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22 thoughts on “Infighting at USP takes another scalp…..

  1. Isa!!! this once fine Regional University is now a cesspool of intrigues, personal backstabbing, run by incompetent unprofessional self serving morons who are ruining the prestige of this fine centre of learning.

    The head of USP should be sacked replaced by a competent innovative leader whom staff and students look up to.

  2. the head of USP is no to be blamed. What is the USP governing body doing about all these? I read in Fijileaks some time back some issues at USP. Hasn’t the governing body seen it? is is because the Chairman of the governing body is in cohorts with the VC. He is probably saving his back as much as the boss’s.

  3. Now two good professors have gone and take with them so much equity. They are the ones who gave the school of economics at USP name and fame.Now the students will think twice about joining USP. All they need to do is join FNU and you see students going to FNU. USP has produced so many leaders in the pacfic of economic importance.

  4. once upon a time the USP had some solid teachers both local and expatriate and they were simple, humble people not intoxicated by power. Raymond Pillay from the Humanities, Sean Reagan from History/Politics, Warden Narsey/Desai from Economics, Ahmed Ali from History,Chris Griffins from Sociology are some who quickly to mind.
    Now USP has some very shitty pseudo-intellectuals who strut about with the arrogance of power. They have spoiled the good name of the university.
    what’s worse is that some of them have become supporters and defenders of the Fijian dictatorship.
    Shame on them.

  5. I don’t know why we are blaming Frank for Biman’s resignation. Biman was in politics long before Frank came into the picture.

    Anyway, Biman spends more time giving lectures on politics than on the subject he is suppose to teach. In fact, he used to use some junior lecturers to do his dirty job.

    Biman wants to be the leader of NFP. I say good ridance so USP can hire some academic who will teach economics rather than politics. He has one vocab: structural reform.

  6. I disagree that Wadan was a great academic. He may have been bold and written some thought provoking articles, some may consider them to be biased. But as a techer, he was pathetic. A one dimensional lecturer who was critical of everything, spent heaps of his time in politics in the 90’s but offered no pragmatic solution.

    I remember well his views that Fiji should have borrowed from the IMF instead from the global market because the IMF offered 2% interest. He like many others got blinded by the lower rate and did not factor in the cost associated with the many conditions that IMF would have imposed. In the final analysis, if prof had only looked at the macro picture and not the micro, he would have understood why IMF loan was bad. But, wadan like other politicans would like to make noise and attract attention. He did get it but deep down he sounds one frustrated man. Wadan, I suggest you join politics with your NFP bro Biman. Off course, you will not see eye to eye with him so the best party wouldb e to join PDP.

  7. The standards at USP have rapidly gone down the tube. What do you expect with a spineless VC like Rajesh Chandra and a lying/conniving deputy VC like Esther Williams?

    The decline in teaching standards is reflected in the decline in the quality of graduates. Many can’t string a coherent sentence together. The worst graduates are from education, law and accounting. Rajesh Chandra has been unable to do anything to fix these areas.

    Despite the gloss and spin the VC is putting on so-called achievements, USP is in steep decline. It faces a number of huge problems. Too many to list, but staff moral has never been as low as it is now.

    The VC is more busy helping prop up regime than fix things at USP. USP is suppressing academic freedom. Its staff like Dr Ashwin Raj are involved in suppressing media freedom, with the VC’s full blessing. Is this what is taught at USP. No where in the world this happens.A university is a place where everything starts. The students throughout the world start agitation against illegal regimes and bring them down. At USP they are just worried about their pocket.

    It is for sure that morally corrupt person like VC Rajesh Chandra is unfit for the job. Favouritism, nepotism, promotion and preferential treatment of cronies has become rife under Rajesh Chandra.

    Whoever replaces Rajesh Chandra as VC will find a deep rot at USP. He or she has a massive clean-up waiting.

  8. Pls don’t rubbish my kai Biman. He is like figher jet (Biman).

    He also escapes quickly like the wind. Biman or plane is actually a plain human being who played office politics at USP. His alligencehas no national pride but like the prestigue of usp. One wonders why he has left his family in NZ living a single life here.

    Biman will be on the next plane if anything happens here.

    Go biman go, fly away far a way.

  9. the USP governing body is full of dead wood. they are just figure heads. who rubber stamp everything that the Fiji military government directs through regime lackey Ikbull Jannif.

  10. Premilla Kumar – CEO CONSUMER COUNCIL got her job by Saweni Maharaj of Lautoka. He is the cousin of husband Jai Kumar who also hails from Lautoka.
    Saweni MAHARAJ was the chairman of the Consumer Council when she was recruited. Maharaj is a big womaniser. He was fucking Premilla at Consumer Council board room.
    So it is in their family blood to get job by such means. The husband Jai Kumar got a job at USP without an advertisement as Rajesh – VC is fucking Premilla.
    Jai was sacked for corruption in his previous job.
    Rajesh should tell publicy if the position of Jai Kumar was ever advertised or he was taken because of his affair with Premilla.

  11. to above – you seem to write about Pramila and Jai Karan every hour. Instead of writing here please try writing directly to the Chairman of USP Council and see if they respond – they should respond. this will sort the matter out for you.

  12. I don’t know why Biman left but it is a good time to leave USP, no?
    it has become a fairly boica place under VC Rajesh Chandra and Deputy Esther William’s “leadership”.

  13. USP lost his best, world famous professor when Croz Walsh left and joined the international university of Horuwenua. No academic has ever been able to match his intelligence, his fair and unbiased support for Frank and his independence.

  14. crazy shit!….obviously theres better opportunity out there for Prof Prasad… this is a loss for USP.

  15. Joe joe and Anon
    Do you think Rajesh – V.C will reply regarding Jai Kumar? Come out of the woods! This will be brought till Rajesh clarifies his position. This is fact and nepotism at USP.
    Otherwise you two can find out about Jai Kumar’s appointment and advise!

  16. Is Rajesh Chandra an employee of the USP?
    Who has employed/appointed him in that position?
    Shouldn’t they be checking to see whether he is following USP’s “normal procedures” ?
    Shouldn’t they be alerted if he hasn’t as is claimed in the case of the hiring of Jai Karan?
    Don’t wait for Rajesh -VC’s reply . You won’t get anything out of him if he has been engaged in malpractice.
    Go to people above him – who ever they are.
    let the record show you have done that.

  17. Anon
    Rajesh is appointed by the illegal regime. Do you expect me to go to the thugs for explanation?
    Perhaps Premilla can investigate and advise the public.

  18. Rajesh Chandra is rubbish VC sucking life out of USP. Senior people leaving left, right and centre. USP is spending a fortune finding replacements. It is a sign that something is deeply wrong at USP. Sign of a poorly run university. Buck stops with spineless VC. USP’s loss is certainly NFP’s gain. Biman will breath life back in party.

  19. Rajesh Chandra should resign and join Bai’s party. Atleast someone else can take USP to where it rightly belongs.

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