PM: Take part in the election

Ana Madigibuli
Wednesday, April 02, 2014

PRIME Minister Rear Admiral Voreqe Bainimarama has urged the people of Tailevu to take part in the upcoming General Election that will take place on September 17.

He said people of Tailevu needed to be registered.

“I thank the chiefs and leaders of the province of Tailevu for their tremendous support, especially with government in moving the country forward,” Rear Admiral Bainimarama said.

“I have been hearing that a lot of people have been saying that the general election will not take place this year. I would like to reassure the people of Tailevu that the general election will surely take place on September 17.

“People need to consider the importance of the new Constitution, especially during the General Election.”

He said it was the responsibility of provincial council members to inform the people of Tailevu about being registered.

He added a lot of issues were being raised by other political parties contesting the election, issues concerning native land and the Great Council of Chiefs to be reinstated.

“These issues are all part of these political parties’ agenda, as to change the mind-set of people especially the iTaukei.

“I would like to reassure the people of Fiji that the changes that have taken place are for the people and that it will bring about more development in the country.”


12 thoughts on “

  1. Ratu She.

    Come on admit it!

    Hehehehehehe ………………. come on Ratu She!

    You ……………….. yes you …………. you are one of the ones who said Elections will not happen.

    You false prophet cock roach!!!

    Hehehehehehe ………………….. Ratu She and her/his lies!!!

    Hehehehehehe………………………….. you false prophet!!!

  2. We the kai Tailevu are ashamed of you Bainimarama for your unaccountability, lies, treasonous acts, you keep trying to play down our disenfranchisement regarding the security of our land…you probably do not understand the IMPLICATIONS of decrees by EyeArs to cover Fijian native lands…your understanding is miles different from all of our understanding Are you really thick????

    Do not come crawling to members of your supposed Province Tailevu after scrapping the GCC without consulting us and other Fijians and disgracefully told the chiefs to go drink homebrew under mango tree., you reduced FNPF super pension pay-out to pensioners , authorised use of our FNPF Funds to pay for airplanes and Natadola and others without consulting us the owners of the fund.

    You racked up overseas debts without a blink of an eye…you OKed brutal torture of innocent people, murder of innocent citizens including a kai Tailevu from Nakelo….you are just a total disaster.
    Your unqualified and criminal relatives are given jobs they are not fit to hold through pure unadulterated nepotism.

    All your decrees need to be swept away and your constitution torn up and thrown down the toilet.

    We have had gutsful of you failures arrogance and criminality. You to continue leading FIJI???? No way.


  3. Nabua Prick

    The election may indeed happen but it is all about trickery i.e. controlling every minute detail for the opposition while Papa Pig abuses the process and the law at will.

    Come boy you are not that dumb; are you?

  4. I TAUKEI remember a vote to Bainimarma is a vote to Khayium.
    Khayium wants to be the P.M. and is using foolish Bainimarma.

  5. Abhay Nand Chowdry of Nabua Pharmacy and all pharmacies in suva city is a sly bastard and traitor. He was always criticizing and speaking bad of Bainimarama to other politicians and political parties. His level of criticism of Bainmarama has been unprecedented. He just took information and passed it on to Bainimarama. He did all the arrangement for the launch of Frank’s Party. Should have never trusted this two timing swine. Screw Helen Solanki and his wife Prabha. Never trust this sly smiling back stabber.

  6. Semi its a one man one vote thing,no one can decide other peoples vote so individual Tailevu people will decide their own fate,Bai, Biman aziz or Kayum they will have their own say.W e will know who they vote come september 19 ?????????? no use Campaigning

  7. Ratu She

    Hehehehe ………………. wanting to play with words! Admit it ……………. you false prophet!

    Admit what you claimed are all lies!!! Hehehehehehe ………………………. you big mouth liar!!!

    Now you are making further ill conceived allegations!

    Hehehehehe ……………….. trying to fool everybody again ……… wanting to bring disrepute to the Elections process?

    For goodness sakes! What’s wrong with the Election process? Tell us sara mada. and get your bloody evidence.

    Let me put it to you in very simple terms.

    There is nothing wrong!!! Nothing!!! Period!!! Crystal clear – yes??? Hehehehehe ………

    Now listen ……………. I said listen here boy!!!

    Everything about the Elections process thus far are fair and Aust and NZ are heavily involved in it and everyone is seriously observing it to ensure nothing goes wrong!!!

    All the required qualified and independent people required have been engaged. Proper process are being put in place and the finer mechanics being reexamined to ensure things run smoothly.

    What idiotic allegations you are now coming up with. You are full of lies – you evil thing!!!

    If something was wrong – for goodness sake – a complaint would already have been launched by SODELPA, NFP and FLP. But so far – zip; nothing at all of the things you are saying has been raised – nothing !!! But just lies that is putting fear and distrust into the good works already achieved so far by people who have sacrificed alot for our nation.

    Just accept it ……………… you are one of those false prophets!

    Hehehehehehehe …………………. you idiot!

  8. Nabua prick

    I am no prophet. I merely discuss issues and if you think the election process thus far is fair, than you are dumbest of them all. Unless of course you just love kissing Bai’s arse.

  9. Same tailevu monkeys who supported speight for fucking up the country , same Tailevu pricks who ran wild in 1987 , same tailevu people who robbed the Suva streets in 2000 , same tailevu ????????? Seriously people shud keep their nonsense and start talking about finding solutions not creating problems like arrogant Ratu who want a bigger share of lease money and not share with people who are surpose share with their subjects, really support who racism and theft from their neighbor . Old fiji keep in tailevu.

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