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If NFP was voted into Parliament, it would reduce VAT from 15 per cent to 10 per cent.

Party leader focuses on good policies

Nasik Swami
Wednesday, April 02, 2014

THE new leader of the National Federation Party, Professor Biman Prasad, says good policies are those that begin from the people, respond to their needs and are capable of being implemented by government.

Prof Prasad, in his inaugural speech as a leader during the party’s AGM last week, said difficult balances were needed when making policies.

“My work as an academic has always been firmly rooted on the lives of our citizens.

“I know that bad policies are those that begin from the need of governments to remain in power, or are incapable of being implemented or derived from the arrogance of the powerful that only they know what is best for our people,” he said.

“Growing up, I have watched the arrogance of governments in my rice farming Dreketi community in Vanua Levu.

“Successive government policies failed my family and its efforts to lift itself out of poverty through rice farming, not because governments were ill meaning, but because they could not get something very simple right.”

Prof Prasad said Fijians knew what was best for them.

Restoring freedoms:

Prof Prasad has called on government to rescind the Political Parties Decree, Media Industry Decree, and State Proceedings Decree and ensure a level playing field which is essential for a free and fair election.

Confronting fears:

Prof Prasad said over the past seven years, Fijians had lived in fear. He said people feared being heard by someone and reported to the authorities, feared being bullied by those in power, feared losing jobs, feared being victimised and feared being witch-hunted by government.

He said workers, farmers, taxidrivers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, academics, journalists, business people and NGOs have shied away from raising difficult issues because of the fear of being victimised.

Economic growth:

Prof Prasad said Fiji’s economic performance since 2007 had been dismal. He said on average, the economy had grown by only over 1 per cent in the past eight years.

He said the persistence of political instability, poor investor confidence, lack of investment in infrastructure, land lease problems, inconsistent economic problems, restrictive decrees and the high cost of doing business meant the confidence in the economy remained low.

Reducing prices:

Prof Prasad said Fiji’s poor economic performance had resulted in rising poverty, unemployment and frustrated workers.

He said the killer of all had been rising prices of food and utilities. He claimed that if NFP was voted into Parliament, it would reduce VAT from 15 per cent to 10 per cent.

29 thoughts on “If NFP was voted into Parliament, it would reduce VAT from 15 per cent to 10 per cent.

  1. Now this is what new politics or politicians (for that matter) should be about. Any other party aspiring for governance in the coming election will do well to take their cue from here. Its all bout policy and what is best for the people, as the they (the people) see it.

    This is a far cry from Papa Pigs notion of his vision for a new Fiji which he than impose on the people.

  2. hey ladau professor you hv forgotten this is a military ruled regime how the fuck u expect level playing field.

  3. go Biman, i’d rather have you in parliament than any of the current regime minister lackeys or MPC or any of those old SDLs/FLPs. Bring on new faces of politics, be it FLP, SODELPA or NPF.

  4. @Kaiviti vutusona go and clean ass then only u can have positive thinking u lamusona bastards.

  5. Is this the same Biman that doesnot know which side of the balance of payment the FDI is recorded?

    Is this the same Biman that recently co-authored a paper with one Goundar with cooked up data?

    Is this the same Biman that played politics at USp to kick out good academic staff such as Dr Reddy, and others.

  6. No wonder such comments against Biman reveals why Frank has been in power for the last eight years – atleast the man has resigned his job to take on Frank and give Fiji democracy back

  7. Biman wants to be the leader of the indians. Knowing very well that Mahen chor will be castrated, he took over the job from Raman Pratap Singh who stood strong over the years. During the same time Biman was sucking up to the IG while trying his best to stamp his mark a politican.

    Like his meanuvering at usp, his did a coup at the NFP a few weeks ago. He therefore resigned before the vote to elect him.

    While he wants to champion the cause, Biman has done nothing for his people or society. I feel that while he is educated, he does not appeal to the people. I bet my last $ that he will not must 10,000 votes.

  8. Prof Brij Lal as NFP leader…hahaha, good joke indeed! This man lives in he past, not the future. He can write a book alright, but not run a political party. I do not agree with negative comments about biman. I regard him as as capable and talented. the negativity is motivated by jealously.

  9. NFP will form a coalition with Bainimamarma. TAKE MY WORDS.
    NFP has strong connection to Senior Khayium.
    Umaria, Bala , are all NFP man.

  10. Where is chor Charan Jeet Singh? Must be sucking to Khayium.
    Charan should be investigated for taking millions of dollars from Fiji to New Zealand.
    He has build his empire in N.Z..

  11. i Taukei be careful of Bainimarma as Khayium is the mastermind behind his political party. Khayium wants to become Prime Minister.
    Khayium has taken away GCC and made decrees regarding land which is not in favour of land.
    The Prime Minister has lot of powers regarding the land.

  12. Paul Madigan should find out from the witness of RBF the $850,000 which former governor of reserve bank of Fiji sada reddy took out of Fiji without approval. More importantly he took this money few weeks before the bastard did the devaluation.

  13. Biman is a M K Shit. [mu kholo shit].Me no more NFP because Madrasis have been sidelined,really disappointed maybe FLP this time! i pray they accept me.

  14. I think if Biman has mapped out something that would benefit the people than think about it,Frank has brought us this far in service and if someone improves on it than I think,lets carefully scrutinize and weigh our options on it.Frank has done the hard yards already while Biman is still singing a song but he might have that true potential so its your decision that matters

  15. Kanua Mahen Reddy does not inspire confidence given the way he handled the minimum wage issue. Maybe that’s why USP sacked him in the first place, and he join third grade FNU with ganesh mama.

  16. Papa Pig has done the hard yards in squandering public revenue and incurring massive debts which the future generation will have to pay.

    In 8 years the Pig’s government has failed to release the Auditor Generals Report, the only valid guide to the state of government finance over the same period.

  17. Prof Prasad should call on “government” to remove themselves from power and let a civilian administration take the country to elections.

  18. How come Biman and his student, lecture Goundar have 2 different views on the state of the economy?

    One is a politican, the other is an academic.

  19. Reducing VAT is just a political gimmick by Biman to woo voters. Can he inform the general public of how he will offset the reduction in VAT by approx $150m?

    Which tax will he raise and what would be the consequence of it?

  20. Jalebi seems to be someone from Nausori who has sour grapes. Before criticizing someone ask yourself what you have done for your family and community before pointing a finger. I bet you will shit in the pants if you had to leave a ‘few hundred gran’ job to do something for the country-can you? If you can stand for the election against NFP

  21. Both biman and Nilesh are outstanding scholars under attack from jealous academic and political rivals, but they should not worry, people are not fooled by smear campaigns.

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