Party website now online

Naik Swami
Thursday, April 03, 2014

THE Fiji Labour Party is now online.

Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry said members of the public could visit the website on for an insight of the party’s history, policies and achievements.

Mr Chaudhry said the website would feature candid views on political, social and economic developments and other issues of interest in the lead-up to the general elections.

“The FLP website has been reconstructed and upgraded,” he said.

“It has a clean, uncluttered look, is informative, well organised and user friendly with easy reference to an extensive news archives categorised according to subject headings, chronologically arranged.”

Mr Chaudhry earlier said the website would give space to the public to contribute issues which they were not able to do in the media.


21 thoughts on “

  1. Chaudhry is in dangerous territory here. The website looks indeed good and has the potential to become a platform for opposition and critics of the military dictatorship under Khaiyum. However, the regime will not stand-by if an increasing number of interesting contributions appear on this site. There are many decrees which can be used to shut Chaudhry and other corrupt and racist politicians up and provide the widest possible platform to Khaiyum and his RFMF.

  2. LL

    So this is the reality on the lead up to the only true democratic election Fiji has or will ever have? You criticise the Pig you get shut down. You criticise government policy you get sacked. So much for Fiji first!

  3. Come on guys, does anyone really think our leaders will just hand over the keys to the filing cabinet to a new government which is critical of the dealings of Khaiyum and his friends? Does anyone believe that our current government can allow the public peeking into all the Chinese contracts including the Suva housing scam and the Nadarivatu hydropower scheme where more that 200 million have been wasted for a project that does not produce any power. No, there are certainly too many skeletons in the cabinets for the keys being handed over to Chaudhry. Imagine how detrimental and disruptive the public discussions of corruption would be! Imagine if a new government tracked back all the funds that have been hidden in all these overseas accounts.

  4. Ratu She

    Do you know what you are talking about??? Or just wanting to mislead our good people of Fiji???

    Do you know civil servants are public officers and are expected to be apolitical and serve the govt of the day to the best of their ability???

    Let me put it to you in simple.

    Public officers have to ensure that the vision of the govt of the day is achieved. Hence whatever party or authority is in power public officers are all expected to ensure that their vision of the future Fiji is respected and achieved.

    Public officers are expected to follow directives of the govt of the day. Of course, they can advice Govt of the risks that can be associated with some of their views and advice them to take an alternative path. However at the end of the day the directions approved by Govt has to be followed for there has to be only one authority that decides the direction Fiji’s journey has to turn to,

    For goodness sake ……………. stop your lies!!! And you idiotic allegations!!!

    You false prophet!!!

  5. @Nabua prick

    The illegal Prime Minister of Fiji, Voreqe Bainimarama sent 2 of his soldiers to the Fiji National University on Monday the 31st of March and chased the President of the FTA/FNU out of his office for revealing to public the marginalization of Indigenous Fijians in the issuing of the Government’s Toppers scholarship.

    His sin was circulating an analysis provided by FTA/FNU Branch on the Toppers Scholarship. Out of 600 scholarships awarded under the scheme only 14 went to i taukeis: in other words, 2.33% to i taukei and 97.67% to others.

    If that is not bad enough the President of the FTA/FNU Branch was terminated from his job and marched out of the campus by soldiers for merely releasing the figures.

    Boy you are really full of shit.

  6. THE iTaukei Land Trust Board general manager Alipate Qetaki was asked about government’s role in the iTaukei Land Trust Board by the Tailevu Provincial Council member.

    They said many decisions were being made according to government’s decision rather than what the landowners needed.

    Provincial council member Ratu Isoa Tikoca also asked whether government contributed financially to the board.

    “I would like to highlight this because even though government does not contribute financially to TLTB their decisions in running the trust board is immense,” Ratu Isoa said.

    “For them to make huge decisions within TLTB and to change the various laws and regulation is a concern for us here at the provincial council.”

    He raised his concerns on the Native Land Amendment Decree Number 31 of 2009 and the Native Land Amendment Regulation on 2010 on removing special entitlement of chiefs and turaga ni mataqali from the share of rents and royalty and there is also the Landuse Decree number 36 of 2010 to bring, select areas of Native land directly under government control was also raised.

    Mr Qetaki said TLTB hoped to meet members of the council who looked after the land issues to address the concerns highlighted on native land.

    He added there was a new unit called the Landowners Affairs unit which looked after all landowner’s grievances regarding iTaukei land.

  7. From FT 3rd April 2014

    “”Ratu Timoci explained that people living in the villages were living in poverty and were becoming non-religious, lazy and refusing to partake in village activities.””

    So it’s not surprising that this attitude is passed on to the children and evident from performance of their educational results.

    Perhaps someone was trying to save the i’taukei from such embarrassment.

  8. So what’s the solution Anon 1:13? Just let the illegal and treasonous military regime manage all the lives of ‘lazy’ itaukei (which they have effectively done by making the GCC null and void and fucked up while at it)?

    Your sweeping generalisations are as offensive as they are nonsensical. Obviously the sub-text of Rt Timoci’s message went right over your head.

  9. Obviously KTF you are overlooking the fact that all these chiefs are still calling themselves chiefs and just about every other sentence they want to remind all that they talk for their people.

    When their people that they continually suggest are their responsibility become lazy and non-religious it’s someone else’s fault.

