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Wadan Narsey ….Bulletin 6: gender, sports, Fijians in Business, music, national identity



31 thoughts on “Wadan Narsey ….Bulletin 6: gender, sports, Fijians in Business, music, national identity

  1. Does FBC belong to Raiz Khayium?
    Veena Bhatnagar bitch with all make up only talks to illegal regime and have praises for the illegal regime 24/7 on the radio.
    Why not Kepa, Chaudhry, Raman and others are not invited at FBC for talk back show.
    Not even once these people have been given the opportunity to speak.
    She should know that Chaudhry was democratically elected by Indians as their leader.
    Veena Bhatnagar’s daughter eloped with a Muslim and for this reason she is always saying Salam on radio instead of Hindu greeting.

  2. Fiji will never have a free and fair election under the regime. The election will be rigged by Khayium.

  3. All political parties get together and boycott the election.
    The only way is to have interim government to conduct the election.

  4. All the above is on no use as the election will not be free and fair.
    If the regime is in power the election will be rigged.
    Professor lets be realistic with what is actually happening in Fiji under the regime.
    Come up with solutions for the removal of the regime.

  5. What is the salary of Bai and Khayium – $1.2 million?
    When will they declare their salary.
    Khayium is hiding his money in Malaysia and Dubai.

  6. Today illegal Prime Minister is on his tour to Komo Island.
    Bai is full time campaigning for election using government resources and at the same time being paid by taxpayers.
    Professor do think their will be a free and fair election under this circumstances?
    Their should be a level playing field for all political parties then it is only considered free and fair election.
    Wake up to the reality of abuse of taxpayers money by only a few who I do not need to name.

  7. there will be no free and fair elections under the Bai-Kai dictatorship.
    you know why?
    because they do not believe in free and fair.
    did they come to power in a free and fair manner?
    no, they didn’t.
    they grabbed power in a foul and unfair and forceful manner.
    that is what they REALLY believe in.
    the election is just a charade for the international jokers.

  8. Narsey is helping voters with a host of questions to put to political parties. A good endeavor to make the stage-managed election a policy driven contest. But doesn’t it appear very odd that whilst this so-called policy shopping list is suggested to voters, there is no election decree to publicize the rules nor an election roll to inform parties of polling numbers have been announced for citizen information. And in the midst of all this, the illegal cum vying PM who said that no military personnel will benefit from his coup, rounds his party members up, keeps shifting the date to register his party and declare their assets, and goes around the islands and country-side telling the people what the election rules will be as if he is the Election Commissioner himself. If that is not bad enough, he amuses himself with government money, not his own for such trips where he is already actively campaigning for himself and his party! This is the kind of circus you see no where else but in Fiji!

  9. everyone in Fiji is equal in standing before Emperor Bainimarama and his matanivanua Ratu Aiyaz Khaiyum

  10. Bro it is no use to have an election under the current regime.
    Bai is abusing taxpayers money in everyday campaign using taxpayers money.
    While other political parties cannot freely campaign.
    What is going on!
    When these thugs will go!

  11. Where are all the chiefs? Have they forgotten what BAINIMARAMA said to them.” Go and drink homebrew under the tree.”
    Now the same Bainimarma is going around and asking the chiefs to support him publicly.
    BaI has really insulted the chiefs and i Taukei should not ever forgive him.
    Bai is power crazy. Because power means money.
    Will I taukei support his sidekick Khyaium who at the back is masterminding all the moves.
    Bai/ Khayium have destroyed the i taukei.

  12. question is can all the pro-democracy parties in Fiji speak with ONE VOICE and say we will NOT take part in the elections UNLESS it is conducted by an interim civilian administration with reputable international monitors , not the mob from PNG ?
    can that happen?
    that is the only way to demonstrate to the international gang that we have no trust in the dictatorship to conduct a free and fair election.
    otherwise we will have a sham election
    no doubt about it.

  13. I agree with anon. No interim government then no free and fair election.
    All parties need to get together otherwise do not complain after the election.

