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You just vote in the polling station that we assign you? What happens if you are away from home on polling day?

Voter Addresses

08:02 Today



Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Mika Loga

With just five months to go into the general elections, voters have been asked to make the necessary changes to their residential addresses during the polls.

Senior Elections Official, Asenaca Kolinivala says, voters will be issued with new ID cards in the process.

“before you can vote anywhere but what we are planning is that you just vote in the polling station that we assign you. That’s why we need you to confirm to us your residential address if you are going to move from one place to another. You have to visit these centres so that you can amend your ID and give you another ID card. From there we can give you your right polling station “.

Voters can make the necessary changes at the Elections Office in Toorak, the Government Centers in Suva and Nausori , the Births, Deaths And Marriage Offices in Labasa and Lautoka, District Office in Rakiraki and at the Permanent Centre at the Nadi International Airport.


9 thoughts on “You just vote in the polling station that we assign you? What happens if you are away from home on polling day?

  1. Just follow what you should do,listen to your inner instincts and you will surely follow Frank and vote him because he is the only man that has cared for the people of this country.He has rooted out corruption and the behavior of people who don’t have any respect for human beings

  2. Yeah right; poll in one day and make it as complicated as possible. Only in Papa Pig’s Animal Farm.

  3. these guys are caught and don’t know what to do.They will do anything and everything to win. We are all wasting our time and FB and ASK are doing whatever they want because there is no avenue to show opposition. We cannot protest, march, write, talk or anything. The itaukeis are now ‘reluctant’ to protest and the Indians are all (whoever can) trying to run away as soon as they can. The businessman are all supporting FB because they have to to survive.they are all with none foot in overseas and money stashed away safely. the poor Indians and the labour class are the ones who have to survive in Fiji and have no means to run away. Businessmen giving support to FB gives FB a lot of encouragement and he thinks all is ok for him to lead. The poor Indians left behind are the ones who get the brunt of the uprising like in 1987, 2000 and 2006. For Indians given their past experiences (getting beaten etc) FB is their hero since he managed to kerb the violence in 2006 because he was on the streets and avoided any form of protest or rioting etc.For this reason Indians feel that under FB they are safer at least for now. And in the last 7 years he went straight to the rural areas and dished out money, roads, power, water ete etc. of course with tax payers money and a huge borrowing which our future generations will pay. FB is not worried about future. he is only concerned with NOW and to ensure that he does everything to win. If FB wins then we all will have to pray to ASK because he will be he most powerful man in Fiji – it is obvious now and more so after the win. the whole dynamics of future is going to change after the elections and worse if FB wins and slightly less if anyone else comes to power. Fiji has ONLY ONE CHANCE in September to change her destiny if we want to live in a country that respects and embraces rule of law, freedom of speech, humans rights, impartial justice, respect for other races etc etc.It is strange that ASK and Gates were (pre 2006) string advocates for and of democracy but post 2006 they simply and conveniently put that on hold or swept under the carpet. I wonder why. Even Judges Shameem who was a strong advocate of rule of law has conveniently resigned and is preaching us about rule of law, ethics, morality etc. Why hasn’t she protested for one single moment? Even to FB the constitution wasn’t a problem before 2009 and became one after the court determined the coup illegal. so in order to remain on power and avoid prosecution he had to use the 1997 constitution as an excuse. If the constitution was such a big problem he could have changed whatever way he wanted and put all the clauses he wanted and had an election in 2009, 2010 but earlier then 2014. We didnt have a say in this constitution so it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway. IN fact we don’t have a say in anything at all. We have tried several constitutions in the last 27 years and another one will not have made a difference. the only problem is that we write our constitutions ith so much complexity that we ourselves find it hard to interpret when shit hits the fan.

    The political parties now have to go all the way and fight this election with all the might so that FB and ASK dont have any opportunity to complain after and of course if the playing field is level. The way it is going the field is very much one sided even the referee is on their side.

  4. Mackeral, your hero Franky has done one thing : rooted the country and the people of Fiji.
    But you haven’t noticed that because you are only looking up Frank’s arsehole!

  5. That’s the right place for Mack’s head because it is a useless apparatus on his shoulders!!

  6. hahahha keep on crying and we the people of Fiji will be laughing at you come election Frank will surely win this election no matter what you say or think end of the story

  7. of course “Frank wil surely win this election” and even the elections that come after “this election”.
    you want to know why?
    it’s because Frank, the dictator and his main boy Aiyaz Khaiyum, have planted their men all over the place to make sure of that result.
    there will be no free and fair election under the dictatorship.
    only an idiot like mackeral will fail to grasp that.

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