Home » Uncategorized » Bainamarama verses Professor Biman Prasad ……..“Mr Bainimarama, if you indeed are ready to stand on your record, join me in a public debate on your record,” Prasad said.

Bainamarama verses Professor Biman Prasad ……..“Mr Bainimarama, if you indeed are ready to stand on your record, join me in a public debate on your record,” Prasad said.

NFP leader invites PM to debate

March 30, 2014 11:18:12 AM


Fiji’s National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad has challenged the head of the Fijian Government, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama to a debate in the lead up to the 2014 Election.

He said doing so would underline the government’s commitment to a fair and transparent election process, one that would allow Fijian voters to make the right decision when the country head to the polls on 17 September 2014.

“Mr Bainimarama, if you indeed are ready to stand on your record, join me in a public debate on your record,” Prasad said.

He also called on all eligible Fijian voters to question the government as well as other aspiring persons looking to contest the election and represent the people on what they stand ready to offer the people as an alternative for the betterment of their lives in the present time and future.

“Our people don’t need pity, they need respect and they need their freedoms,” Prasad said.

“Most of all they need fair play.”



21 thoughts on “Bainamarama verses Professor Biman Prasad ……..“Mr Bainimarama, if you indeed are ready to stand on your record, join me in a public debate on your record,” Prasad said.

  1. Good on you Prof. B Prasad. Other Party leaders should be joining in to participate in a nationally broadcast debate on real issues confronting our country.

    As a voter am very keen to hear directly from leaders argue their case and objectives in leading Fiji.

  2. bai is a small fry swimming haplessly and hopelessly in deep water where the big fishes lurks when it comes to politics. Biman has quickly come across a credible and capable leader who has the brains to challenge this intellectually challenged bai.

  3. It came as no surprise that saneem was appointed SOE. Another case of cronism and self preservation. saneem is well known to be part of the regime circle so his appointment will safe guard the interest of the regime and he will be at the helm to steer the election in the direction plotted by the regime. It is therefore little wonder that bai is expressing confidence of winning the elections outright as the regime plan to manipulate and manouver the election is slowing getting exposed.

  4. Vinaka Professor Biman, you are a master at grandstanding, but was a two-day leader. FLP will wipe the floor with you and your NFP in september.

  5. Bainimarama couldn’t win a debate with a strangled ghoose! Now that he has his “Me First Party’ it will be interesting to see who joins it. nothing but a list of treasonous cowardly crooks.

  6. Being an orator does not mean you will be a great leader. After years of teachinh students and have one way communication to his students doesn’t make Biman a hero.

    We all know he was zero after shiting in his pants only after 2 days when he was first elected as NFP leader.

    Biman has no standing except amongst his student as they would get zero if they don’t treat him as semi god

  7. Biman Prasad mehen chaudhry ke baccha hai (biman is mahen’s kid). Mahen chaudhry and FLP will bury NFP for good this time.

  8. Bimaan be Fair maan!
    you are a university professor. how can you invite an intellectual retard to engage with you in a public debate?
    in any case Bainimarama does not believe or give a damn about public debate.
    that is not his style. his style is – and remains – that of the military commander cum dictator.
    his style is to dictate and others are meant to obey – without question . and of course without criticism.
    that is not in his lexicon.

  9. Biman will not be able to revive NFP. FLP will not win anything more than 2 seats.

    Dr rohit kishore con artist with a fake PHD is expected to take over from mahend when barka bhaiya goes to serve time at naboro hotel.

    Indians have learnt that this indo parties are nothing but bulshit.

    So the election is a 2 horse race between FB and Ro Kepa.

  10. Frank Bainimarama is running the country.
    Biman Prasad could not even run the faculty of economics.
    he was sacked as dean by VC Rajesh Chandra for incompetence.

  11. At best, Biman was a mediocre academic. A look at his books and papers will prove that. Most of his publications were co-authored. Compared to Wadan Narsey Biman is a novice. What Biman is good at is talking himself up, forming networks and playing dirty politics. That’s how he progresses in life. Good luck to NFP with such a leader.

  12. No vote for FLP and NFP from people in labasa.

    We don’t want indian dominated parties.

    Biman, go to NZ to be with your family.

  13. I wonder how many luimuri there will be for the Frank First party?

    How many cowards will come crawling out after Fiji is free again, claiming that they did not know how bad Frank and Aiyaz were?

    One vote for Frank is a vote for more years of stupidity, decline and hopeless mismanagement.

    Time for a change.

  14. Biman is a devious chamar from dereketi. A dirty player. Ask people at USP. Not fit for leader.

  15. I think people on these blog sites should not be using the flight no. MH370 as names for some people. This is disrespectful considering that over 230 people are still missing from that flight and that the search is continuing. Please show some respect for the relatives of those people.

  16. Biman, you have made NFP perfect to fight, win and protect this country from goimg down the drain. The leadership is admired by majority. Keep up.

  17. Bima u waist in peoples time …… can u rum da govnmt haha u just born yesterday …this is history Ratu Voreqe and Ayaz Kayub runin da govt for 8years now and fink idea a only 5 ministers ay and new u c wants going on in Fiji we owe Fiji air / no school fees/ new fings com in up days Bainimarama pls use yo proffesor talent and go help da poor and not rip da poor

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