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Brigadier-General Tikoitoga hints of future decisions “That might not go down well with the people”

He reminded them that he would be making hard decisions that might not go down well with the people but this had to be accepted.



11 thoughts on “Brigadier-General Tikoitoga hints of future decisions “That might not go down well with the people”

  1. the man’s a military thug who will continue to act on behalf of the dictator Frank Bainimarama who gave him the top job in the military. he has no respect for the will or the wishes of the people. he is there to serve the wish of his political master. he is a kulina!

  2. It didn’t take Tikoitoga very long to rear the ugly head of implicit threats of brute force against unarmed civilians did it?

    What a stooge. Prepare yo’ ass for Naboro too boy.

  3. Tikoitoga is nothing but a junta stooge. when Khaiyum says bend over he will touch his toes like the regime dancing girl he is. He is a disgrace to the once proud Fiji military.

  4. no need to wait.
    a leopard does not change its spot, does it?
    this military thug has given enough proof of his true character.
    the only thing the people of Fiji can expect from this military scoundrel is threat of violence if they don’t quietly accept what the thug rulers have in mind for them.

  5. The real test for this lap dog is whether he stands for the 2013 constitution that was forced on the people or the 1997 constitution that was enacted by the people! We all know that he serves to protect the constitution that gives him him immunity along with his partners in crime – a constitution that also allows him to overthrow a government he does not like. So where does this leave him in terms of credibility and integrity? A big black hole I suppose!

  6. credibility,integrity, honour, honesty,humility are not qualities one can associate with this lap doggy military thug.

  7. Who knows? Moji might begin to see the light once he realises that it is him and not Papa Pig who holds the ace. He may still feel insecure at the moment but things may change…and I hope it does for the sake of our children. But I suppose it all comes down to how confident he is that the military will be behind him.

  8. I think Gen Tikoitoga has at last found himself on the road to Damascus. I say to him- let wisdom be your guide and divinity be your identity.
    The Nation waits.

  9. It is very sad and extremely disappointing that Mosese, the newly appointed Commander has made such comments. It is really unfortunate that Fiji has arrived to this very low and dangerous valley in our progress as a nation.

    In normal democratic governments, comments made by Mosese are usually made by the Defence Ministers. The RFMF understood its role and its officer corp performed that role with excellence. They gained the admiration of the people of Fiji and became the pride of the nation. Those were the days when the rule of law was believed to be sacred and all departments respected their political leaders simply because they represented the will of the people.

    To you Mosese Tikoitoga, I only have one very humble request. Focus on your primary role and function. You have a lot of damage control to plan and conduct for the organisation you now lead. You have authority, power and influence, but that authority and power must not be abused.

    Do not ever speak about the constitution because you do not understand it, neither is it your role to discuss politics publicly. By doing so, you are exposing your ignorance, your inferior mentality and a blatant disregard for the rights of the people of Fiji.

    Mosese Tikoitoga, by virtue of the position you hold and the immense power and influence you potentially have, you have a rare opportunity to influence the course of Fiji;s history.

    Please exercise moral courage and good judgement. You have a lot to account for before God and the people of Fiji. Remember Belshessar of Babylon. You and Voreqe and all of us will each account for our actions. Fear God, honour your calling, account yourself worthy and honourable in the eyes of your country. Do the right thing. God will uphold you if you do what is right. God will be your enemy if you choose an evil path. If your military chaplain has not told you this, well hear it now. No one, in all of human history, has fought against God and won. Not even Satan and all his hordes has defeated the army of God. Belshezzar thought otherwise. He ended up eating grass. Choose wisely Mosese. Hear the prayers and cries of the people. Help us cross the Red Sea and help our nation make its way to the promised land. Vinaka

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