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More abuse of powers…… Frank grants himself the use of Fiji Coat of Arms?


[No 19 /2014]

[Mar 31 2014]

The UFDF says according to the Coat of Arms of Fiji (Restriction of Use) Act only the Prime Minister can authorize the use of the Fiji Coat of Arms? The use of the Coat of Arms for his proposed party is a clear abuse of authority.

In a statement issued today the UFDF said that while Australia and New Zealand eagerly remove its effective travel restrictions on the regime, they remain oblivious and detached from the realities on the ground despite the existence of clear signs of manipulation and deception. A case in point is the use by Bainimarama of the countries Coat of Arms as his proposed party’s logo. The ufdf says the law states quote:-

Prohibition of use of Coat of Arms

2.—(1) No person shall, except with the written authority of the Minister, use for any purpose whatsoever the armorial ensign and supporters granted by Royal Warrant dated 4th July, 1908 which are the Coat of Arms of Fiji and no person shall use any design which in any way resembles such Coat of Arms in a manner likely to deceive. (Amended by 14 of 1975, s. 74).

(2) This section shall not affect the existing right of the proprietor of a trade mark containing the Coat of Arms of Fiji to continue so to do.

(3) The Minister may grant authority under subsection (1) subject to such conditions as he may deem fit.

(4) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) or who is in breach of any condition referred to in subsection (3) shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars.

Restriction on proceedings

3. No proceedings for an offence under this Act shall be instituted except with the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Controlled by Office of the Prime Minister

Authorized By: UFDF

Founding Members

Social Democratic Liberal Party – Fiji Labour Party – National Federation Party – United People’s Party

Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions


16 thoughts on “More abuse of powers…… Frank grants himself the use of Fiji Coat of Arms?

  1. The abuse of authority by Papa Pig continues in the truly democratic order of the Animal Farm.

  2. arre yaar abuse of authority, abuse of power, abuse of people have been what Frank Bainimarama has been all about from day one!!
    tell me something new.

  3. We need a national debate on the economy and corruption. Professor Biman has offered the challenge. Chaudhry can join too. It will be very informative for the people of Fiji.

  4. FBC does not belong to Muslims. It belongs to the people of Fiji. We want an open and regular debate on FBC on every week till the election.All political parties should be given equal opportunity.

  5. No we don’t have to bring this kind of debate in because it will only create ill feelings amongst people ,We have experienced smooth flow of interactions amongst the people of Fiji and we don’t have to spoil it

  6. In all fairness the people of Fiji need national debate on economy, corruption, cost of living, poverty,nepotism, law and order, sugar industry etc. This should be held every week to generate discussion and awareness.

  7. Why Bainimarma and Khayium only last year came up with free education? I thought they have in rule for 8 years. This was meant to hoodwink and vote buying!

  8. The simple fact is that it is unethical if not illegal for Papa Pig to use the coat of arms as the symbol for his yet to be registered party.

    How devious and unscrupulous can one be in the pursuit of power and status.

  9. Bai and Kai are digging their grave yard……….they are naked to God……let them play!!

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