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It’s not a participatory democracy. It doesn’t give people the right to air their views

Fiji Electoral Decree makes it difficult for independents – Law Soc

Updated at 4:49 am today

The Fiji Law Society says the Electoral Decree makes it difficult for independent candidates to run in September’s elections, limiting the country’s scope for a participatory democracy.

The Decree says the nomination of an independent candidate is not valid unless it is accompanied by 1,000 registered voter signatures, containing their addresses, occupations and voter numbers.

It also states independents must deposit 540 US dollars to the elections supervisor.

The Law Society president, Dorsami Naidu, says these conditions will deter people from getting involved.

“It’s not a participatory democracy. It doesn’t give people the right to air their views. It just makes it so much harder for anyone really to get involved in the electoral process and get involved in the government we may have.”

Dorsami Naidu says the government should have called for submissions from political parties and individuals before putting the decree in place.


11 thoughts on “It’s not a participatory democracy. It doesn’t give people the right to air their views

  1. Guss who am I, I cannot face my wife,my daughter has affair with a muslim boy,i have no job,my political party is taken away by bainimarama ,i have been rooted from all angle so help me god.

  2. Can someone tell me where is Bala Dass and his Fiji Cane Growers Association?

  3. SODELP officials must lift their heavy ass and start campaigning to counter bainimarama. Stop daydreaming and do some work. Let me warn you[sodelpa] after loosing election don’t blame bainimarama because the traitor is making inroads through grassroot and campaigning day and night.
    Another point I would like to make is that people have started to swing towards traitor because he is the one giving lollies all around.

  4. Dorsami Naidu has been sleep walking over the past months and years and only waking up to find what the regime’s road map to military controlled democracy is all about! We have been saying and will again reiterate – The citizens of Fiji have all been set up for an election that was never going to be participatory, never free and and never fair right from beginning! That is why the suggestion by the constitution review commission to have a caretaker government run the election and ensure every party and citizen has equal, free and fair participation was never followed. The whole purpose of organizing the election through a manufactured decree was to ensure that the thugs monitor and control everything. It beggars belief why politicians and community leaders did not complain about this from the beginning but wake up like Dorsami at the 11th hour to grieve over something that was cooked up months ago! Now we are again raising awareness to the event that if the election is won by a different party from the thugs ruling Fiji today, the military would come in and takeover and call another election. This is how it was set up through the illegal constitution! They are doing all they can to avoid that and that is why every institution connected to the election is highly controlled by the regime to ensure that Frank’s party win. There is no independence of all bodies associated with the election as they forced to abide by Frank’s order. They cannot even charge him for violating the very election rules he has set up. That is how bad the rotten state of Fiji’s fantasy election has got to!

  5. I hope that the FLS is sending these letters/statements to the mainstream media and not just to the blogs. Maybe they should also send to overseas news media as well. Its saddening how Key and Bishop hope to expect that the elections will be free and fair.

    Come On Frank. You cant have Fiji Tv face MIDA and not have Vesikula charged. Go on, try it!

  6. Here ‘s part of a letter written by Rosemary Kiss in the Age 4/4:
    “… The Australian Electoral Commission ,and the state electoral commissions, do a great job in supporting democracy. They need to be free of manipulation by governments with anti-democratic and repressive agendas. Let us hope that no government, not even one led by Mr Abbot would [go down that] path”.
    Can we have the same expectation of the Bainimarama military government in Fiji?
    The evidence does not point to that, does it?

  7. Why would we make it easy for the old, racist and corrupt politicians. We want to make it easy for our beloved leaders to confirmed in elections. This is the purpose of the electoral decree. Should this fail to do the trick, our new constitution gives us the right to call the RFMF back any time. So, you better vote for Khaiyum or else.

  8. Vinaka Dorsami Naidu for your unwavering fortitude against the illegal & treasonous regime and their relentless attacks against the Fiji Law Society and the rule of law.

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