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A totally unscientific poll



16 thoughts on “A totally unscientific poll

  1. The list of people that will be taken to task for corruption when the SODELPA/FLP and NFP win the September election.

    1. Vorerqe for the illegal take over of the democratically elected government.
    2 Justice Gate for his legals advise
    3.Shameem sisters for legal advise
    4. Kaihum Haihum as Bai’s chief legal adviser.
    5. Nur Bano for her financial advise
    6..Epeli Nailatikau for his support and advise
    7.Inoke Kubuabola for his advise and support
    8. Neumi Leweni, Naliva and Sitiveni Qiliho.
    These are the 10 people that need to tried for directly and indirectly involved in the illegal takeover of the elected government of Qarase.
    All these people should be sentenced for life and I hope Mo Tikoitoga will honor his word.

  2. And the 500,000 people that have happily supported this government fully accepting and realising that if you are a responsible law abiding citizen you have been treated fairly.

  3. This is an illegal government and has no democratic mandate to rule for 7 years. These are thugs who are filling their own pocket.Time will tell if 500,000 or 5000 people support this thugs.
    This is most corrupted government in the history of Fiji. They have taken billions of dollars of loan and corruptly increased cost on all infrastructure projects in collaboration with the chinese.

  4. There were a large number of people at the busstop who wanted nothing to do with the pushy and harassing girl from the Fiji Sun. None of those who refused to participate are mentioned in this poll and I would guess most of these would not be progovernment/

  5. Because this poll is from a blog point of view which will show all the negative vibes.We understand and accept this polls as they will remain here on this blog.It will have no effect on Frank whatsoever.The number of people voting says it all

  6. Interesting exercise this poll. Why would there be such a significant difference between the Qorvis poll and the Fiji Today poll? We all know that 99.765% of the RFMF love this government!

  7. Mack
    currently FijiToday has around 5000 individual computers visiting it per day of which you are one. Majority of my visitors are from Fiji and many are using Vodafone Fiji Limited like you are.

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