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Decree decision: what choices?

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the bainimarama govt has passed wide-reaching legislation  Our senior West Editor, Jyoti Pratibha, argues any talk by anti-Bainimarama Government politicians of undoing all this work may prove to be counter-productive considering the benefits many decrees bring to the nation.


By Jyoti Pratibha nadi

There has been a lot said in the past by our politicians of their desire to do away with the various decrees through which Fiji had been governed and which continue to be in existence. Ro Teimumu Kepa of SODELPA made a point of this in her maiden speech, as she took up leadership of this new party. Fiji Labour Party’s Mahendra Chaudhry has also been vocal about what he sees as ‘draconian’ decrees. But, are the decrees really so bad that our politicians are so eager to do away with them? While they speak about revoking all decrees, have they given any thought to the implications of it? When Ro Teimumu talks about all decrees, it also includes the: Domestic Violence Decree of 2009 which gives unprecedented protection to women and children. This decree puts down in black and white the role each Police officer must play when incidences of domestic violence are reported. Or, how about the Legal Practitioners Decree of 2009? Does it not hold our lawyers more accountable to their clients? Does this decree not give us more powers to take lawyers to task if they fail to deal with their clients fairly? Through the Medical and Dental Practitioners Decree of 2010, we can hold our doctors, nurses and dentists accountable. Why do our politicians want us to think that these decrees are draconian? Perhaps, because there are some decrees which do not suit them and their agenda. Perhaps, they do not think so kindly about the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Decree 2013. This decree now requires our political parties to disclose the assets they hold.It requires our politicians to disclose the assets they hold. It is our right to know if a politician, for example, who has been a trade unionist the better part of his life, has hundreds of thousands of dollars in bank account, with houses in Fiji and abroad, it is our right to know how that wealth is/was acquired. Or, do they not want us to know? Much hue and cry has been done over the Employment Regulation Promulgation and the Essential Industries (Employment) Decree 2011.  Is it wrong to have the employees of one organisation have their union and have office bearers from the same organisation? Fijians need to be smarter than the politicians who will come knocking at every door now. These are just a few of the 200 plus decrees and amendments we have in place. There are many more which can be seen as taking this country forward.

Jyoti Pratibha works as the Fiji Sun’s West Editor. Prior to that she worked as senior reporter in the Suva newsroom. She is a graduate of the Indian High Commission’s scholarship programme. She also worked at the Daily Post newspaper. Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

31 thoughts on “Decree decision: what choices?

  1. I think those decrees decreed by Frank has given us the people a good opportunity to face up with those people living up on glasshouses with selfishs motives and interest

  2. How much was Bai and Khayium paid to give away prime land next to Garden City in RAIWAI to the Chinese?
    Every month Bainimarma is paid cash by the chinese for this land.
    Their are many scams under the regime.

  3. Bainimarma and Khayium earn over $1.2 million in salary and have borrowed $7 billion. The salary is processed by Khayium’s aunty Nur Bano who is also agent for Khayium for all business dealings such as Casino, Mahogany, government consultancy etc where she is paid million of dollars without any public tender. The brother Raiz Khayium is CEO for FBC and allows only Bai/ Khayium for talk back show to give a positive image of Fiji.

    Todate none of the academic and politicians from respective parties have being invited to FBC’s talk back show to discuss about the economy. Bai/ Khayium comes up with their own figures and hoodwink the people of Fiji and the whole world.

    The cost of living is the highest in the history of Fiji and 50 % people living below the poverty line.

    The economic growth has been all time low for the last 8 years. Fiji is under dictatorship. Fiji Indians are encouraged to stay on the farm by the regime with no real assistance. Thus girmit to continue for Fiji Indians on sugarcane farms.
    Khayium has only helped his Muslim community by giving them top posts in government and related organisation for the last 8 years. He gives most construction etc work to Fiji Muslims.

    Khayium will rig the election to formailse all the illegal decrees and avoid being prosecuted under the law for treason.The 2013 constitution is illegal.The 1997 Constitution can only be changed by parliament.

  4. Bainimarma and Khayium earn over $1.2 million in salary and have borrowed $7 billion. The salary is processed by Khayium’s aunty Nur Bano who is also agent for Khayium for all business dealings such as Casino, Mahogany, government consultancy etc where she is paid million of dollars without any public tender. The brother Raiz Khayium is CEO for FBC and allows only Bai/ Khayium for talk back show to give a positive image of Fiji.

