about his salary and those in the top tier of his guvermnt, aside from their spending of public monies since 2006.

  2. Yeah right . He did look the part when he was all dressed up in his frilly navy white having dinner hosted by his military mates in a fancy restuarant .
    Mr Simple my arse!

  3. Keep The Faith, you are spot on with your descriptor.
    The gang in the Fiji Sun who gave him that moniker are also themselves simpletons.

  4. If he is Mr Simple then why so many bodyguards accompanying him all the times. Perhaps he should be called Reretiko.

  5. Provided all citizens in this country get a fair go at the polls! AG and his cronies-all Muslims are here to stay by hock or crook and make all others (Fijians, Rotumans, Hindus, other races) their slaves. The Chinese will just tag the line as long as they are given contracts,licenses, allowed to bring prostitutes and operate illegal businesses.

  6. Well, the world’s biggest democracy, India, heads for the polls today! For the next 5 weeks. All electronic voting of course.


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