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Ro Teimumu said the decisions women made were important.

Stand up and ask

Nasik Swami
Saturday, April 05, 2014

SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa says women must stand up and ask the right questions when new laws and regulations are being made.

Speaking at the party’s women council’s forum at their Suva office yesterday, Ro Teimumu said the decisions women made were important.

“Women’s multiple roles as mothers, nurturers and caregivers can be fully realised and have a very real impact on the lives of our communities when we fully understand the different effects and impact of decrees, policies and regulations on the lives of our families and communities,” she said.

“We may shy away from discussions on development issues and concerns and choose to focus only on our traditional roles and responsibilities as expected of our communities.”

7 thoughts on “Ro Teimumu said the decisions women made were important.

  1. Simon Hazelman gives us a good account of the standing of Fiji soccer vis-a-vis countries of comparable demographics.(Fiji Times 5/4).
    I wonder what the status of Fiji women’s soccer is in the world ratings?
    We have shorty Goran like Japanese women playing mesmerising soccer on the world stage and taking out prestigious world championships.
    With all the empowering of women going on in Fiji ( the Fiji First Party’s first candidate handpicked by its leader is a woman) how far has Fiji women’s soccer reached?
    Or, is it still at the token /window dressing stage just like in politics and elsewhere?

  2. SODEPLA needs to reach the i Taukei community and advise that Khayium is using Bainimarma for his political ambition to remain the most powerful person in government.
    Khayium is the man behind the removal of GCC, removal of scholarships for i Taukei and various land decrees which gives them the powers.Khayium is using Bainimarma and is working behind and masterminding all plans to remian in power at any costs so he can escape court for carrying out treason and earning over 1.2 million in salary.
    Why Khayium is not seen getting signatures for Fiji’s First as he very unpopular amongst the i Taukei?
    i Taukei must get together and vote SODLEPA.

  3. @ anon

    Jiko luveni wasn’t handpicked, she had volunteered as reported in the media.

  4. The problem with i Taukei like Jiko is they are worried about their own pocket. I Taukei will do anything for money.They have no principles..

  5. At the moment NFP is making more inroads regarding important policy issues compared to SODELPA. If Ro Teimumu or the party does put its act together they will be in for a rude awakening at election.

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