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Questions asked about the inaction of of the police and judiciary by Fijileaks

Will Bainimarama be charged for violating the Political Parties Decree? Its illegal for him to announce that his Minister for Women Jiko Luveni will be candidate for his proposed party which is yet to be registered!

 Will Aiyaz Khaiyum take Fiji Sun, Fijivillage News, and his brother’s FBC to court for violating his party decree for giving Bainimarama’s
unregistered party publicity

Fiji Sun breached party decree (re media) by asking potential voters in
its March 15 poll about Bainimarama’s proposed party
will they be
fined $50,000 or jailed for 5 years or BOTH?


14 thoughts on “Questions asked about the inaction of of the police and judiciary by Fijileaks

  1. They cant do nothing because he has not registered any party yet, the political parties decree will be effective only if he has a party registered

  2. Yes, Mack

    Until he has registered his party, he is not allowed to make the comments and statements he has been making so is in breach of the party decree and so are the media who have been giving him all the publicity

  3. How can the thug announce the name of Luveni who is on a vote buy spree distributing sewing machine.He must be charged but this is the Animal Farm where some are more equal than others.
    The best option is for them to be taken to International Criminal Court for suffering to the people.
    Victor Lal can help as our politicians, political parties and lawyers are only self centered.

  4. The thugs are full time using taxpayers money to campaign. FBC and Fiji Sun are full time providing coverage when they should be independent.
    Do not forgot FBC belongs to Khayium family as they have used the 19 million to buy their houses in Namdhi Heights which they never had before 2006.
    Much money was taken to N.Z. to buy equipment for FBC where prices were inflated for their commission.

  5. All political parties should boycott the election as it will never be free and fair under the regime.The election will be rigged. All signs are evident from what is happening now.

  6. Bai is already in breach of the political parties decree as he should resign from government to contest the election. He and his sidekick are afraid to leave their 1.2 million job.

  7. Mack, familiarise yourself with the relevant decree before commenting. You are just as stupid as your hero Bai.

  8. Here’s a letter which I thought I should bring to the notice of Fiji Today followers because it is almost as if the writer was talking about Fiji.
    The letter by Steve Ellis headed ‘ Political opportunists emerge from the sewers of Canberra’ is published in the Canberra Times (26/3).
    It reads:
    “… But we have a second,secret and dark government,one that operates in the deepest shadow. It is populated by an assortment of wheeler-dealers,shanks, spivs,self-serving lobbyists, former politicians looking for a post-career earner, and a few current politicians unsatisfied with the generous salaries and benefits they receive from the public purse. They consider ordinary working Australians to be suckers for grinding away year after year,hoping to lay enough aside for at least a life of genteel poverty in their old age.
    The shadow government [in Fiji’s case, the illegal government] tries to remain hidden in a web of doggy legal entities [in Fiji’s case, the decrees] constructed by equally doggy lawyers and accountants [in Fiji’s case they are well known now]. Their main enterprise is redirecting our taxes away from the public good and into their own pockets. These easy money boys ( interesting how they are almost exclusively male) come from both sides of politics in what must ne one of the last truly bipartisan endeavours operating. The only principle under which they operate is greed.
    It is only when bodies such as ICAC and courageous journalists such as Kate McClymont get to work that light is shed on the nefarious activities happening in the sewers beneath public life in Australia. We have barely scratched the surface of corruption, and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude”.
    Notice the striking similarities?
    Imagine if such shit is happening in a democracy like Australia with its elaborate regime of democratic accountability, transparency and public scrutiny what kind of shit must be happening in a dictatorship like Fiji with no accountability, transparency and public scrutiny?
    In our case we owe a debt of gratitude to Fiji Today, C4.5, FijiLeaks and other blogsites for the light they shed on the true state of Fiji under the Bainimarama military dictatorship.

  9. No. Fiji Sun with the likes of Maika, Leone and slutty Jyoti will ignorantly continue to stick their tongue up FB and his regime’s arse, until they realise that he does not have the power anymore…and then they will look for the new powerholders’ hole to shine and cajole. This is the worst press company ever to be witnessed in the history of press media in Fiji. These journalists need to be fed to the dogs…they perpetuate the problems we have in Fiji.

  10. in a dictatorship what can one expect?
    the police and the judiciary to operate independently?
    they are but tools of the dictatorship to keep the people under their control.

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