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Dr Sharma says he may also be putting his hand up.

Fiji minister hints at standing for PM’s proposed party

Updated at 6:39 pm on 26 March 2014

A Fiji minister has hinted he will also put his hand up to run on the prime minister’s ticket in this year’s election.

The health minister, Dr Neil Sharma, says it’s a “distinct possibility” that he will stand.

Dr Sharma says there is a long way to go before then and his decision will depend on the terms and conditions.

The prime minister, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, announced earlier this week that the Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare, Dr Jiko Luveni, would run with him.

Dr Sharma says he may also be putting his hand up.

“Well it’s a little bit up in the air at this stage but you know things need to be consolidated and you know we need to move ahead so let’s see how things go and see what the terms and conditions are, and you know, what’s on offer, but it’s distinctly possible.”

Dr Neil Sharma.


8 thoughts on “Dr Sharma says he may also be putting his hand up.

  1. his arse is already up as his head is at the feet of the dictator to kiss it for making him a minister- something he would NEVER become through a genuinely democratic election.
    you know why?
    because the people know he is an arsehole!

  2. hahahahahaha clean your hearts people stop crying over spilt milk, its hard to take on Frank and his team,they will be impossible to beat

  3. @ mack – birds of the same feather flock together! Dr Sharma is willing to stand in Franks party as candidate. No problem with that for now. But will Sharma also stand with Frank in the dock to answer for his crime? As seen with the earlier Fijian coup leader, many eventually ran away from him and voters ditched him. Your idol will face the same fate! Sharma, reporters of the Fiji Sun and many more characters siding with Frank now will eventually do the inevitable…….they will isolate themselves from him when he no longer matters. Its just the nature of events regarding coup leaders in Fiji!

  4. why shouldn’t Dr Nil Sharma stand in Franks party ? (whenever that is formed. the dictator can do that whenever he likes. that is the kind of “level playing field ” Fiji has for the elections)
    After all like Frank who has brought about a “paradigm change” in the country, Dr Nil Sharma has brought about a “paradigm change” in the health care services. And, let us not forget the “paradigm change” Rajesh Chandra has brought about at USP.
    So much of “paradigm change” and so much of everything in Fiji is same same!!
    Corruption, nepotism, favouratism, bad governace, compromised judiciary, politicised police, army, civil service, politicised USP – just to name a few !

  5. I will want to tell you that our constitution is intact and no one is going to put Frank to the dock unless there someone really strong to overturn the Fijian army

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