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Chaudhry tells Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement audience in Sydney to ensure that Aiyaz Khaiyum does not interfere

Chaudhry said they currently face the  elephant in the house  (Bainimarama) who has not stepped down from his  dual role of Prime  Minister and Minister for Finance and, therefore, is  still in charge of  government money and manpower. He (Bainimarama) has  demonstrated in  the past that while he sets laws for others he has a  tendency to  operate outside these laws



19 thoughts on “Chaudhry tells Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement audience in Sydney to ensure that Aiyaz Khaiyum does not interfere

  1. Thats the way Papa Pig operates because he thinks he is unaccountable to anyone for he is the Lord of the Manor in Animal Farm.

  2. everybody knows that’s how the dictator of fiji operates.
    everybody – except the international jokers like bishop and mccully and kamlesh sharma and company.

  3. Indeed very important for all Fijians irrespective of race to work together defeat evil and corruption manifest in Bainimarama’s leadership and self serving dictatorship

  4. Bishop and Kamlesh Sharma does not know the reality of the situation in Fiji. Their is no freedom of speech and total abuse of taxpayers fund by Bai/ Khayium for last 8 years.
    Commonwealth, UN, US, Australia and N.Z. have never really put sanction against the regime. As a result the people of Fiji suffer under the regime, They should have removed all soldiers for peacekeeping duties.
    They are just typical politicians.

  5. Fiji will NEVER have a free and fair election under the regime.
    The election will be rigged by Khayium. All the sign are evident.
    Everyone is wasting time. Fiji must have an interim government with apolitical people to take Fiji to election.
    Chaudhtry get all political parties together and boycott election.
    I snap election will be called soon and all political parties will be taken by surprise.

  6. It is no use to have an election under the current regime.
    Bai is abusing taxpayers money in everyday campaign using taxpayers money.
    While other political parties cannot freely campaign.What is going on!
    When these thugs will go!

  7. In his letter to the Fiji Times (22/3) Nardeo Mishra wants to know ” Is this what we want in Fiji?”.
    In Fiji at the present time it is not what we – the people of Fiji – want that counts.
    It is what the dictator Frank Bainimarama wants and his right hand man Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum wants.
    That’s how it is in the dictatorship in Fiji.
    Whether it be with regards to the appointment of the new Police Commissioner or the conduct of the elections.
    Let us not forget Fiji is still under a dictatorship.
    And in this regard Sanjana Naidu’s letter (FT 22/3) is also pertinent.
    She tells us in a recent case in India “There was no collusion of the top bureaucrats and the S-G acted as an important [independent]check in the system”.
    We can’t expect the same from the Solicitor-General in Fiji who is a regime stooge merely acting for the dictator and his right hand man the self-appointed Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and minister for many other things Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  8. I have advise for Fiji citizen and former Fiji citizen residing in NZ ,Australia and other countries that you all must take heed of corrupt Bainimarma and Khayium. These two earn over $1.2 million in salary and have borrowed $7 billion. The salary is processed by Khayium’s aunty Nur Bano who is also agent for Khayium for all business dealings such as Casino, Mahogany, government consultancy etc where she is paid million of dollars without any public tender. The brother Raiz Khayium is CEO for FBC and allows only Bai/ Khayium for talk back show to give a positive image of Fiji.

    Todate none of the academic and politicians from respective parties have being invited to FBC’s talk back show to discuss about the economy. Bai/ Khayium comes up with their own figures and hoodwink the people of Fiji and the whole world.

    The cost of living is the highest in the history of Fiji and 50 % people living below the poverty line.

    The economic growth has been all time low for the last 8 years. Fiji is under dictatorship. Fiji Indians are encouraged to stay on the farm by the regime with no real assistance. Thus girmit to continue for Fiji Indians on sugarcane farms.
    Khayium has only helped his Muslim community by giving them top posts in government and related organisation for the last 8 years. He gives most construction etc work to Fiji Muslims.

    Khayium will rig the election to formailse all the illegal decrees and avoid being prosecuted under the law for treason.The 2013 constitution is illegal.The 1997 Constitution can only be changed by parliament.

    Fiji is now a Muslim state where orders are given to people to follow.

  9. The illegal solicitor general’s Sharvdha Nand Sharma is an opportunist and should know that he will be charged for treason as he is the one drafting all illegal decree. His father Akil Nand Sharma will stand for Bainimarma’s party.
    The rigging of election is well coordinated as I work at AG’S office.

  10. To former Fiji citizen residing overseas do not support blindly the two thugs Bai/ Khayium .See the reality on ground of people suffering in Fiji.

  11. Whats the matter with Chodo, has he given up on whacking his goat?

    Is attempting fate by taking on the mighty Khalid ibn al-Walid?

    He ought to realise by now its an exercise in futility to take on two of the greatest warriors in Fiji’s recent history,the herculean prowess of Tui Viti and the might Muslim warrior Khalid ibn al-Walid Khaiyum.

    These two fellows have mesmerised the entire Fijian population with their brilliance and their ability to engage people at the grass roots level.

    Hang on that’s not all Tui Viti has given the common native the right to be equal with their drunken thieving chiefs.

    Should anyone say that Fiji is a dictatorship than obviously the person is speaking through their rectosigmoid for Fiji is enjoying democracy far better than it ever was.

  12. How much was Bai and Khayium paid to give away prime land next to Garden City in RAIWAI to the Chinese?
    Every month Bainimarma is paid cash by the chinese for this land.
    Their are many scams under the regime.

  13. @Ratu Sai
    Fiji is a dictatorship because … well there’s no point in telling you, is there?
    There’s none so blind as those who will not see.
    You are such a person.
    It’s waste time engaging with an idiot like you.

  14. “Fiji is enjoying democracy far better than it ever did”
    Under a military dictatorship!
    Wow! Some people are so imbecile if you showed them tatti they would insist it’s pudding!!

  15. Who created this white elephant Mr chaudary?

    Who supported this white elephant Mr chaudary?

    Who was sucking up to this white elephant Mr chaudary?

    It was you. So the last person who should speak is you.

  16. All hindus both sanatan and arya samaj will support Frank and not fLP.

    Hindus account for atleast 80 percent of indo fijians and they will support FB. In fact they are more than 10 times the muslim pop so we will vote for FB and not for barka’s party.

  17. Bloggers you should ignore the goat wanker with the hair fro…pretend that he does not exist and don’t waste time commenting on his post.

  18. kamlesh arsehole arya have you self-appointed yourself as the spokesman for ” all hindus”?
    self-appointment has become quite fashionable since the Bainimarama takeover.
    and you are a sapota of the takeover
    so you can no doubt self-appoint yourself
    only arseholes do that.

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