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Until our children get sick and die of dengue?

Dear Sir,

After one week of compalining to the relevant authorities, still nothing has been done to remove the health-threathening pollution dumped by the Nasinu Town Council in front of residential houses at Bulei Road, Laucala Beach (Letters, FT 18/3/2014). This thoughtless and provocative action with a total disrespect to the environment and the well-being of Nasinu ratepayers comes at a time when our country is rife with the threat of dengue, and people everywhere are getting sick and dying. The indiscriminate and smelly yard waste dumped over the past weekends by the NTC includes, in addition to carcinogenic asbestos and fibreglass, a large assortment of old tyres accumulating rainwater and breeding dengue-carrying mosquitoes. The whole of last week both the Environment Department and the Health Department have been informed of the issue, but so far no action has been taken. How much longer will the residents of Bulei Road have to wait? Until our children get sick and die of dengue? The Nasinu Town Council would be held responsible for their suffering.
Yours Faithfully,
Antoine N’Yeurt
Laucala Beach, Nasinu

7 thoughts on “Until our children get sick and die of dengue?

  1. Don’t worry Antoine, the problem is in good hands and will be resolved soon. The so called infectious decease decree currently written by our beloved and visionary AG will ban mosquitos from your neighbourhood. The decree will also make it illegal to talk about dengue and other things that could embarrass our beloved leaders.

  2. we have unaccountable governance in the country – at all levels : national, local and even at the community level.

  3. Dear Antoine – this is what happens when you are ruled by a dictatorship who care nothing about the citizens of this country but only what riches flow into the their pockets and how they can hang onto power to lord it over everyone else. Good luck with your protestations. At the end of the day what happens to the rubbish pile is up to you and the other good people that live in your community.

    Change yourselves and everything else will change too.

  4. Nasiunu Town Council is very poorly managed.This is typical when a dictator rule and the people cannot stand against the dictator.

  5. The government should promulgate a new decree banning all dengue carrying mosquitoes to Kiuva.

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