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Proof of Complaint with Police confirmation


5 thoughts on “Proof of Complaint with Police confirmation

  1. So disappointed that Fiji lost in hong kong, I think the players were confused whether to listen to Ben Ryan or waisale serevi …. I don’t why ryan allowed him in …. Serevi is a well known backstabber, money hungry and he is only in hong kong for $$$

  2. I am disappointed too, .Serevi should not have gone in there because he has proven to be ineffective during his term.Ben Ryan had a different approach altogether.He was always giving them all the freedom to play their game while Serevi was dictating to them what they were to do.This in fact has proven to be disaster.Please Ben Ryan is being payed 300k for the Job and Serevi needs to piece of from Fiji rugby

  3. Serevi, sa oti nomu gauna , tamata dokadoka, dau yalewa , via2 gusu2 kalou…sa kilai mai qo Na dina nomu dau gole tikoga I hong kong baleta Na $$$….kei Na Levu Ni lasa I tuba o cakava tiko

  4. Serevi must not be given any chance again to coach or anything at all for that matter,he is a sinner and will bring curse to the Fiji team

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