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Ask yourself, am I doing enough?

Call for end to coup culture

Nasik Swami
Thursday, April 03, 2014

THE newly-appointed president of the National Federation Party, Tupou Draunidalo, has advised party supporters to look into the eyes of the country’s future generations.

“Ask yourself, am I doing enough to ensure that this child will grow up in a Fiji that is stable, secure and prosperous?” Ms Draunidalo said.

She said the freedom for many Fijians was limited and that Fiji had experienced life under a military government, on and off since 1987.

“The coup culture holds us back from progress and development. It keeps us in the third world in spite of all of our resources.

“And it holds us back from better schools and hospitals. It holds us back from more employment creation and better wages.

“It holds us back from leaving a stable, secure and prosperous Fiji to our future generations.”

Ms Draunidalo said the NFP was a party of respect for human rights and equality for all citizens of Fiji.

“The party was in fact born out of the struggle for dignity and justice of all the ordinary people of Fiji. This is reflected in the party constitution since inception.”

She said the natural resources of this country belonged to the indigenous people.


6 thoughts on “Ask yourself, am I doing enough?

  1. When democracy is restored in Fiji and Fiji becomes the country the newly ELECTED president of the NFP Tupou Draunidala would like to see it become, Bill Wadely of Queensland Australia should not be allowed into the country because the man does not believe in democracy (Fiji Times 3/4). He is of a fascist disposition – intolerant of different views . He is the type who thinks only the views of the power holders and, in Fiji’s case only the views of the illegal power holders and their apologists and sycophants should prevail. In his block head “vision” of the good society there is no place for critics.
    What an IDIOT!

  2. A bigger question here is why has the Fiji Times seen it fit to publish this trashy letter (Bill Wadely FT 3/4) over other more thoughtful letters?
    Is the Fiji Times editorial mob subscribing to that kind of thinking?
    Keep in mind the people in the Fiji Times have their personal political views and often these intrude into their professional outlook as well – which is the tragedy of journalism in Fiji. The Fiji Times of course is less guilty of this than that other newspaper Fiji Sun which shamelessly operates as a propaganda tool of the Bainimarama regime.
    But the selection of this kind of letters clearly betray the Fiji Times editorial teams’ own political leaning.
    It is not without reason that Fiji Times too has come under fire for its yellow journalism.

  3. Bill Wadely should migrate to China or Russia or even Zimbabwe.
    He would like it there.
    They don’t like critics there.
    I don’t know why he is living in a democratic country like Australia?

  4. Yes, from behind the bars- the place for those who have spent their whole life lying to their communities.

  5. Just saw the film United Now on the Munich plane crash in which so many Manchester United players died. In expressing her grief and loss one young widow said she was very angry: “Why didn’t anyone speak out? ” She was referring to the fact that the plane had made two unsuccessful attempts at take off; the team was then asked to return to the terminal and a short time later in its third attempt it crashed without lifting off.
    When there is a need to speak out we must always speak out. At least let the record show someone has the courage or good sense to speak out; to question what is going on.
    In the case of the Manchester United plane crash nobody did.
    That is what made the grief-stricken widow angry. Why didn’t anyone she asked?

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