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Another lie to remember.



7 thoughts on “Another lie to remember.

  1. Bainimarma did a coup to save himself. Now after illegally and forcefully running the country for 8 years is going around using taxpayers money to tell lies to the voters. He is for a great shock!

  2. We read in the news that Michael Williamson, a former Health Services union boss and a former Australian Labour Party president, has been sentenced to 7 and half years in jail for fraud. (Yahoo!7 news 29/3).
    The judge said Williamson was in a position of power when he defrauded the union of nearly $1 million.He described Williamson ‘s “parasitic plundering” as “pure greed”.
    At the time of the commission of his offences Williamson had an income of around $500,000.
    In his position Williamson “exercised extreme power” to profit himself ,
    People in Fiji would no doubt have noticed how some who exercise the same kind of extreme power here – in the unions and government – also abuse that power for their personal gain.
    We have good examples of this phenomenon – both pre- 2006 coup and post-2006 coup.

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