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Freedom Fiji style……..MIDA will now require full translations of speeches and texts that are presented at political rallies

MIDA has said it will be keeping a closer eye on the media in the lead-up to elections on September 17.
It says it will now require full translations of speeches and texts that are presented at political rallies and that all freelance journalists will need to register with the Authority and declare who they are working for.



17 thoughts on “Freedom Fiji style……..MIDA will now require full translations of speeches and texts that are presented at political rallies

  1. Ashwin Raj’s statement on behalf of MIDA regarding Fiji TV shows his immaturity especially with his limited time in a leadership role, albeit for an organisation with a pro government agenda. He starts off by editorialising with personal opinions on the state of the country and its racial standings. Considering that statement was to highlight the so called breaches by Fiji TV why he thought it his right and his position to voice a personal opinion is dumbfounding. He obviously is not a national policy maker, nor is he a politician but it seems that by doing the dirty work of the interim government he sees himself as one of them. Poor Mr Raj. The remaining MIDA board should be deeply disappointed if not worried by this. His recusal or removal from MIDA should be forthcoming.

  2. Hows this for a translation Ashwin…

    Stop your arselicking to the regime..you and Matai Akauola’s tongues must be dark brown in color now.

  3. AG Sayed-Khaiyum must regret hiring Ashwin Raj, the young upstart who doesn’t know the difference between his arse and his mouth.

  4. Let’s give this bald guy more rope to hang himself with.

    The upstart with the massive chip on his shoulder thought he could simply swan into the country sans PhD and be something by pretending he knew a thing or two about the anthropology of Fiji’s first descendants (remember the Tamil Naidu fiasco with Alisi Daurewa who is now a member of the Electoral Commission) and Fiji’s media.

    He has certainly achieved that with flying colours — he is ‘a something’ who is also enroute to Naboro for aiding and abetting treason. Matai is a close second and Makereta Komai could soon be their third wheel.

  5. Dr Ashiwn Raj was mentored and supported by USP VC Rajesh Chandra. He is just carrying out Rajesh Chandra’s policy of support for the regime. Ashwin Raj’s statement is a reflection of USP’s politicisation under VC Rajesh Chandra, who has been solidly behind the regime. Ashwin is just being loyal to his master Rajesh Chandra, Sayed-Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama. Under Rajesh Chandra USP welcomes, shelters and grooms regime supporters like Ashwin Raj and expels opponents like Wadan Narsey. …”

  6. Islands Business confirms “Threatening Aussie scribe (Sean Dorney) waved his fingers angrily at PINA woman executive (Makareta) in Noumea. The big white veteran journalist threatened to use his influence to stop Australian aid for the struggling Pacific media body. It was not clear whether the so-called big fella scribe was under the influence of his government in Canberra or was it the red substance that comes in a bottle? Whether you support MIDA or not, the typical Australian bully tactics of Sean Dorney is deploring, regardless of his local cheerleaders Samisoni Pareti and Dennis Rounds. He is not fit to be a journalist.

  7. Who gives two figs about Sean Dorney? He can defend himself and lives in a democracy that still upholds freedom of speech, the rule of law and liberty. Are you bringing your blinkered anxiety from the media Facebook page here?

    I believe we are dissecting Ashwin Raj, his cronies and his farcical MIDA entity on this thread.

  8. Ashwin Raj is what we would describe as a ‘chutiya’ in hindi – it means an arsehole and a stupid person rolled in one. A ‘stupid arsehole’.

  9. I will right away grasp your rss as I can not to find your email subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe.


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