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How can Bainimarama begin his campaign without breaking the electoral decree ? .. How can he make electoral promises without a registered party?

Bainimarama to begin elections campaign this week

07:13 Today



Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Shanal Sivan

Voreqe Bainimarama will take leave as Prime Minister and begin his campaign around the country this week.

His proposed Fiji First Party will now have to meet the necessary requirements to register and subsequently contest the September 17 General Elections.

“Whether you be a commoner or a chief; a shop keeper or a consumer; a landowner or a farmer; an office worker or a labourer; a woman or a man; a pensioner or a youth; a city dweller or someone living in our maritime or rural areas. We have to travel together to become the pride of the Pacific and the world. I need you all…all Fijians to come with me on this journey, I need you to believe in my goal for a united Fiji; a honest Fiji; a corrupt free Fiji.”

Bainimarama has made promises for a better future.

“You and your families will have a better future. But the work my fellow Fijians cannot be completed without you coming along with me on this journey…we all need to put Fiji first…the proposed Fiji First needs you. No longer do the interests of a select few come before what is good for all Fijians. We must put Fiji first. Next week I will take leave from work and begin my journey on this bus to meet everyday Fijians like you…I need your signatures to register the proposed Fiji First…I need your thoughts, your ideas and well wishes and your support.”

Bainimarama will release a manifesto in weeks to come.


77 thoughts on “How can Bainimarama begin his campaign without breaking the electoral decree ? .. How can he make electoral promises without a registered party?

  1. Vinaka VB – you are the people’s PM.

    We will join you in this journey of making Fiji a better place where all are equal and united for Fiji.

    We believe citizens of this nation should put Fiji First and all work for our betterment and not just for a selected few.

    Our poor should be well looked after; our landowners interests should be well addressed; our Fijians of other races and their interests too needs to be well address.

    Our business community needs to be assisted too and good economic policies put in place so they can thrive and reap the benefits of their hard and smart work.

    Our workers too will need to be well looked after and their interests too well addressed so they will love working in Fiji

    Yes all members of our Fijian society should all be well looked after and their concerns appropriately addressed.

    We believe that you are the most capable leader who can lead and unite us and should continue to be our PM.


    Vinaka my man VB.

  2. Papa Pig will have to face his countless lies, corruption, nepotism et al. His promises is senseless if he cannot solve unemployment and other problems in the past 7 or 8 years, ruling as a dictator, how can he do it as a democratically elected one.

    For one thing he will learn the meaning of accountability and transparency.

  3. For those who came in late, the latest decree is out and every Fijian is required to follow the hair cut of Papa Pig, as in photo.

  4. Good Boy Tikoitoga ……..let the sotia choose whoever……….
    Now you sounding professional and let vuaka see if he can survive

    HE Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) new commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga officiated at his first military parade this morning the first quarter parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua since being appointed commander last month.

    Speaking in the iTaukei language, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga told military and navy officers present at the gathering that they would not participate in the preparation or during the much-awaited general election now scheduled for September 17.

    He noted that the military will remain apolitical.

  5. Mrs Kewal of Island Buses has given the bus free as over many years her company Island Bus has not declared true income and paid correct tax to FIRCA. What a way to corrupt practice and evade tax.
    Take heed of the companies that are funding the illegal regime.
    Corruption and nepotism has being the hallmark of the regime.

  6. How can our beloved PM campaign without a party? It is quite simple really: A dictator does not have to observe the law, not even the law that he fabricated himself. The law is always for the others, the opposition, the naysayers and the critics. In todays Fiji, it is considered as normal that Khaiyum and his RFMF goons do whatever they like. The entire population has decided that kissing their butts is the best strategy to obtain a few crumbs from their tables.

  7. Is the bus traveling alone or followed by tinted glass vehicles with his monkey body guards leading and following?

  8. Now folks, this is the time to decide: Are you with us or are you on the side of the old racist and corrupt parties who would have destroyed Fiji, if it was not for my nephew and his friends from the RFMF to rescue us all. As the treasurer of the new Fiji First Party, I promise you all ships full of gold, free Fiji Bitter and as much yangona as you can get into your skin. There will be even more sewing machines and rural roads, there will be free university education for all who join Fiji First, including our beloved PM. After all a bit of education never hurts, does it? And for all those who still believe that opposing Khaiyum is the right strategy, we have made a couple of really effective laws.

  9. Accept the challenges and the victory will be yours.

    True to his words Frank has set the standards on which the forth coming elections will be fought and won.