    Todate none of the academic and politicians from respective parties have being invited to FBC’s talk back show to discuss about the economy. Bai/ Khayium comes up with their own figures and hoodwink the people of Fiji and the whole world.

    The cost of living is the highest in the history of Fiji and 50 % people living below the poverty line.

    12,000 young people in Fiji are jobless. Confirm from the National Youth centre.

    The economic growth has been all time low for the last 8 years. Fiji is under dictatorship. Fiji Indians are encouraged to stay on the farm by the regime with no real assistance. Thus girmit to continue for Fiji Indians on sugarcane farms.
    Khayium has only helped his Muslim community by giving them top posts in government and related organisation for the last 8 years. He gives most construction etc work to Fiji Muslims.

    Khayium will rig the election to formailse all the illegal decrees and avoid being prosecuted under the law for treason.The 2013 constitution is illegal.The 1997 Constitution can only be changed by parliament.

    Fiji is now a Muslim state where orders are given to people to follow.

  5. All the decrees must be throw out and only done by an elected government.
    For this reason the election will be rigged by Khayium to formalise the decrees and all thugs who have carried out treason will be saved by the court.

    However this time Bai/ khayium will be taken to task as the coup culture must be stopped in Fiji.

    It is Bai and Khayium who should be standing trial in court for treason and corruption and not democratically elected leaders.

  6. Jyoti and Fiji Sun have no media ethic. How much Fiji Sun has made money from the regime from advertisement?

    Political parties had to pay substantial amount to Fiji Sun to publish names etc.

    This does not happen in a democratic country throughout the world.

    Everyone should be free to contest the election and let the people decide.

  7. Can Jyoti and Fiji Sun investigate all scams under the regime and report to the people of Fiji.

    Fiji Sun should change it’s motto from “independent newspaper” to “corrupt newspaper”.

    I urge all political leaders and parties to fight the regime till the thugs are removed and taken to court for treason.

  8. Jyoti Pratibha is one kind of “senior reporter” who has lost all sense of journalistic objectivity and balance and has taken on the role of a regime cheerleader.
    Here is an account of another true senior reporter.Sardar Ahmad of Agence France-Presse.
    Ahmad was shot dead by gunmen together with his wife Humaira and two of their 3 children on Thursday evening. (Yahoo! News 22/3)
    AFP chairman Emmanuel Hoog described Ahmad as a “dedicated and courageous journalist, a cornerstone of our team in Afghanistan who delivered, every day, exceptional coverage of the news in extremely difficult conditions”.
    Giles Campion AFP’s Asia Pacific regional director described Ahmad as one of the agency’s best journalist in Afghanistan who “During the 11 years he spent with AFP in Kabul always exercised immense courage and objectivity when reporting despite the risks faced by journalists in this country”.
    My heart goes out to the family, friends and colleagues of this good Afghanistani journalist who has been killed because he did his job too well for the liking of some political thugs.

  9. Legal Flaws: Commission’s legal experts ANALYSIS OF DECREES find many of Khaiyum’s decrees
    “objectionable, defective, incomprehensible, unacceptable etc”

    Special Guest Contributor

    HE has been mass producing cheap quality but highly toxic decrees from his ASK Decree Sausage Plc machine without any democratic production license to do so, and ordering voiceless Fijians to swallow them without uttering a word of protest, and blocking access to courts for redress.

    Two of his illegal workers employed to operate the decree machine are Kiwi Christopher Pryde, and his side-kick, the Indo-Fijian Sharvada Sharma from S-G’s Office.

    He has been playing Godfather with the Casino Decree; Lord of the Sea with the Surfing Decree, to name a few. Now, it has emerged that many of his decrees are objectionable, defective, and plainly unacceptable. The Yash Ghai chaired Constitution Commission has stripped them bare to the bone, like the cartoon (bottom right “Borat Fiji Mankini”) and he has been brought to ground.

    No wonder, he has confiscated the Draft Constitution, and all other supplementary documents presented to Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. But you can read them now – just click on the link. Meanwhile, we will let the Commission speak to you through its Analysis of Decrees post 2009:
    “THE Commission has had to consider whether any action should be taken to remove or amend provisions of the Decrees made since the abrogation of the Constitution on 10 April 2009. A full Analysis of all the Decrees was done in October 2012 and has informed several of the decisions about the contents of the new Constitution.

