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Unbiased reporting Fiji Sun style…..The Bainimarama Government wants to build a better Fiji for all?

Parties start wrong with condemnation Voters want to hear real issues, real result delivered to help improve the livelihoods of communities in Fiji.




Voters want to hear real issues, real result delivered to help improve the livelihoods of communities in Fiji.

Political campaign from the political parties vying to lead the nation after the September elections has started. And a report from Nanuku settlement said a political party started their campaign with the politics of condemnation.
The party condemned all the good works carried out by the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government. The question that we need to ask is – Do voters need to hear of the condemnations?
Will they win the support of the people through their condemnation?
Surely the people will make their own choice without being influenced on where to lend their support.
In the past, we have seen governments practising the politics of exclusiveness and this had contributed to furhter widen gap between the haves and have nots. Should we continue this way?
Is politics of exclusiveness good for the nation?
With the way things are going now, some political parties will promote The Animal Farm rule that says – “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” Do you want to be excluded from some government policies? The Bainimarama Government wants to build a better Fiji for all.
This can only be achieved through its inclusive policies and it is happening. This will be debated by government critics. We need to ask these critics to come up with a new policy that will offer better services for them and far much better than what they are experiencing now.
The new way forward now for Fijians is to move forward together at the same pace and no one should be excluded. We all agree that the government large scale developments in the rural have positively contributed to the enhancement of the quality of life and in expanding trade and other economic activities grass roots level.
An economist said – “A government that comes into power should not blindly follow an exclusive economic growth model but move towards a more inclusive growth model. The decision makers should not be blinded by the glitter of newly built parks and recreation facilities but create avenues for all in the country to be a part and parcel of it.”
maika bolatiki
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14 thoughts on “Unbiased reporting Fiji Sun style…..The Bainimarama Government wants to build a better Fiji for all?

  1. The health services including the quality of education has not developed or improved at all. So far its still administrative and the current govt has not done anything new. Educatio and health is a basic need for all. If they cant improve servicedelivery for those 2 departments in the last 8 years , what makes think we can even trust them to make a difference in their 5 year term in govt?.

  2. Local I think you are talking from your rear,open you eyes a little wider and you can see ! otherwise look at what support Frank has…? It says it all,Beware you might get into someones wrong frame of mind and it will be disaster lols

  3. Maika Bolatiki is a first class clown. Give it up man, we’re almost embarrassed for you.

    His editorial references ‘a report from Nanuku settlement’. OK can we get a name for that report/reporter? Or was that his own report and he’s now in the habit of referring to himself in the third person?

  4. Ratu She………..and his rectum ………… na idiot ga na idiot!

    Open your eyes Ratu She …………… not your………. (yeah you know – you so good in saying it) ..

    SEE and observe the great works that has now been achieved!

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  5. Nabua Prince , did you see and observe that your Emperor was wearing a Golden Garment!!
    You must have seen that with open eyes and open arsehole!!

  6. Endorsing aspects of government policy does not necessarily mean an endorsement of the government. As a journalist representing a news organisation Maika should know that to be objective he may agree and even endorse certian government policies but should not outright endorse the government. He has gone way past the fine line into total biased propaganda. This contravenes most of the provisions Asswin Raj and MIDA like to harp on about. Tsk tsk.

  7. Ratu sai is actually the twin brother of rajendra chaudary.

    His pubic hai is growing all over his face.

    Lately, he got realised that he is actually a she.

  8. How can a criminal be allowed to rule the country? This is the real issue that people of Fiji need to ask themselves! Can one who has blatantly disregarded the law be trusted with Fiji’s real and lasting progress? Can the man stealing the nation’s wealth and abusing government resources for himself be trusted with education, health and welfare improvements for the people? Is he a credible solution to Fiji’s massive economic problems given that he has not even disclosed how he has managed state funds and told the people where he has loaned monies from and who will pay them in years to come? The real worrying issue with this criminal who is now fronting up as a leader is his credibility. He has lied all the way through and will never hesitate to lie again when it suits him. We have all witnessed that over the years! He has blood in his hands from the 2000 political crisis and does not want to answer that. That is pending. He is answerable for the abuses and killings following his illegal 2006 coup. That is also pending. He is answerable too for stealing the state’s wealth and unlawfully making use of all resources for personal, family and friends benefit since the 2006 coup. That is pending. This man who is a proven criminal cannot really be the genuine deal. There are so many questions about his record and personality that undermine his own trustworthiness! Those supporting him for the gifts of bribes he tendered them shall come to learn of their judgement of him soon.

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