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More trade union bashing

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said any person who is holding public office including civil servants and trade unionists found taking part in political campaigns and electoral activity, will now be fined or even imprisoned.



10 thoughts on “More trade union bashing

  1. Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum – the unlawful Attorney-General and Minister of Many Things – should be in jail for his part in the Fiji Military Dictatorship.

  2. The Attorney General who lies, hell bent on chipping away on Takei rights in their own country and levelling the prominence of all religions despite CHRISTIANITY’S BEING ADHERED TO BY THE MAJORITY. Hi specific promotion of Muslims to prominent jobs is disgusting

  3. The illegal A.G. has destroyed the i Taukei. He appoints Muslims without any fear. The supervisor of election Mohammed Saneem has no experience and qualification. Thus the election will not be free and fair and illegal has total control of the election office
    .i Taukei sit back and relax while our culture and tradition are destroyed by Khayium,

  4. Khayium great work. The unionists Felix, Rajeshwar Singh , Agni Deo, Dan are actively involved in politics. They are using the money and resources of their respective unions for PDP.
    They have their meeting at FTUC head office on pretext of union meeting.These unionists must be taken to task for using the resources of the members.

  5. I was present at the AGM of FPSA at Novetel where open campaign was going for PDP by Rajeshwar Singh.He was speaking against the government and it’s poor performance, nepotism and corrupt practice.

  6. What is “electoral activity”? Is voting in the election considered an electoral activity? This guy is a fool. Talk about having a small man syndrome. The AG… Wailei..

  7. Khayium investigate all the unionists. They are a batch of corrupt people being in power for ages.They have looted the money of members over years and each must be investigated and charged. The unions must be totally eradicated. Unionists are making money with contractors and receiving commission.
    Some unions have large property portfolio such FTU, FPSA and it’s executives are using these to build their own empire.
    Khayium make a decree so that these unionists do not remain in office for more then 3 years.
    An analysis of the unions will show that they have in power for more than 15 years which is resulting in them in abusing members money and resources and corrupt practice.

  8. Rajeshwar Singh has made lot of money from FPSA. He must be investigated by Fiji Independent Against Corruption. He has colluded with Manoj an Indian national and made money on maintenance work on several FPSA owned properties. Rajeshwar Singh had formed a company with Manoj namely Extreme Construction & Furniture where he was a silent partner. Manoj was only class 6 educated.
    How can an Indian national be given these type work. I thought only locals can do these type of work.
    Manoj has only recently acquired his Fiji passport. How come Manoj was given Fiji passport when he did not bring any money to Fiji.
    Rajeshwar Singh made recently $40,000 from the purchase of a wooden building for credit union for $495,000 through Rohit of R Hooker. This building is opposite FPSA head office. It was in the market for $410,000. Rajeshwar Singh is a corrupt person and will never leave FPSA.
    The government must investigate this and expose the unionists.

  9. Union leaders in fiji as a rule can no longer be regarded as champions of the working class and the power and downtrodden. Most of them are trade union aristocrats who caricature the capitalists and the private sector CEOs.
    they are a far cry from the trade union leaders who originally fought for the rights of the workers and the poor.

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