    This is a shortened version of that Analysis. It highlights the main features of the Decrees, and the problems with some of them. As before, the main focus of the analysis is provisions which offend human rights, by denying access to the courts, or breaching natural justice in executive decision-making…

    One provision found frequently in the Decrees and that is a cause of concern is the ‘ouster clause’ which purports to oust the jurisdiction of the courts.,,”

    State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree 2012

    Comment: In effect, this displaces the law of defamation in respect of statements made by the Prime Minister or other Ministers and protects them from legal consequences of public speeches or writings. The protection is extended to media organisations, which are not liable in any proceedings for broadcasting or publishing statements made by the PM or other Ministers. This is an unacceptable provision, as it allows the Government Ministers to say what they like about their critics, but their critics are still governed by the law of defamation; and by the fear of being prosecuted for sedition under the Crimes Decree 2009 (No.44/09 above.)
    A possible cure for the defect would be to suspend the laws of defamation in respect of debate on the constitutional process, or to extend the ‘public interest’ defence to make it clear that such debate is not defamatory. The ouster clauses are unacceptable. They should be repealed or declared to be of no effect.

    Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 Revocation Decree 2009

    Comment: The Decree was made the day following a Court of Appeal decision that the 1997 constitution was still the law (Qarase v Bainimarama). It amounts to a usurpation of executive and legislative power by the military authority. It will cease to have effect when a Government constituted under the new Constitution assumes office. Transitional provisions will be needed to provide for the assumption of office of a new Government. It is for consideration whether this Decree needs to be expressly repealed or it just falls away.

    Revocation of Judicial Appointments Decree 2009

    Comment: The ouster clause is a denial of the right to compensation for loss of office. Repealing it would restore those rights, and entitle former judicial appointees to bring action for damages…The position of existing judicial officers also needs to be considered.

    Land Use Decree 2010

    Comment: There are no substantive provisions for the issue of leases so the Decree is defective as a legislative scheme. The whole Decree will need reviewing by a future Government for its effect on iTaukei land rights and the work of the iTaukei Land Trust Board. Part 7 is the ‘Fiji triple’ ouster clause (ousting jurisdiction in respect of the Decree, decisions under it and a certificate of termination). It is unacceptable and should be repealed or declared to be of no effect.

    Legal Practitioners Decree 2009

    Comment: The Commissioner is a single judge of the High Court, and the opportunities for abuse, based on personal prejudice, are obvious. The Commission should have at least 2 lay persons sitting with the judge.

    Dairy Restructure Decree 2010

    Comment: As in the case of the Momi Bay Development Decree (No.28/10 above) the Decree sets aside all other requirements for registration of title etc. (See also the Denarau (Nadi River) Development Decree 2011 (No.3/11) and the Regulation of Surfing Decree 2010 (No.35/10.) (In practice, fees are required for transfer of assets under this Decree.) More importantly, there is an ouster clause in section 24 which should be repealed or declared of no effect.

    Higher Salaries Commission (Revocation) Decree 2011

    Comment: This Decree interferes with existing contractual rights and is objectionable in that regard…(It would appear that the Chair of this Commission was not consulted on the repeal. Several agencies had breached the law by not having brought salaries to the Commission for approval before awarding increases. Abolishing the Commission was one way of dealing with this problem.)

    Fijian Affairs (Amendment) Decree 2010

    Comment: This reflects a policy decision about the naming of Fijian native affairs, and a future government might wish to review it, but no human rights issue arises. Action might be required to conform the nomenclature to the new Constitution. There is no instruction in the Decree what to do with words “Fijians” or where the word “Fijian” is prefaced by ‘indigenous’ or ‘native’, as it would render the prefacing word otiose.

    Criminal Procedure Decree 2009

    Comment: One concern is that the rule-making power is in the hands of the CJ only, rather than a rules committee. And the CJ has been issuing practice directions rather than rules, which is not a desirable practice as it lacks clarity and certainty.

    Employment Relations (Amendment) Decree 2011

    Comment: This Decree is inconsistent with the 1997 Constitution (section 33 and 34) and the ERP, as well as labour rights protected by the ILO. In addition, new section 266 seeks to oust the jurisdiction of the judicial bodies about employment matters.
    It is objectionable and should be repealed or declared to be of no effect. The whole Decree violates ILO Conventions and should be repealed.

