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Our new Commissioner of Police has 15 years in jail for corruption?

Local chief

WHATEVER has been reported in the news media we understand that no commissioner of police has been appointed but someone identified.

If what was reported by FBC is correct, then I think we have made a very big mistake.

According to an article in The Guardian newspaper in Johannesburg, South Africa, the former national commissioner of the South African police service, Jackie Selebi, was sentenced to 15 years in jail for corruption.

Is this what we want in Fiji?

One thing I can’t understand is that if we can have a local as army commander why can’t we have the same for our police?

What we are trying to imply is that there are no capable police officers who can become the commissioner or is it the person is a Fijian of Indian origin. What a shame.


5 thoughts on “Our new Commissioner of Police has 15 years in jail for corruption?

  1. Ravi Narayan is an Indian and for this reason he cannot become the commissioner of police.

  2. U TECH Institute a fake higher education in Honson building -7th floor has got 90 students from India .They are mostly from rural Indian on the pretext of studying I.T.. They were told they could easily go to N.Z. and Australia from Fiji. India provides the best studies in I.T. as we all know but Immigration gave about 90 students permit. These students were told by Manoj Kumar an Indian national now after paying money to Immigration officers got his Fiji citizen without bringing one cent in the country.

    This must be investigated that how he was given Fiji citizen despite several complains about him to the Immigration department.

    Nemani Vuinwaqa the director of Immigration is fully aware as he and his staff in compliance have made thousand of dollars despite many complains from these poor students to his department.

    The owner an Indian national Manoj Kumar who has now fled the country to Vanuatu after collecting thousand of dollars from poor Indians.

    Now he is doing the same business in Vanuatu.

    It is understood that us $8000 was paid as tuition fee for one year plus shared accommodation of us $2000 by each students.

    The contract given to Immigration has all the details.

    FIRCA has not been paid any tax on this money collected by Manoj and U Tech.

    Manoj bought a land and build a house at 1 Udal Street, off Howell Road using the money from these students and a Pajero which he sold and took money to Vanuatu.

    He was trying to sell the house and leave Fiji completely. Now about 15 Indian students are staying in the house thinking they will get a visa to N.Z or Australia.The institute is fake with few computers.

    Nemani Vuniwaqa and his staff made good money and now is pretending and blaming the Fiji Higher Commission.

    Complains were all made to the Indian Embassy which did not help the students from India.

    Corruption at Immigration at the highest level!

  3. Manoj has now gone to VANUATA to do the same as he knows that this will be exposed! Ravi
    Narayan should get the above investigated as I have being a victim and have returned to India. The Immigration officers collude with Manoj despite many students complaining to Immigration. This is big human trafficking ring in Fiji. We have complained to the Indian Embassy in Suva but nothing happened.
    I paid us $ 5700 for tuition and $US $4000 cash to Manoj for shared accommodation at 1 UDAL Place, Off Howell Road.This property was acquired by Manoj from all the money acquired from Indian national.
    Please Mr Narayan I request you to investigate this human trafficking ring where we Indian students have been fooled By Manoj.
    FIRCA must investigate this too as Manoj has taken out of Fiji and has never paid tax..
    Vanatua authorities must be informed of this too.

  4. if the new Commissioner of Police has done time for corruption then he is the right man for Bainimarama to recruit into his government which has no shortage of corrupt people.

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