Youths to vote for candidates who will decrease corruption

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“Corruption should spur young people to vote for candidates who will look into decreasing corruption and creating an environment where people’s voices can be heard.” This was just one of the views raised at a”Teens With Integrity / Youth Against Corruption” Civic Education Initiative held between January 8th to February 22nd in Suva, Nadi and Lautoka and involved 179 participants. “In order to see positive changes we must be the change we want Fiji to be. This can be achieved by young people taking proactive action to voice their opinions. We can make use of social media (twitter, facebook, including letters to the editor) to ensure that our opinions are expressed widely.” Young people also said that they can provide awareness programmes to their family, friends, schools, sports/neighbourhood social clubs and other social settings. The strong undercurrent expressed is that “young people should ‘take action. Let’s be doers and not just be hearers.” On the issue of Democracy and Elections the teens noted that “Government is there for the people” – this is in terms of meeting the people’s needs and ruling under the principles of good governance. In addition, “Democracy works best when everyone gets involved. When people work together they can ensure that suitable leaders are chosen.” Other issues raised included the sentiment that, “Democratic leaders should have the wisdom to show others the way. They lead by example through integrity. Good leaders are good listeners. In order to become good leaders, he/she must be able to listen to others views and suggestions and not merely impose their own ideas.” It was suggested that more awareness programmes by civil society organisations and Government agencies such as Transparency International Fiji, Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption and the Ministry of Youth and Sports should be undertaken. Young people expressed that in the school system, it was felt that students’ councils should be taken more seriously by senior school administrators and not exists merely to fulfill democracy requirements. The “Teens With Integrity/Youth Against Corruption” network also met with two officials of the Canadian High Commission based in Wellington. The meeting with Chantal Hickey and Economics and Political Counsellor Christian DesRoche provided an opportunity to discuss civic education issues, donor funding and young people’s aspirations for the future. The Canada Fund for Local Initiative supported the programme with a FJ$47,000 grant. Feedback:


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  1. That”s the only way we will have support and that is to fight all the ills of corruption first in society and do the right thing by voting the right people who will be able to hear our voices.I will vote Frank on that because he has started that good work

  2. How much was Bai and Khayium were paid to give away prime land next to Garden City in RAIWAI to the Chinese?
    Every month Bainimarma is paid cash by the chinese for this land.
    Their are many scams under the regime.

  3. How much was Bai and Khayium paid to give away prime land next to Garden City in RAIWAI to the Chinese?
    Every month Bainimarma is paid cash by the chinese for this land.
    Their are many scams under the regime.

  4. Bainimarma and Khayium. earn over $1.2 million in salary and have borrowed $7 billion. The salary is processed by Khayium’s aunty Nur Bano who is also agent for Khayium for all business dealings such as Casino, Mahogany, government consultancy etc where she is paid million of dollars without any public tender. The brother Raiz Khayium is CEO for FBC and allows only Bai/ Khayium for talk back show to give a positive image of Fiji.

    Todate none of the academic and politicians from respective parties have being invited to FBC’s talk back show to discuss about the economy. Bai/ Khayium comes up with their own figures and hoodwink the people of Fiji and the whole world.

    The cost of living is the highest in the history of Fiji and 50 % people living below the poverty line.

    The economic growth has been all time low for the last 8 years. Fiji is under dictatorship. Fiji Indians are encouraged to stay on the farm by the regime with no real assistance. Thus girmit to continue for Fiji Indians on sugarcane farms.
    Khayium has only helped his Muslim community by giving them top posts in government and related organisation for the last 8 years. He gives most construction etc work to Fiji Muslims.

    Khayium will rig the election to formailse all the illegal decrees and avoid being prosecuted under the law for treason.The 2013 constitution is illegal.The 1997 Constitution can only be changed by parliament.

  5. Was the restructure of Rewa Diary publicly advertised?
    Did Nur Bano Ali ( Khayium’s aunty) did simple report for $500,000!
    How much was Khayium was paid?
    How much CJ Patel pay Khayium to buy the company?

    Jyoti Prabha should investigate all these scams and report.


  6. The two biggest thugs in Fiji Bai/ Khayium who have earned over $8 million in salary alone over the last 8 years.

    Fiji debt now stand at $8 billion.

    All chinese project are over priced for commission for Bai and Khayium. All chinese work has been done with cheap quality products as seen during the flood. All roads are already having problem.

  7. U TECH Institute a fake higher education in Honson building -7th floor has got 90 students from India .They are mostly from rural Indian on the pretext of studying I.T.. They were told they could easily go to N.Z. and Australia from Fiji. India provides the best studies in I.T. as we all know but Immigration gave about 90 students permit. These students were told by Manoj Kumar an Indian national now after paying money to Immigration officers got his Fiji citizen without bringing one cent in the country.

    This must be investigated that how he was given Fiji citizen despite several complains about him to the Immigration department.

    Nemani Vuinwaqa the director of Immigration is fully aware as he and his staff in compliance have made thousand of dollars despite many complains from these poor students to his department.

    The owner an Indian national Manoj Kumar who has now fled the country to Vanuatu after collecting thousand of dollars from poor Indians.

    Now he is doing the same business in Vanuatu.

    It is understood that us $8000 was paid as tuition fee for one year plus shared accommodation of us $2000 by each students.

    The contract given to Immigration has all the details.

    FIRCA has not been paid any tax on this money collected by Manoj and U Tech.

    Manoj bought a land and build a house at 1 Udal Street, off Howell Road using the money from these students and a Pajero which he sold and took money to Vanuatu.

    He was trying to sell the house and leave Fiji completely. Now about 15 Indian students are staying in the house thinking they will get a visa to N.Z or Australia.The institute is fake with few computers.

    Nemani Vuniwaqa and his staff made good money and now is pretending and blaming the Fiji Higher Commission.

    Complains were all made to the Indian Embassy which did not help the students from India.

    Corruption at Immigration at the highest level!

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