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Remembering Franks broken promises

Bainimarama says election date in 2009 is a workable goal

Updated at 7:01 am on 18 October 2007

The interim prime minister of Fiji, Commodore Frank Bainimarama says an election date in the first quarter of 2009 is a workable goal for his country.

The Commodore has promised leaders at this year’s Pacific Island Forum meeting in Tonga that Fiji will go to the polls.

He says before then Fiji will establish a people’s charter, which he hopes will help end racial discrimination and corruption.

“Those are the issues that would have been the cost of coup culture in Fiji in 87 and 2000. So we need to get rid of the problem that we have had early on before we can move forward.”

Fiji’s interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainamarama.


8 thoughts on “Remembering Franks broken promises

  1. quote from Fiji leaks

    Question: Can you trust someone like Bainimarama who lied bare faced to the UN General Assembly and now is forming a political party by transforming himself overnight into a bona fide democratic political leader?

    In the same address Bainimarama admitted …”Mr President.. I am mindful, as I stand here today in your august presence, that you may see me as the military leader who removed an elected government. I cannot begrudge that because that indeed is a fact”

    Question: Did you admit in front of the UN General Assembly that you removed an elected government to assume illegal power?

  2. Never never support a dictator. This is history. The country that has a dictator will nver progress.This is what has being happening in Muslim countries.

  3. Bainimarma has spend more than $23 million to buy votes. This is an offence. Why is he exempted from everything illegal.
    This illegal government will be any means win the election to legalise the decrees and for them to escape the court for treason.

  4. Bainimarama’s lies are well documented.
    He lied before his bullshit “clean up” takeover and he has been lying after installing himself in power as the “Prime Minister of Fiji”.
    He is no such thing.
    He is the Dictator of Fiji.

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