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Our newest politician

On 5 March a grub emerged from seven years in a cacoon and began to flap around the land as a political butterfly.

No longer a Commander issuing orders, he’s now a politican trying to persuade voters that they should vote for him.  He has to listen to their requests, their questions and their concerns. 

As the campaign wears on he can look forward to people asking him about things other parties are saying when they visit.  He can look forward to people asking him how their land is protected by his new constitution.

This is where he is going to have to come clean. He is going to have to spell out how it all works.  He will find himself sitting in front of people with the facts in their hands – the words of his constitution.  He will no longer be able to tell them that their land is better protected than it was under the 1997 constitution. 

Bainimarama’s problem is that he accepts everything Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum tells him.  If ASK says the land is protected it must be protected. The ASK answer is that all assets are protected and land is no different.  The problem with is that it’s not true.  The Land Use Decree gives the Prime Minister the power to issue leases of up to 99 years with rents set at whatever levels he chooses.

In setting rents the Land Use decree says the PM has to make sure “all land available are leased with the purpose of providing a livelihood for all parties concerned”.  The economic rights of the tenant are equal to property rights of the land owners. 

But it’s not only the tenants whose rights must be considered by the PM under the Land Use Decree – it says he “shall take into consideration at all times the best interests of the land owners and the overall well being of the economy”. 

Is ASK’s property subject to these restrictions?  Does he have to take into account his tenants ability to pay or the best of interests of the economy when dealing with his property? 

I can’t wait to hear our newest politician’s answers.  


31 thoughts on “Our newest politician

  1. So much spoken about the land that it’s hard to believe that those responsible for turning it into one great filthy festering rubbish dump could value it so highly.

  2. our newest politician has one good thing going for him : he is a natural when it comes to lying, deceit, treachery,dishonesty and bullying.

  3. Doing what they are best at, spending their time writing on biogs because it needs no effort.

  4. Why it pains when people write on blog. Bai and Khayium can do what they what and it does not pain. They are thugs and have looted taxpayers money for 8 years.

  5. “” Why it pains when people write on blog. Bai and Khayium can do what they what and it does not pain “”

    Have you packed your bag ready for school tomorrow yet?

  6. Bainikhaiyum’s greatest enemy has always been, and continues to be; the truth.

    There is only so much bullshit and lies that they can spin to a media that cannot ask questions – but when faced with the people who can ask important questions, they cannot hide behind their lies and veiled threats.

  7. These two thug must be taken to the International Criminal Court for crime against the people of Fiji. The political parties must get together and file case against these two asap.
    People of Fiji contribute to this cause so that anyone in future thinking of doing a coup will think twice.
    Kepa, Chaudhry, Mick and RAMAN people of Fiji expcept you people to do something concrete against Bai/ KHAYIUM.

  8. Guys the debate should have been focused on how to dismantle the lies propagated by Kaihum and Bai.

    People are slowly tempted to believe in their lies.
    For the indigenous people of this nation please note that your natural resource is not protected under Bai/Kai constitution.

    Keep up with the debate so that the innocent citizens of Fiji can make goo choices.


  9. The people of Fiji must know the capabilities of their leaders by open T.V. debate every week rather than the bullshit that is aired in Khayium’s T.V. (FBC).

    We need to have open discussion on the economy.

    Won’t it be interesting for the people!

  10. What is the salary of Bai and Khayium – $1.2 million?
    When will they declare their salary.
    Khayium is hiding his money in Malaysia and Dubai. Aunty Nur Bano is the one who is doing all the formalities.

  11. Have you seen Premila Kumar’s photo in the Fiji Times today?–can someone please donate a bathroom scale to Premila please ??-one day or one night Jai Karan might be crushed to death !!–his life is in danger!

  12. our newest politician is an old hand at playing dirty politics. some have even claimed he was the faceless man behind the Speight coup. Remember George Speight himself claimed he was only the front man …

  13. Read why former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser has written an article titled ‘Why the Commonwealth must regain its ethical zeal’ in The Age 24 March, 2014.
    We read “The organisation can be a force for good again, but only if it stands by its principles”.
    I can’t but agree.
    In recent times the Commonwealth has displayed an appalling failure to do that. See Malcolm Fraser’s article for an elaboration.

  14. In his letter to the Fiji Times (24/3) Rev Akuila Yabaki shares his wisdom on what a politician should possess before going into parliament:
    “Politicians should be people who already posses material things they need for their existence so that they do not go into parliament primarily to get those things”.
    In our case poor people didn’t enter parliament. Most of the politicians who entered parliament were already well to people . They were the local elite – lawyers, doctors, teachers, businessmen or from the chiefly class.
    If greed for material things drive a politician to power then what they already possess materially will make no difference. Human greed has no limit. The greedy are never satisfied with what they already have. They will always be driven to get more for themselves even by crooked means.
    In Australia we have politicians of that variety but we have very dedicated, honest, sincere politicians as well. These are politicians who put the interest of the people and the country first.
    Their reason for becoming a political leader is not because they want to “fill their pockets”.
    Some have used their position to do that and have had to leave in disgrace.
    The same yardstick must apply to politicians in “developing Pacific island countries” like ours.

