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Questions to be asked about our future.


Did your government receive its mandate to govern from the people? NO YES
Were the members of your cabinet elected by the people NO YES
Did your government make public all accounting of government spending NO YES
Was the salary & Allowances of your Cabinet available for public scrutiny NO YES
Have the officials of your party disclosed their Assets and Liabilities NO YES
Can you be sued for making false and defamatory statements of someone NO YES
Are you provided 24 hour security service paid for by taxpayers’ funds YES NO
Do you have unrestricted access and coverage from the Fiji Media YES NO
Do you enjoy immunity protection for any crime you committed since 2006 YES NO
Did you participate in the abrogation of the 1997 constitution YES NO


 The UFDF plans to release a regular list of Facts for voters to ‘check’ and see for themselves just how uneven the playing field is for the 2014 General Elections.

The list will expand as the election progresses and people are urged to establish for themselves the TRUTH of the matter and decide if the election is in fact being run on an even playing field.

 The UFDF urges people to CHECK the facts as we have stated and satisfy yourself that it is true and put these questions to candidates and supporters of the regime when they visit.

Authorized By:                  UFDF





37 thoughts on “Questions to be asked about our future.

  1. Frank should ask you a lot of questions too Like why were you not asking questions when Qarase was alienating native land to Freehold were you least bothered when Qarase was stealing all the money from Fijian holdings and Mataqali extincts funds and when our foreign reserves had hit an all time low of 200 million, when our Fiji was experiencing a racist atmosphere created by our chiefs.Frank can fill this blog up with questions that will make you run for cover.Thanks

  2. What do regime dancing girls like the hore from horowhenua say about this? No honesty, integrity or courage amongst junta thieves and bludgers?

  3. Mack
    Frank is thbe one who INSTALLED Qarase in power contrary to a court judgement.
    He has a lot to answer for not only with regards to his blatant and overt takeover of government (which he has now been running without any accountability for over 7 years) but also for the way he used his position of power as the military commander BEFORE the 2006 coup.
    Mackeral you have any idea what some of the questions are about your hero’s conduct?
    No you wouldn’t because you are an imbecile!

  4. Anon no one would want to ask those kind of questions if you understand what Fiji’s situation was during previous reigns because you will be ashamed if you had known the reasons behind the presidents takeover from Qarase who had eventually handed over reigns to Frank

  5. Yes because they had almost brought Fiji to its toes,200 million in foreign reserves, will that make you comfortable….?and look at all those people who had being stealing from Fijians all those time and being taken to task by FICAC now PLUS YOU JUST CANT COMPARE THE SERVICE DELIVERY Frank IS GIVING now to Qarases

  6. @Mackeral

    You are a royal idiot in the mold of Papa Pig.

    The only thing that will make us comfortable is the release of the Auditor General’s report because that will indicate the amount of debt this as ole has committed the future generation to. Your 200 million reserve is just pie in the sky.

  7. Fiji Airways not safe to travel after terrible landing at Sydney. What is going on and why people were not informed about this incident. It could have being very serious.It seems pilots are not familiar with the new plane.

    Can we get experienced and better pilots or is something wrong with the plane!

  8. Bainikaiyum’s regime has too much to answer for simply because the rationale for its existence is wholly illegal! The house of cards is going to crumble down sooner, not later. Bainimarama and thugs have forced Fiji into a very slippery slope. An illegal coup, an illegal government, an illegal constitution and a stage-managed election to maintain illegal rule is just the ingredient for a disastrous Fiji. Secrecy of public finances, no participation and consent of people regarding their own governance and the lack of independence in state institutions (police and the courts in particular) to protect their rights and interests is the kind of deals Fiji has from Bainimarama. It is definitely not the platform to launch Fiji’s future with. Bainimarama has too many questions to answer let alone his involvement with the killing of soldiers and civilians!!

  9. Respect Must Be Earned
    Allow me to share another educational letter with your readers and writers.
    “Dong Feng (Letters 27/3) is way off the mark. Regardless of whether a person is in public office or elsewhere,respect must be earned. Respect is bestowed on those of us who display characteristics such as integrity,compassion,leadership,humility etc. The Prime Minister displays none of these characteristics”.
    – John Bentley (the Age 283).
    Many in Fiji will also understand what Mr Bentley means.