    Long live the true and honest leader.

    The nation adores you Frank.

    Victory is yours.

  10. If someone does a quick search on Fiji First Party then i am sure Anit Singhs name will surface from register.

  11. @Rt Sai Ululevu

    Your hair do will be trimmed to the Kim Jong hair cut if you go to Fiji to join your master’s bus trip around Animal Farm.

  12. Can’t help but notice a few things here. One is the low key support as shown by the number of people in the picture. I think there may be more bodyguards than civilians around bai. Secondly the bus is kind a too old and perhaps was due for the scrap heap but Mrs Kewal had a idea which might gain her some pluses. The notion would be if bai wins she takes credit for service rendered and if bai loses its not much of a loss in term of bus value. Methinks bai has lost the aura of invincibility when he left the commanders post. He looks so weak and vulnerable.

  13. I TAUKEI remember never to vote for Bai. This is Khayium’s party. Kahyium is the destroyer of i Taukei. This should never be forgotten.

  14. The political ambition of Khayium is to become the Prime Minister and Bai the President.
    Be careful voters the two biggest thugs of Fiji. They have looted tax payers money for 8 years.

  15. It is against the law to use symbol used on the Fiji flag for his party and on the bus. This is a breach of the electoral decree. This is to misguide the voters.

  16. Frank for Fiji , all this parties and individual s are only singing songs.Frank has been there and done that, action speak louder than words and he will surely win this election

  17. Papa Pig has been there done what? Sprinting down the cassava patch soiling his pants in the process; the bottom of his white pants turned yellow in a jiffy.

  18. New Zealand to lift Fiji travel sanctions

    17:33 Mon Mar 31 2014

    New Zealand is lifting its travel sanctions against Fiji, but Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully admits there’s still progress to be made.

    New Zealand and Australia on Monday announced the lifting of sanctions against Fiji to recognise the steps the Pacific Island nation is making towards holding free and fair elections.

    Last week Fiji’s military rulers set September 17 as the date for the first democratic elections since Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in a 2006 military coup and installed himself as prime minister.

    “There are now more than 500,000 people registered to vote in the September elections, electoral commissioners have been appointed and importantly Commodore Bainimarama has stepped down as the head of the military,” Mr McCully said.

    “As a consequence of these developments New Zealand will be ending all the remaining travel sanctions we have in place against Fiji.

    “This is a continuation of our policy to support the Fiji’s return to democratic rule and reflects our close co-operation with Australia on matters relating to Fiji.”

    However, Mr McCully told reporters there are still concerns about issues like media freedom and freedom of assembly.

    “There’s been good progress on those fronts but there needs to be more good progress and we think removing the restrictions is going to be the best way of reinforcing the progress that has been made,” he said.

    “There will be some elements of Fiji’s progress that will take more time and we do understand that. No one’s arguing perfection will be achieved overnight.”

    All remaining restrictions on New Zealand government departments working directly with their Fiji counterparts will also be removed.

    Meanwhile Fiji’s interim government said in a statement it’s pleased with the decision of New Zealand and Australia to lift all existing sanctions.

    “The Fijian government has always believed that the sanctions were ill conceived and served only to discourage talented and qualified individuals from serving the Fijian people,” the statement said.

    “The removal of sanctions is a positive step towards restoring normal relations between our governments. The relations between our peoples has never weakened.”

  19. ‘Climate change threatens humanity, warns IPCC’ (the guardian 31/3). But Australian PM Tony Abbot is not threaten by any such threat because he has his head buried safely in the sand!
    We observe the same phenomenon with regards to Fiji military dictatorship. Many including the international partners have their heads buried in the sand and pretend Fiji is no longer a dictatorship because the regime has announced an election.
    It takes no real cognisance of the evidence that the election is not likely to be free and fair with the rules the regime has put in place. There is no level playing field.
    Tony Abbot does the same with the empirical evidence on climate change.
    He ignores it in pursuit of his own ideological/political agenda.

  20. McCully just can’t wait to drops his pants and bend down to bai and his cronies. After all the shaming bai did to McCully, McCully still believes in bai. Boy if there ever was a sucker McCully is one. He has not even mentioned the waste of NZ money spend on the trashed Ghai constitution. What about the draconian political party decree and the electoral decree. And there’s the non independent SOE crony saneem. We also have bai breaking his own rule by campaigning without registering his party. I am starting to believe what someone said that these countries are not interested in the people of Fiji it is more inclined to give in to the easy way out political expediencies than sticking to principle and rule of law. McCully would have gained credibility if he just stayed the course and see through his moral stance till elections are completed. NZ probably needs Fiji’s $ by getting all the banned people travel there.