  15. Why should only people with material wealth be politician. That is pure discrimination, Anyone who has the interest at heart to become a politician and to serve his constituency and the nation as a whole truthfully and in accordance with the law of the country should be given the opportunity to do so. It is not what you have or what you don’t that matters, but the true character and performance of a politician that matters.

  16. what you have matters in politics.
    Bainimarama has the guns and that matters
    no matter that the man is not very intelligent, not very law abiding, not very honest, not too bothered about the plight of the people.
    he has the guns, the power and he is calling the shots.
    anybody can be a politician even the welfare destitute
    but it’s the materially wealthy that is more likely to make it to parliament through an election.
    the other politicians will have to settle for doing social work in the community!!

  17. In ‘World’s most ethical countries :2014’ in Eco-Tourism by Husna Haq (Ethical Traveler 12March 2014) we learn that Ethical Traveler has been regularly compiling a list of its top 10 ethical destinations since 2006 (the same year of the Bainimarama takeover).
    In addition to more standard criteria like unspoiled natural beauty and authentic cultural experiences, researchers judge destinations on 35 metrics in four categories : environment protection,social welfare,human rights and for the first time, animal welfare.In other words judges considered the quality of drinking water in the category of environmental protection, women’s rights in the category of human rights and so on.
    Samoa fell from the top 10 due to unsustainable logging, failure to guarantee LGBT rights and poor women’s rights.
    Was Fiji ever on the list?
    If not, why not?
    Did the fact that it is under a military dictatorship deny it a place on the list?

  18. What on earth makes navosavakadua think that thug Frank must answer the questions of the people. Firstly, this presumes that there is someone out there who dares asking critical questions. I have not yet come across anyone. Secondly, nave seems to assume that a simple question will prompt the thug in chief to honestly reply. How delusional can anyone be?

  19. Recall Bainimarama’s videoed FBC radio talk back where he was responding to listeners questions ..he was so arrogant and whenever he did not like the tone of a question he would signal with a nod to FBC host to dump the questioner and go to the next…typical dictator driven by too much uncontrollable fickle emotions and always wanting to control.

    During public debates on the campaign hustling this attitude will not be tolerated by the voter public. Often he has no clue to answers as he is barren intellectually, he is impulsive and temperamental.

    But it is absolutely necessary for political parties to publically demand debates and many of them during political campaigns.

  20. there will be very little public debate in the build up to elections
    and remember when the dictator does front up in any public forum – face to face with the voters – his thugs will be present to “remind” them not to get too smart if they know what’s good for them.
    this is the new political dynamic in the “new Fiji” shaped by the dictator.

  21. Where are all lawyers in Fiji. Get together and file court case against the Bai/ KHayium in the INTERNATIONAL COURT for CRIME committed against the people of Fiji.

  22. Premilla got her job by Saweni Maharaj of Lautoka. He is the cousin of husband Jai Kumar who also hails from Lautoka.
    Saweni MAHARAJ was the chairman of the Consumer Council when she was recruited. Maharaj is a big womaniser. He was fucking Premilla at Consumer Council board room as Jai is impotent.

    So it is in their family blood to get job by such means. The husband got a job at USP without an advertisement as Rajesh – VC is fucking Premilla.

    Jai was sacked for corruption.

  23. Prof.Narsey did an analysis to ascertain this was the worst government Fiji has had since independence. I ascertained that from the rotten smell emanating from the regime – from its cheerleader media, its compromised judiciary, its politicised police, army and civil service.the rot is everywhere and the stink is everywhere.

  24. To stop the saga of Premilla she should come clear and tell the people of Fiji how she and her husband got their job!
    Perhaps if they got their job without whom you know then it is fair. However, this is far from the truth.
    Nepotism at the highest level.

  25. Jyoti the west editior writes about Chaudhry going to Australia and talking to a group about politics etc.
    What is the problem? Chaudhry was elected leader of the Indo Fijian in Fiji. He has the full right to speak.
    Jyoti you and your newspaper should write about the illegal regime and several scams going around the country regarding the illegal regime.

  26. @ anon. Illegal takeover of government matters but should not be a criteria to become a politician .

  27. Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul has said publicly that Prime Minister Erdogan’s government’s decision to block access to twitter was unacceptable( ” President Gul speaks out against twitter ban’ Today’s Zaman 23/3).
    I am sure the same happens in Fiji. The President speaks out against prime minister Bainimarama’s government’s unacceptable decrees, diktats, media control etc etc.

  28. People who travel to a country which is under a dictatorship and wax lyrically about the beauty of the country;the great time they had; and the tourist bargains they got are they ethical travellers?

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