    You want the power and respect you only get it and maintain it these days by earning it.

  10. But they are chiefs. An illegal takeover doesn’t take that away from them. Neither does it take away the fact that they are traditionally obligated to look out for their people. It is worrying that political jockeying lends itself to an erroneous notion that being a chief is a bed of roses. Granted that some chiefs have acted in this way in the past, but it is certainly not true for all.

    I agree that respect is earned but Bainimarama knew what he was doing by decidedly testing the waters of this voter demographic in Tailevu and they have played him right back. Now landowners of Nausori town want their land back. How does Bainimarama handle that before elections when he thought he could swoop in and out with ‘support from Tailevu’ in his back pocket?

  11. Ratu She.

    Public officers have a Code to follow. If they breach it then they must expect serious implications. Govt is their employer and they have to abide by the rules and procedures laid down by Govt,

    There are established procedures to follow and if there are opposing views to any Govt. policy then proper channels should be followed to air these.

    Secondly public officers all know that they cannot release any information as it’s owned by their employer. There are authorized people who can release information and they are the only ones to release information.

    Those releasing information must ensure that it is correct as some stats compiled may not be totally correct or not completely show the full background so those receiving the info can have a balanced view of things.

    If info relating to iTaukei scholarships are needed then the right people to be releasing these information are those handling them and authorized to talk about them in public.

    So simply if a public officer who is not authorized gives out information then they should expect their employment to be in jeopardy.

    The public however can of course ask those authorized for these information.

    You will note that in the TV almost everyday those authorized to be disseminating Govt owned info are mentioning them to the public. They were not booted out because they followed proper procedures and they were authorized.

    So Ratu She cock roach – get your bloody facts right!

  12. I demand all ships get out of Suva harbour, payment for damages from Walu Bay factories, payment for rent since Suva was capital, payment for govt quarter rent stolen by govt and finally all Suva peninsular lands returned to me plus mangroves, rivers, the atmosphere etc,,,,,
    Yes – justice must be served and thieves such as Bai and Kaiyum who don’t own any land are kicked out

  13. Toppers Scholarships – 580 – non indigenous
    20 – indigenous
    That fact alone justifies affirmative action and return of FAB scholarships and that Bai is a anti kai viti who must be kicked out to the garbage bin asap

  14. Nabua prick

    Your comment merely confirms that you got shit between your years.

    What is there to be released about the distribution of Toppers scholarship? The lecturer as president of the FTA (Fijian Teachers Union) ANU Branch was merely disseminating the analysis of data as a point of interest to his members.

    Anybody is entitled to that and you don’t need the approval of government.

    Sa rauta mada na va boica voli na i voco nei Bai.

  15. Ratu She

    You really are an idiot who still prefer to stay blind.

    Is the lecturer a public officer? Answer this shit head!!!

    Just yes or no!!!

    Secondly; did this lecturer ensure that the info that he was disseminating was correct and reflected the true background of the sensitive issue at hand and the info was an authorized one approved by those responsible for the scholarship programme?

    Or was he used by the Union to do their political work in disseminating info that he didn’t know anything about? Did this officer care to check and do some diligence work to ensure info being disseminated was correct and authorized?

    Hehehehe ……………….. Ratu She ………….. you have no idea what you talking about!

    As for public officer out there – don’t be used by the unions or anybody in disseminating govt. owned info as public officers must abide by their Code.

    No matter whoever runs Govt – govt. info must be disseminate through the proper way.

    Whether future govt is run by my man VB or some other politician from any other party – Govt info belongs to Govt and Govt procedures should always be followed in disseminating them to the public.

    You got that Ratu She??? You idiot!!!

  16. Prick from Nabua

    What are you implying? The guy is not a government employee but FNU. Even if that falls into your definition of a public servant – what prevents him from analyzing publicly available data? Is the distribution of Toppers scholarship private information?

    Kena ca gona ni dodonu mo lai vuli o lai va tavevele voli ra ulukau.

  17. Ratu She idiot.

    What prevents him is that he is a public servant who should not be involved in politics publicly and should not be quoting data that were not issued out by the right people and doing such acts without the authority of the FNU mgmt!!!

    You still can’t get that!!!

    An average person can deduce from his letter that his motive is political. He should not have written the letter in a political manner and issued it out to students publicly at school.

    There are so many ways to get the info and his views across if he thought it was necessary for people to know of certain issues – but he chose the wrong one when he went public and highlighting his concerns the wrong way .And the tone was just political. His strategy and motive was all wrong.

    I’m not saying the iTaukei should be marginalized – on the contrary their interests are also very very important and should be well addressed. But there are proper ways of airing these out and the right people (like politicians or those who are not employees of FNU) should be involved.and the message delivered in the right way that it complies with the law.

    You still can’t get that! You nut case!!!

  18. Prick from Nabua

    Your idol Papa Pig campaigned against the government of the day misusing budgetary allocation for the military while still a public servant as Commander.

    The FNU is a private entity and its not the job of the government or the PM to kick him out of office. There are processes in place to be followed but the fact remains that he was perfectly entitled to do what he did. Disseminating information that is relevant to Fijian lecturers concerned with the education of i taukeis.

    I guess that is to complicated for you to understand.

    You will only understand it if you get the hell out of Bai’s slip stream…sa rauta mada na va boica voli na cebo nei Bai.

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