  21. Yes Bainimaramas actions speak louder than your words Anon,Dred ,Rajen and ass hole Rt Sai Mc Cully has seen action on the ground by Frank which is genuine,You can all go to hell

  22. i have just heard on BBC that Musharaf from Pakistan has been indicted by the Pakistani Courts for TREASON!
    Frank be afraid!

  23. This speech of Bainimarama is nonsense. This guy stole the name of Fiji First from us founders of that party. ‘Proposed’ First is not up for sale. Bainimarama cannot afford to pay for our intellectual property rights in ‘Fiji First’. Is the next (purported) PM of Fiji also an intellectual property thief? Maybe his advisers are, but him? Everyone should look at his history. Maybe, maybe not. Any way I will not vote for him because of this.

  24. Fiji First is the party for Khayium political aspiration. Muslims will only vote for Bai/ Khayium.
    Christains and Hindus be careful with this MUSLIM – KHAYIUM and never vote for Bainimarma.

  25. Wadan Narsey, thinks that his speech at the FPSA laced with half truths will make him a He Man. He thinks that just like first year students at USP, no one will check his data and instead applaud him.

    Wadan, you made some gross errors in your analysis that a first year economics students can pick it.

    Firstly, its a cardinal sin to compare the performance of 1 year by FLP with 15 or so years by Alliance or 7 years by FB or SVT or SDL. In simple terms you are comparing the race between a 100m sprinter with a middle distance runner over 1500m. Where does the race end? Pls go back to your first year notes and you will know you made a big mistake in your analysis and conclusion.

    Secondly, in any analysis, you have to exclude your outliers. The GFC did not happen in FLP, SDL or SVT reign. Didn’t you learn this Wadan.

    Thirdly, where did you get your investment to GDP ratio. The FB govt surpassed the 25 % target that the SDL govt nor the SVT govt achieved.

    Forthly, you don’t know your basic maths. You said that the govt is paid an additional $40m annually by borrowing $500m @ 9% in global bonds as against 2% from IMF. 9% of $500m is $45m while 2% is $10m. Hence the difference is $35m. So where did the $5m go?

    Fifthly, had you checked the conditions of IMF, you would have noted that there were conditions which would have killed the fiji economy.

    Sixthly, why don’t you talk about the higher deficit and net borrowing by SDL compared to the current regime.

    Wadan, if you want people to take you seriously, you must not let your bitterness of this govt cloud your thinking. I suggest that don’t spice your numbers as you have a credibility issue.

  26. Lawerence

    Can you tell what is your qualification. It seems you are form 4 fail like your leader thug Bainimarma. Bainimarma has a salary of $1.2 million and Fiji’s debt is now $4 billion.12,000 young people have no job.
    Forgot about all Bainimarma’s chinese deals and commission.

  27. Mrs Kewal was at the launching of the Bainimarma’s party. Declare true income for Island Buses and pay your tax which you have done for decades.

  28. Annon 11.37pm you must be a class 5 drop out.

    Do the maths:

    When LQ became interim PM, debt was around $1.5b

    Debt was just below $3b in dec 2006.

    Debt is now just below $4b.

    Now do the maths

  29. I am taukei and my whole family, including my external family will vote for Frank.

    My fellow fijian will not support the cunning and selfish chiefs. We will not, I repeat will not be used by chiefs.

  30. @ Lawrance

    Where are you getting those figures? The same old fruit bowl that Frank does?

    Look at the list of lies that Frank and Aiyaz have pulled out of their collective, dumb asses:

    * No officer in the military will be part of the interim government (wow, what a big pineapple eh?)

    * We will do a clean up campaign for corruption (ha! one “conviction” for an allegation over 20 years old, supported by 0 witnesses – but no investigations into assaults, torture or murders – what an amazing record there)

    * We will hold an election in 2009 (this must have been a great joke to these two thieves!)

    * In 2006 Frank said If we don’t act, this country is going to go to the dogs and no investor will want to come here. What terrible irony.

    The list continues. He writes laws that he himself disobeys, orders the courts to do what he wants, but then arrests them, beats them up and deports them when they do not do what he and Aiyaz want.

    Is this the sort of cowardly leader that we REALLY want for Fiji?

