PM confirms Luveni

13:41 Today



Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Apisalome Coka

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has his party’s first candidate for the upcoming general elections.

Bainimarama named Dr. Joko Luveni during a talanoa session with the people of Vatoa in Lau.

He also says more names will be revealed later on.

The Prime Minister also stressed the importance of choosing the right people to be part of the next government and urged the people to read the 2013 Constitution.

Dr. luveni is the current Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation.


28 thoughts on “

  1. she deserves selection in Bai’s party because she has done a lot of work – going around the country using government resources for vote buying for Bai.

  2. Same thugs who snatched democratic rights of people will be seen back with Bai. She has been on a vote buying spree distributing sewing machine. She should do thee right thing and retire.

  3. They deserve to be in to finish this job well,I think all these ministers in Franks Govt should stay with Frank as they have proven to be a good bunch of people working together for the people.Moving forward together is the only way,no two ways about that.Moving back to the old will spell disaster as everyone would agree too

  4. Mack
    You do not understand economic indicators. The country has been taken 50 years in terms of economic development. Poverty is at 50% and economic growth all time low. 12,000 young people remain unemployed.Debt level $7 billion.Influx of chinese who will expolit every resources in this country. Fish is already finish with all chinese fishing boats in Suva wharf. Fiji has been literally sold to the chinese.

  5. disaster is what the dictatorship has been
    that’s why we are MOVING BACK to democracy!
    that’s right
    Moving Back, Mack
    you mackeral!

  6. This shows the control freak that Papa Pig is; releasing his party candidates in dribs and drabs. He is no longer the hard man with the gun but a civilian politician and he should learn to play ball…”my way or the high” is no more.

  7. Voreqe Bainimarama’s party has got one seat in the bag with the selection of Dr Joko Luveni.

    She is a sure winner.

  8. You have my vote Dr Joko.

    She has done a marvelous job since being appointed, visiting and assisting many village women.


  9. “” 12,000 young people remain unemployed. “”

    This of course is caused by and the fault of the government. It has nothing to do with all the irresponsible parents that spawned all these kids knowing full well that at the time they were conceived there were not jobs even then.

  10. Papa Pig is even giving away cricket gears to the Komo Village cricket team; sa lesu tale na koli ki na nona lua. He accused Qarase of buying votes but boy he is spending public fund like it is his father’s money and there is no tomorrow…the low down moron.

  11. Annon 7.57pm

    I have never seen a more stupid and il-informed blooger.

    Where did you get infor on 50% poverty level and $7b debt.

    Do you understand what 50% poverty means. It means every second person is poor and unable to meet his basic needs.

    People like Wadan whose view I don’t share does not quote 50%.

    So get off your backside and do some work

  12. billy

    The reality is on ground go and check figures independently not the one provided by the regime.
    12,000 young people no job.

  13. How can illegal P.M. announce Luveni’s name when he has not even formed a political part and declared his salary.

  14. The fight in the coming election is between i TAUKEI.
    Bai/ KHAYIUM party vs SOPDELA.
    This is a great test for i taukei unity.

  15. Vote buying by Luveni. Where will they get spare parts of sewing machine?
    Most of them are selling the sewing machine when they need money.Vote buying scam but people will not vote for Bai / Khayium party.

  16. Luveni was a failure as illegal Minister for HEALTH. She has been a failure as the minister for Woman.She has not done anything that is tangible but cheap vote technique of giving sewing machine.


    Will Bainimarama be charged for violating the Political Parties Decree? He has no legality to announce that his Minister for Women Jiko Luveni will be candidate for his proposed party which is yet to be registered!


    Will Aiyaz Khaiyum take Fiji Sun, Fijivillage News, and his brother’s FBC to court for violating his party decree for giving Bainimarama’s unregistered party publicityFiji Sun breached party decree (re media) by asking potential voters in its March 15 poll about Bainimarama’s proposed party – will they be fined $50,000 or jailed for 5 years or BOTH?

    The Political Parties Decree states that no one can hold out as a political party until the party is registered. This man has been campaigning and now announces a candidate
    Will he be charged under Aiyaz Khaiyum’s party decree?

  18. Not only has the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama announced a candidate without following through to the letter of their illegal law as mentioned above, they now naively think they can still do a 1-day process and that the actual voting process per person will take a minute each. Once again they are thinking with their arses as rural and peri-urban voters will need quite a lot of help understanding the new electoral process.

    It could be believable if voters actually knew what the procedures would be but it is becoming apparent that they may keep this under wraps until the 11th hour to give them some kind of advantage and then naively strike when the iron of all their tax-funded vote-buying shenanigans weighs heavy on the rural voters minds. We can let them revel in their delusion.

  19. Didnt this bitch steal her current hubby who abandoned his wife and 4 kids……..Vakamadua na lolovira ni bula Jiko………the Sewing Machine Candidate ,,,,,,what a corrupt and skilled briber

  20. It is encouraging to see our beloved PM nominating fresh, young politicians such as Jiko. Natuva has also announced his candidacy and resignation from RFMF. This is a refreshing contrast to the old corrupt and racist parties that have only old hags and dirty politicians.

  21. LL
    Boci – how old is this Luveni Natuva etc ….in their 60s and 70s ,,,,,,,,,ur a scumbag!!

  22. LL

    The two you mentioned are by no means young, they as much old hogs as the ones you alluded to. As for corruption don’t even mention it Papa Pig and his cronies have no equal.

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