Proposed Fiji First collects over 2000 signatures

08:05 Today



Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Savaira Tabua

More than 2000 signatures have been collected by the proposed Fiji First as it works towards becoming registered as a political party.

Signatures have been collected along the Suva-Nausori corridor proposed Fiji First spokesperson Sylvester Joseph says -one of the niggling issues are Fijians turning up without voter ID cards.

“When you coming to town carry your card with you and you will be able to put in your signatures and fulfil what you need to do.”

Representatives from the proposed Fiji first –including Voreqe Bainimarama will leave for the West this afternoon, visiting villages along the Kings highway.

They are also expected to seek signatures in the Yasawas.


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  1. It is a shame that our dear leader who quite obviously has the support of more than 97.5% of the population serving in the RFMF has to go around and beg for signatures for his new and revolutionary party “Fiji First” Why can these idiots from the electoral commission not waive these idiotic provisions for our great leader? In New Zealand you need only 200 signatures to make a party!

  2. at vivrass to rajendra kumar,shive goundar and vijay prakash when you guys inviting him at yr home. ooo you guys are taxi drivers so this pig can go to your houses anytime. Indias live by some ethics.

  3. SODEPLA needs to reach the i Taukei community and advise that Khayium is using Bainimarma for his political ambition to remain the most powerful person in government.
    Khayium is the man behind the removal of GCC, removal of scholarships for i Taukei and various land decrees which gives them the powers. Khayium is using Bainimarma and is working behind and masterminding all plans to remain in power at any costs so he can escape court for carrying out treason and earn over 1.2 million in salary.
    Why Khayium is not seen getting signatures for Fiji’s First as he very unpopular amongst the i Taukei?
    i Taukei must get together and vote SODLEPA.

  4. Aslam Khan (Vodafone) and his honest wife Nazhat Shameem also have $1.5 million in Australian bank accounts along with $1.3 million in New Zealand….doing the same as Chaudhary,not declaring earning from work done in Fiji.As a matter of fact Aslam Khan used to carry bank drafts to both these countries and deposit monies to account in these countries on an almost weekly basis…But then again they are not convicts because they are such honest people…oh what honest Muslims!!!!!
    The British High commission in Suva has evidence of the bank accounts since they were used to obtain their children’s visas for the UK
    HMMMMM !!! mrs former solicitor general works forth British High Commission…wonder if she can leak that to the media blogs…after all Nazhat was trying to screw your husband once…remember???
    This money was taken from Fiji unlike Chaudhry whose money never went from Fiji.

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