  31. Rt Sai you have no say in Fiji,you chose to live overseas,your utterances are useless because you are singing from afar, no action taken.Frank is the moment here in Fiji

  32. Radio Craven.

    “Is this the sort of cowardly leader that we REALLY want for Fiji?”

    Frank is no more a coward than you are.

    There is nothing worse than to have an epicene cowering under his/her dastardly alias spewing venom. It’s not courage charlie but a sign of impuissance something you are well aware of.

    “But no investigations into assaults, torture or murders – what an amazing record there”

    What are these infantile allegations you make?

    Do you have or can you produce any evidence to support your preposterous claims or are you pulling crap out your a-hole as usual?

    Grow up child.

  33. lawrance.

    You must show a certain amount of sufferance when dealing with Wardan Narsey.

    Here is a child who by his own admission is suffering from a very bad case of delusions of grandeur.

  34. “The newly appointed Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem has assured he will discharge his duties with integrity, transparency and independently” (Fiji Times 31/3)
    That,of course, will NOT happen.
    How can a regime lackey act in any manner other than that directed by the dictator and his right hand man?
    It’s like getting an “assurance” from Bainimarama and Khaiyum that they will act with integrity, transparency and independently.
    Anyone who can believe such nonsense must be an intellectual imbecile.
    These are just cliched comments made by regime thugs to put a sugar-coating on the regime managed elections.


    Treason in 2006 in Fiji/ 2007 in Pakistan
    A court in Pakistan has charged former military ruler Pervez Musharraf with treason, the first army chief to face such a prosecution. Mr Musharraf is accused of unlawfully suspending the constitution and instituting emergency rule in 2007.He pleaded not guilty and has always claimed that the charges against him are politically motivated. He could face the death penalty if convicted. President from 2001 to 2008, he was one of Pakistan’s longest-serving rulers. Pervez Musharraf was surrounded by military commandos when he entered the court room. He tried to put on a brave face, waving to those gathered in the courtroom. As charges were read out to him, Mr Musharraf stood up, looking grim and pale. But when he began his address to the court he was firm and confident. He denied all the charges and spoke of his achievements: the economic development during his rule and his services for Pakistan’s military. And then he asked how he could possibly be called a traitor. Security was tight, as expected. There were more than 100 security personnel in the court room and the building was also surrounded by troops. He went into self-imposed exile in 2008, returning to Pakistan in March 2013. He had hoped to lead his party into elections, but was disqualified from standing and found himself fighting an array of charges relating to his time in power. The 70-year-old has been in hospital since the beginning of the year and reports say he is being treated for high blood pressure.
    ‘Loyal to the country’
    The court on Monday also rejected Mr Musharraf’s application to leave the country to visit his sick mother in Dubai. He is currently under house arrest and has been placed on an exit control list restricting certain Pakistani nationals from leaving the country. Judges rejected his application on the grounds that only the government had the authority to remove him from the list. When the former president entered the court he was heavily guarded, but nevertheless appeared relaxed, even waving to the audience. The judge read out five charges to Mr Musharraf. He pleaded “not guilty” to each of them but also addressed the court with a speech about his services to the country and questioned how he could be called a traitor, declaring that he was a patriot.
    Cases against Musharraf
    Since Pervez Musharraf’s return to Pakistan in March 2013, he has faced four criminal cases but was bailed in all of them. He was charged:
    • In connection with the 2006 killing of a rebel Baloch politician, Akbar Bugti
    • In connection with the 2007 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
    • For putting nearly 60 senior judges under house arrest in November 2007
    • Although he was not formally charged, he is on bail in connection with the killing of a cleric in the 2007 Red Mosque siege in Islamabad
    His most serious challenge is a treason case, which bears five charges including suspending the constitution and imposing emergency rule. He has pleaded not guilty but could face death if convicted. “I am being called a traitor, I have been chief of army staff for nine years and I have served this army for 45 years. I have fought two wars and it is ‘treason’?” the Agence France-Presse news agency quoted him as saying. “Is this the way to reward someone for being loyal to the country and for loving the country?” the former president asked the court.
    Mr Musharraf insists that he acted within the constitution when he declared a state of emergency in the country in 2007 and that he did not act alone when taking that decision. Mr Musharraf seized power from Mr Sharif in a coup in 1999. He remained president until 2008, when a democratically elected government came into power. He left the country soon afterwards to live in self-imposed exile in Dubai and London.
    BBC News
    31 March 2013

  36. People on the ground are willing to board the Fiji first Bus . Frank will to even deliver more to them.The latest one of his deliveries is pregnant women need not worry to go to Hospital because they will be paid upon arrival at the hospital.Cant wait to board this Blue Bus

  37. @micky mack mouse

    Go ahead sucker and board the bus, who cares? Papa Pig only delivers to his family and those who suck his balls like you.