    Fiji National Provident Fund Decree 2011

    Comment: No action is proposed on this Decree, but there are some unsatisfactory features of it –- Withdrawals can only be made with the approval of the Board and cannot be used to buy income products that are not approved. However, the list of approved withdrawals is not published/ gazetted, which results in lack of transparency.- Departure prohibition notices can be issued against non-payers of contributions, and can be abused for small sums owed.- The ‘fit and proper person test’ for membership of the Board appears to have been used to exclude workers’/trade union representatives.This is objectionable as workers contribute half the sums to the Fund, but are not represented. (In practice, all appointments are apparently scrutinized by the PM and can be disapproved.)

    Media Industry Development Decree 2010

    Comment: This Decree has several objectionable features and there are several sections that should be amended or repealed. For a full critique, see the separate Note on Media Decrees. The Decree should also be clarified as to the scope of its application e.g. whether it applies to websites maintained by NGOs. Editor: See also Marc Edge: Press freedom guaranteed, but only if. . . .

    Television (Amendment) Decree 2012

    Comment:TV companies are ‘media organisations’ within the scope of the Media Industry Development Decree 2010, so they are already bound by the Media Code of Ethics and Practice. They need to be registered with the Authority and are liable to investigation under that Decree. The Authority can receive complaints about TV programmes etc. and refer them to the Tribunal. The Tribunal can impose penalties, but cannot revoke a licence or de-register a
    media organisation. This Decree goes further in respect of TV companies, and has been objected to as restraint on media freedom. If the Media etc. Decree withstands scrutiny (see the comments on Decree No.29/10 above), then this Decree does itself not represent a total denial of media freedom as it only adds an additional sanction for breach of the Media Code of Ethics and Practice. However, there is no right of appeal to the Tribunal, or to a court, and loss of a licence would mean the end of a TV company. At the very least there should be a more formal hearing, and the Minister should not make the decision alone. So the new section 4A should be repealed, or at least reviewed in these respects. (Editor: As Telecoms Minister Khaiyum has been punishing Fiji TV by giving it a six-monthly licence so far:Another humiliation for Fiji TV)

    Regulation of Surfing Areas Decree 2010

    Comment: It is not clear that ‘used’ and ‘utilised’ have different meanings, and the terms ‘surfing’ and ‘water sport’ are not defined. Does it include e.g. sportfishing? Also, does the definition extend to future use of areas of water? There is no Gazetted list, which leaves the definition very unclear. This Decree can therefore be challenged for vagueness as to its exact scope. It has also been objected to as overriding indigenous (iTaukei) interests over reefs and foreshore (‘Qoliqoli’).

    Momi Bay Development Decree 2010

    The power to expedite foreclosure and to transfer assets is acceptable, but the Decree goes on to displace all other statutory controls. Worse, in section 8, it purports to oust the jurisdiction of the courts in all respects whatsoever. So neither the developer nor any FNPF shareholder can challenge any of the actions done under the decree, which goes too far in this respect. It may be that the effect of the Decree is now spent and all the transactions

    Bank of South Pacific Ltd (National Bank of Fiji Ltd) Decree 2011

    Comment: This Decree seeks to displace every other rule of law relating to the transfer. It does not, however, include the ‘Fiji ouster clause’ so that a review is still a theoretical possibility if there is someone with a grievance who alleges he has suffered as a consequence of the transfer.This Decree is for query, but no human rights action needed.

    Casino (Operator) Decree

    This confers an exclusive licence on One Hundred Sands Limited to operate a casino, and gives it a 15 –year tax holiday. The scheme confers functions on a ‘Fijian [sic] Gaming Commission and Control Board’ which does not exist at present.
    Comment: The drafting is very defective, almost to the point of incomprehensibility, and the policy might be open to question, but no human rights issue appears to arise on the substance of the Decree. There is however an ouster clause at section14 which should be repealed.

    Editor: Read also Victor Lal’s investigation: Khaiyum-Bainimarama rolled out false casino dice:

    One Hundred Sands Ltd began as purveyor of agricultural produce and ‘deer farmers’ with no experience as multi-million dollar casino operator. The regime’s illegal pay mistress Nur Bano Ali and her husband in charge of company’s business accounts.

  10. Hi Rajend naidu aka tatti falla

    Didn’t u state recently that Mahen chor used his PSU colleagues and machinary to win past elections who did things illegally.

    For LQ, its well known how that won votes, rigged elections. Even mahen chor cried foul.

    Reality is that FB will win the elections. Come down from sydney and you will know the truth.

    Majority of grass root itaukei don’t want sodelpa as theie leaders want all the money. They say chiefs came well before govt and christainity. The truth is we don’t want to go back to canalabism if that’s what Ro kepa want us to go.