  10. Perhaps a little elaboration would be helpful.
    Feng had written in to say it was wrong for the Socialist Alliance group from his university to go around with T-shirts with “F- Tony Abbot” on it. He reckoned no Prime Minister deserved such disrespect.
    He might be right. At least Tony Abbot has earned his position even if he has not earned the respect of some Australians (as he clearly has not). He is the democratically elected Prime Minister.
    But free speech especially on a university campus allows students to give free expression to their views, even if some find it offensive. A university campus will not be a university campus if that does not happen.
    But what about a Prime Minister who has NOT earned his position: who is NOT democratically elected: who has in fact installed himself as Prime Minister after bulldozing himself to power with the banduk (gun)?
    I am sure many would like to display a T-shirt with ” F – Frank Bainimarama” printed on it but that can’t happen in Fiji because Fiji is a military dictatorship.. People who do that will be taken to the army camp for … well you know what…
    Nobody in Australia gets taken in for that kind of stuff because Australia is a democracy .

  11. Ratu Sai stop being an Idiot why should the auditor general report be out now, you should have been demanding this from 2000, not when the election is round the corner.Frank knows what he is doing and will not spoil the smooth sailing that we are in now.He knows people like Ratu Sai will stir all the right financial transactions to wrong and misuse

  12. We learn from Reverent Akuila Yabaki’s letter in the Fiji Times (28/3) that Frank Bainimarama was heard on radio “saying to the people that the 2013 Constitution [the one he had made by special order to give himself and his co-coupist immunity from prosecution] will take us forward even for the next 100 years”.
    Now, that is typical of the way of speaking of a dictator – bombastic with very little intellectual content.
    Is anyone surprised by the manner of this man’s speaking?

  13. Mackeral

    The reports were stopped from being released since Papa Pig came into power. In your stupidity you continue rambling on with senseless diatribe.

  14. The UFDF is apparently assuming that anyone in Fiji is interested in a discours in political science. What we are all about in Fiji is the desire for unearned income, for kerekere and bout kissing the fat arses of our chiefs. At the moment Khaiyum is the chief and we fall over each other to kiss his stinker.

  15. LL

    Yeah right but mate you can start doing the kissing bit with chief Aiarse or may be Mack with Papa Pig.

  16. Mack & LL
    Even if Frank is Satan himself u so dumb and moronic u still sing praises for him…..
    What a bunch of thickos

  17. One friend in Fiji Airways say the captain was stood down from flying for up to six months for not getting past the training phase for the airbus plane. And that he only recently started flying again. The company apparently kept putting him through the hoops until he reached somewhere close to an acceptable standard. Can someone say cheese?

  18. Mack
    Must have got benefit from the coup. He seems to have no principles like his boss Bai/ Khayium.
    Illegal thugs. The time will come when justice will be brought and these two thugs will go to Naboro for treason.

  19. The election will never be free and fair. It will be rigged by Khayium all signs of it is coming with Muslim as supervisor of election.

  20. Mack

    Yeah I heard about the election date but if I were you or Papa Pig I wouldn’t be counting my chickens just yet. Don’t be surprised when the reality of losing hits the Puaka like an express train and he may end up in St Giles pending his paper work for hotel Naboro.

  21. Ratu Sai
    These thugs must go! i Tukei and Hindus should not vote for Bainimarma’s Muslim supported party. Khayium is the culprit and has hoodwinked foolish Bainimarma.
    Muslims like everywhere in the world have now entered Fijian politics and are using Bainimarma.

  22. An an itaukei, I and my family and majority of my tikina will vote for Frank. In my view, more than 70 percent of itaukei people will support frank as we like what he did for us poor fijians.

  23. Why do people think hindus will vote for Sodelpa? Hindus will never vote for sedelpa. In the past they voted for mahen and FLP, now there is only choice and that is FB.

    Hindus will not vote for any other party.

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