  38. Bai and Khyaium should be charged like Musharraf of PAKISTAN. These two are no difference from Musharraf. All their and family asset must be ceased otherwise coup will never finish.
    The two have borrowed now around $5 billion never in the history of Fiji to build poor quality roads with commission paid from the chinese.
    Both have given their family members and friends top jobs without merit and each earning huge salary and benefit.
    The greatest thug, liars, corrupted persons in the history of Fiji – Bainimarma / Khayium.

  39. FBC stop lying to the people of Fiji about the government’s performance. The people of Fiji are waiting for debate on the economy Professor Biman vs Bainimamara/ Khayium.
    FBC does not belong to the Raiz Khayium or his family. FBC stop the lies.
    Raiz who were the contractors from FBC who did work at your home in Namadi Heights all paid by FBC inflated price on it’s work.

  40. The coat of arms cannot be used by any political parties.
    Why the police has not taken any action. The police is not meant to charge poor people for petty crimes while the thugs like Bainimarma and Khayium can ABROGATE the constitution, get themselves paid a salary of $1.2 million.
    Can a police complain be lodged against the thugs for treason.

  41. Fiji will never have a free and fair election under the regime.
    Fiji must have a caretaker government.
    The reason the thugs do not want an interim government as they will not be able to use government money and resources for their election campaign.
    All they corrupt dealings will be exposed.

  42. The appointment of a Muslim Saneen as SOE means the election will be rigged.
    How this man can be given the job with no qualification and experience?
    Khayium has put him their so that he uses him to rig the election.
    The chairman and members like Professor Naidu and others should resign.

  43. Who will be financing this so called free bus ride around the country? (PM hurricane relief fund) Bahai & Ass should dead and gone long time ago..

  44. Bainimarama stole the name. Fiji First was registered back in 2010. ASK de-registered the party in order to steal the name.

    And you’re still going to let these guys run the election?

    Boycott now, until we get a caretaker government and independent election commission.

  45. Abhay Nand Chowdry of Nabua Pharmacy and all pharmacies in suva city is a sly bastard and traitor. He was always criticizing and speaking bad of Bainimarama to other politicians and political parties. His level of criticism of Bainmarama has been unprecedented. He just took information and passed it on to Bainimarama. He did all the arrangement for the launch of Frank’s Party. Should have never trusted this two timing swine. Screw Helen Solanki second wife and his wife Prabha now in Sydney full time. Ajay has being hitting Helen in Abhay’s absence.Never trust this sly smiling Abhay.
    Runs his business on huge loan given to him by Ajay his friend when he was employed at Colonial. Got a sacking from Colonial and ended on top floor with Helen in Abhay’s absence.

  46. Christian and Hindus never vote for Bainimarma as this a Muslim party. It has support of only Muslim. Khayium is the mastermind at the back of this party. Why Khayium is not going in the bus with Bainimarma?
    Khayium will never be accepted by the i Taukei and Hindus.

  47. Khayium’s political ambition is to become the Prime Minister. He must be removed now. He is the destroyer of i Taukei and sidekick for Bainimarma. NEVER TRUST THESE TWO.

  48. Radiolucas

    Truth hurts. Guess you can’t respond to the facts and start spewing shit.

  49. Hindus will come in record numbers to support Frank. The arya samaj and the sanatans will vote for frank and nor chor.

  50. Ratu She

    Tell us sara mada which party you stand for?

    Secondly are you anti Fiji that you repeatedly call my beloved Fiji an Animal Farm?

    How dare you! You cock roach!

    Fiji is no Animal Farm……………….. you hear that?………….. you shit head! Bothy!

    We Fijians are proud of our nation.

    And my man VB will unite and lead us to greater heights.

    Vinaka VB ……………. and Go Fiji Go!

  51. don’t worry about the financing of the free bus ride of the ” FIJI FIRST AID BUS” half from the Rewa river water and half sea water from Kiuva……….deeply!!!….tax payers money!!!!!

  52. VB How dare you remove God from his right position in the Govt of Fiji…. Youuuu no school bastard :3

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