    Lastly, she is a tainted leader who was caugh sleeping and stealing some one’s elses husband.

    You want proof as ask the people in suva.

  11. Can Jyoti get the article by Victor Lal printed in Fiji Sun to give a fair reporting to get people’s view.
    Fiji needs freedom of expression.

  12. I had a high court case against one the government department prior to 2006. After the illegal decree was imposed my case was dismissed.I paid my lawyer $8000 waste of money but was denied justice under the decree as my case was dismissed.

    Now where people like us and take government departments to court for their wrong doing?

    I understand that several cases have been dismissed because of the decree.

    The decree protects government departments.

    Is this the type of law we have in Fiji.

    Be careful if you are putting investment in Fiji.

  13. RPC
    I think you use your name like Rajen Naidu. rather than RPC. You are a coward. You are misinformed about the two biggest thugs in Fiji Bai/ Khayium who have earned over $8 million in salary alone over the last 8 years.

    Fiji debt now stand at $7 billion.

    All chinese project are over priced for commission for Bai and Khayium. All chinese work has been done with cheap quality products as seen during the flood. All roads are already having problem.


  14. The people of Fiji want all the SCAM of the regime revealed by Fiji Sun.Stop cheap publicity for the illegal regime as the people of Fiji are not fools. They know the level of corruption by the illegal regime and waste of over $130 million on the military which could have used to provide better education and medical facilities.

  15. Here is a letter one Australian citizen wrote saying it has “never been a more appropriate time to be ashamed of being an Australian ” in light of the conduct of the Australian government and “xenophobic elements of the media and electorate” .
    In his letter ‘Can we go any lower?’ (the Age 23/3) Patrick Kavanagh writes ”
    ” Our government has plumbed new depths of immorality by undermining the push for a UN investigation into human rights abuses in Sri lanka (21/3). Clearly this is with a view to justifying the return of asylum seekers to this oppressive state and appeasing the xenophobic elements of the media and electorate. It has never been a more appropriate time to be ashamed of being an Australian”.
    This is a citizen openly criticizing the policy of a democratically elected government and elements of the media and the media still giving him the right to freely express his opinion. He even goes so far as to say there has never been a more appropriate time to be ashamed to be an Australian.
    This is the way of the democratic society with all its flaws and imperfections.
    Contrast this with Fiji where the people do not even have an elected government; it has a dictatorship and yet sycophantic elements of the media claim the overwhelming majority of people are proud of the government!
    Would the media in Fiji publish a letter by a citizen claiming he was ashamed to be living in a military dictatorship?

  16. Hi Victor,

    So what happened to your story that Francis Kean would be army commander? One bullshit story fed on remours and bullshit.

    And where was your story about an army officer would be police commissioner? Again another bullshit story?

    And how was your bullshit story about Fiji airways leasing the 3 new air bus? You again got it wrong.

    You also got the story about one Mr Reddy remitting his money before devalution. Be a man and admit you were wrong.

    And how about the story about the millions being paid to the current ministers? Where is the facts. As a lawyer you should get your facts not base your writing on heresay.

    Lastly, why are you now sleeping with Rajend chaudary. Did his papa give you part of the millions.

  17. @ kamlesh arya – the title of the Jyoti Pratibha article says it all “Decree decision: what choices?”

    First – “Decree decision” – people had no decision over them. They were unilaterally decided by the dictatorship. All manufactured for the thugs protection including these domestic violence decree (2009) and medical. dental practitioners decree (2010). These two decrees were not manufactured because of concern over domestic violence and medical/dental practitioners conduct, but the eagerness to show legitimacy of rule! How can the regime be concerned with these issues when it does not even care for the fundamental rights of citizens?? Proves the underlying hypocrisy of the Bainikaiyum regime! How has the anti-corruption law fared for example? Poor because evidence shows it has been highly politicized for the junta’s interest and lacks independence in enforcement!. Domestic violence? Medical/Dental practitioners accountability? These are beyond the junta’s conscience and capability because the increased domestic violence and poorly regulated medical/dental practitioner service again prove this! The problem is that the junta was so eager to impose its legitimacy on the local and international community that it unilaterally manufactured decrees without knowing how to enforce them, let alone set structure and resource to implement them.

