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KATHMANDU newspaper has to explain where Fiji is……. No recorded trade with Nepal last year so why waste the money? How do we value “mutual cooperation?”

KATHMANDU, MAR 24 – Yogesh J Karan, Fijian ambassador to Nepal and India, On Sunday inaugurated the Consulate Office of Fiji in Kathmandu with a flag hoisting ceremony.

The Consulate, located at BLC Mansion in Thapathali, will look after bilateral issues between Nepal and the Republic of Fiji, according to a statement issued by the Consulate of the Republic of Fiji.

Newly appointed Honourary Consul of Fiji to Nepal Parash Shakya expressed his confidence that the Consulate will try to further enhance the existing bilateral relations between the two countries.

Divided into four major divisions and 14 provinces, the total current population of Fiji is 876,000; the Republic is situated in Oceania between Hawaii and New Zealand. Fiji’s current GDP is US$ 4.218 billion with per capita income of US$ 4,900. Bilateral relations between Nepal and Fiji were established in 1986.

Addressing a ceremony, envoy Karan stressed on the prospects of mutual cooperation between Nepal and Fiji in the future.

Kali Prasad Pokharel, chief of the protocol at Nepal ’s Foreign Ministry, also shed light on the prospects and various aspects of bilateral relations between Nepal and Fiji.



18 thoughts on “KATHMANDU newspaper has to explain where Fiji is……. No recorded trade with Nepal last year so why waste the money? How do we value “mutual cooperation?”

  1. What a joke. Better to have political relations with the Moon than Nepal…moon gives us light and tides whereas Nepal benefits us nothing ZILT.

    Somebody is just wanting to pave the way for a subsidised travel to an inaccessible exotic corner of a never never land….taxpayers in Fiji are being ripped off.

  2. Yogesh Karan has no experience as a diplomat. He always worked at FNTC as a lecturer in a field of drafting.His move to India as High Commissioner was done by Ganesh Chand (FNU) in order to get his cousin Kamlesh Prakash to take over from Yogesh. Yogesh is involved only in recruiting Indians to come teach at FNU who are unpaid and exploited by Ganesh.

    Yogesh has no background in diplomacy , trade etc and this is obvious with no firm result from India. He is having a good time in India and in particular his wife who was under investigation when working for Town and Country planning.He is a great pretender of achievement! Keeps illegal A.G happy with his tie and coat!

    Nepal is another list of many countries where consulate has been opened without any purpose and result.It is for illegal thugs to have a holiday to these destination all paid by the taxpayers of Fiji.

  3. mediocre people have been catapulted to high positions
    only real criteria for selection : be prepared to suck up to the dictator and his main boy.
    people like this might have fancy titles
    But they are still what they are – fuckall people.
    another one falling in this category is USP VC Rajesh Chandra.

  4. Yogesh has a property at 116 Mead Road and one at Tamavua near LDS school. The properties are rented. The property at 116 mead road has been rented for more then 10 years to Sri Lankans and his rental income has never being declared to FIRCA. These are the type of people hold position of diplomats. Yogesh came with so called investors made noise and left without any firm result. These thugs came from India had transport, food all foc paid by the taxpayers and never returned to invest.Nothing new and constructive has come out of India.

  5. the Bainimarama bekaar government should open another embassy in the brandnew Crimea and sent Yogesh Karan there as Fiji’s first ambassador . he can do all the necessary ceremony and paraphrenalia . people like that – mediocre people – like doing stuff like that. makes them feel very important. but guess what? they remain plain fuckall people.

  6. ‘banking Remember Your Role as Regulators’ (Fiji Sun 24/3)
    Fiji Sun Remember Your Role as Public Watch Dog!

  7. Maybe we need a consulate in Nepal for all the imports and exports we have with them?

    Like… Hot air and farts. I think Frank produces a lot of those every day.

  8. Why so many consulate? What has being achieved from the existing one’s? Having a good time!

  9. When will Bai/ Khayium taken to the International Court for their crime on the people.
    Where is Kepa, Chaudhry, Raman, Felix and others.These two have looted the country and send it back 50 years.

  10. KTF I just made the same observation in the previous article before noticing you have made it as well in this one. So obviously the Sewing Machine Queen’s vote buying has not gone unnoticed!

  11. why so many consulates?
    just for show
    to show the regime has accomplished so much
    when in fact it’s been a disaster. for the country and the people
    but Bainimarama has done well
    his military cronies have done well
    his illegal ministers have done well
    Khaiyum has done well
    his cronies have done well
    so the country and the people can go to hell!

  12. The question posed by the article poses is gist to it all – HOW DO WE VALUE MUTUAL COOPERATION?

    We can all be clear about the purpose of Fiji expedition to open up embassies all over the place. It was all about the self interest to be recognized and earn legitimacy! There was no proper consideration of the trade and diplomatic return that such embassies would bring except the legitimacy that Bainikaiyum craved for at the time. No proper government- civic consultation and the much needed parliamentary scrutiny to question the mutual trade, economic and diplomatic value of such endeavors! It was all about Bainimarama’s recognition. This drove the embassy campaign all over the place – to countries that did not have traditional alliance with Fiji’s historical past and to countries whose people do not even know where Fiji is. There was nothing of mutual benefit on the table! Fiji was sold as a trade and diplomatic partner just for Bainikayum’s self gain. The added worry is the financial bearing on tax payers regarding running these embassies. This is unknown! Total cost out lays – salaries, rent, office equipment. utility bills and travelling expenses etc are not disclosed through audited and published government accounts. Fiji tax payers are made to meet these embassy expenses without mutual benefit to them! And it might make some even more furious when you have useless officials manning the embassies for Bainikaiyum’s purpose. These are things that Bainikaiyum brought on the country which need thorough clean up! We should not be surprised that embassies opened during Bainimarama’s illegal reign will close when a properly elected government returns because the purpose for which they were opened was principally driven by his personal selfish political agenda, not the country’s.

  13. We have run out of Degue Fever drugs in all hospitals. However we are readily, thanks to EyeArse splashing out scares funds for this useless diplomatic Fiji office in the Himalayan country Nepal for no good reason but to satisfy EyeArse’s desire to make Fiji’s and his ego presence where his ancestors come from at expense of the poor ratepayers of Fiji.

    We are fed up with this unelected mad mullah going mad in Fiji under Bainimarama’s protection.

    His overthrow during election will be perfect solution to enable peoples’ reps demolish all that Bhai/EyeArse have arrogantly imposed on us all.

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