    Second – “what choices?” – people had no choice. These rules were forced upon them without their say! FIJI SUN likes to portray the regime in a good way by saying it had brought about some good laws. I don’t know how much the Sun will be paid for this kind of dribble! We can see its just another way of paying homage to Bainilaiyum’s illegal regime. We should all be giggling because Pratibha and her ‘Sun-bathing’ colleagues have never failed to amuse us with their fairy tales. Can’t they understand that all decrees of the illegal government will have to be reviewed independently by a democratically elected government simply because of the illegitimacy of the Bainikaiyum rule and of the way rules have been manufactured as each day went along in animal farm? This is a simple reality the Sun will have to accept when a properly constituted parliament returns – not a sham parliament constituted under the illegally imposed Bainikaiyum constitution! What choices??

  18. Kamlesh Arya aka Jyoti Pratibha

    What has someone’s posting of Victor Lal’s article about the analysis of decrees got to do with the questions thrown at him

    Go and ask Frank why his military officers (including) himself are benefitting when he said at the time of the coup that no officers will benefit.

    Go and do investigative stories like Victor did on Mahend’s millions, winning for Fiji Sun the accolade of “We are the Best” and him winning the Robert Keith Reid Award for Outstanding Journalism

    Will Fiji Sun reproduce everything Victor has disclosed on Fijileaks in Fiji Sun?

    Of course NOt, you creeps and hopeless suckers

  19. Jyoti aka Arya

    Can you ask Frank why should we vote for him when he refused to fire Mahend when Fiji Sun exposed that the Cabinet Minister hiding the millions was none other than Chaudhry. That, to me, is corruption. Keep writing Victor! We have respect for you than these present regime lackeys in Fiji Sun:

    Lal and Hunter win Fiji’s top journalism award

    We are the best: Fiji Sun

    The Fiji Sun was the receiver of the Robert Keith-Reid Award for outstanding journalism

    Below is the citation.

    “This year’s Robert Keith-Reid Award for Outstanding Journalism is multi-faceted. It goes to two people who are not present tonight, and involves more than one publication.

    The main recipients are Russell Hunter, former editor-in-chief and publisher of the Fiji Sun, and Victor Lal, the newspaper’s UK-based investigative reporter.

    “To them and the Fiji Sun goes a joint and well-earned accolade. They receive this for reportage on highly controversial taxation, and other matters associated with overseas bank accounts of the former interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Mr Hunter’s leadership and support for Mr Lal and the Sun’s editorial team provided the professional context for what is arguably the best example of investigative journalism in the history of the Fiji media.

    “Mr Hunter knew that in the current climate he was putting himself at risk. But this did not deter him from pursuing the great cause of the public’s right to know,

    “Along with Mr Lal, he acted in the best traditions of crusading journalism. Mr Hunter and his newspaper paid a heavy price when he was virtually abducted from his home at night and summarily deported.

    “Victor Lal displayed extraordinary persistence and skill in developing and uncovering the story in a series of articles over several months. His was a fine example of research and analysis based on documentation made available to him by sources who were also prepared to take a risk. The topic was complex requiring meticulous attention to detail in accomplishing and presenting the facts.

    “To the Fiji Times and its editor Netani Rika, the judges give a special commendation for first publication of the name of the person at the centre of the controversy. It was not long after that the Fiji Times’ publisher Evan Hannah was also deported.

    “The judges wish to acknowledge the work of all journalists who have been threatened or intimidated during a perilous time for the media and yet have continued to stand by the principles of their craft in defending media freedom and the people’s right to be informed.”

    The two co-winners could not collect the award in person because both of them are on the Fiji military government’s blacklist of banned persons from entering the country.

  20. Jyoti aka kamlesh arya

    Sada Reddy FORMER GOVERNOR of RBF took $850,000 to N.Z. before he did the valuation.

    This is fact. Evryone at RBF knows it and perhaps you know too.

    It is high time you learn fair reporting and investigate journalism.

    The decrees are illegal imposed on the people of Fiji. All these will be legally challenged at the right time and will be thrown out including the illegal 2013 constitution that has been imposed on the people of Fiji.

  21. Russell Hunter and Victor Lal risked all the reveal Chaudhry’s millions; Russell even his life and livelihood

    What have the current Fiji Sun lot done – the opposite – lining up their pockets at the expense of truth and rival colleagues – just look at how they helped ASK punish Fiji Ties and took away all the adverts etc

    Scums! Our day will come, no doubt!

  22. ” The ultimate modern man, heplaced most of his faith in the gods of creativity. Page 76: “Professing his love for the sacred document (the Constitution),
    Boehner pledged to ‘. He pushed for federal subsidies for private colleges and trade schools.

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