  14. I was surprised to see in the FBC news Vijay Maharaj lawyer with a group of movie stars from India. The illegal A.G. was also present. I wonder how Vijay Maharaj got a licence from Film Fiji.
    What is his expertise in making movies!

  15. you don’t need “expertise” to acquire such a licence . all you need is a willingness to suck up to the dictator and his main boy.

  16. Cannot belief how Vijay Maharaj gets a licence when he does not have any contact in the film industry. He is the middleman so illegal A.G could be paid. This is the story that so going around!
    What a way to corruption!

  17. U TECH Institute a fake higher education in Honson building -7th floor has got 90 students from India .They are mostly from rural Indian on the pretext of studying I.T.. They were told they could easily go to N.Z. and Australia from Fiji. India provides the best studies in I.T. as we all know but Immigration gave about 90 students permit. These students were told by Manoj Kumar an Indian national now after paying money to Immigration officers got his Fiji citizen without bringing one cent in the country.

    This must be investigated that how he was given Fiji citizen despite several complains about him to the Immigration department.

    Nemani Vuinwaqa the director of Immigration is fully aware as he and his staff in compliance have made thousand of dollars despite many complains from these poor students to his department.

    The owner an Indian national Manoj Kumar who has now fled the country to Vanuatu after collecting thousand of dollars from poor Indians.

    Now he is doing the same business in Vanuatu.

    It is understood that us $8000 was paid as tuition fee for one year plus shared accommodation of us $2000 by each students.

    The contract given to Immigration has all the details.

    FIRCA has not been paid any tax on this money collected by Manoj and U Tech.

    Manoj bought a land and build a house at 1 Udal Street, off Howell Road using the money from these students and a Pajero which he sold and took money to Vanuatu.

    He was trying to sell the house and leave Fiji completely. Now about 15 Indian students are staying in the house thinking they will get a visa to N.Z or Australia.The institute is fake with few computers.

    Nemani Vuniwaqa and his staff made good money and now is pretending and blaming the Fiji Higher Commission.

    Complains were all made to the Indian Embassy which did not help the students from India.

    Corruption at Immigration at the highest level!

  18. it would be interesting to see a live debate on TV with FB, Leaders of SODELPA, NFP, Labour, PDP and any other. But TV will have to ensure that they have a break proof glass separating FB and ASK from others. Lets us see how FB manages just by himself.

    Or maybe just FB, Prof Wadan, Justice Madraiwiwi, Prof Biman Prasad. This will be the most highly rated TV show even it make it to the Emmy Awards for the best comedy.

  19. The people of Fiji must know the capabilities of their leaders by open T.V. debate every week rather than the bullshit that is aired in Khayium’s T.V. (FBC).

    We need to have open discussion on the economy.

    Won’t it be interesting for the people!

  20. Why only illegal P.M. and illegal A.G only come and sing their song on FBC.

    Mother fuckers FBC belong to the people of Fiji and not to Khayium and Bainimarma.

    Take my word Bai will be thrashed in a free and fair election.

  21. Here is part of an excellent letter Dr Simon Rose wrote to the Canberra Times (21/3). Many people in Fiji will readily relate to what Dr Rose is saying.
    “It is axiomatic that in a democracy information must be freely available. Government should be frank [not Frank!, that’s my aside],honest and open. I would go so far as to suggest that any information that is held back by government from the public is a failure or at least a restriction of democracy.
    The first thing a totalitarian government does is withhold information…”
    Now, how pertinent is that to the situation prevailing in Fiji under Frank’s military government?

  22. Yesterday was International Day of Happiness I learned today from the Fiji Times (21/3).
    And like the Fiji Times I too do not know whether it was a day of happiness “for people in Fiji” or in other parts of the world facing grinding poverty, war and conflict, capitalist exploitation, enslavement, environmental degradation and last but not least tyrannical rule.
    I do know however that all the people in the various “UN bodies” in Fiji and around the world would have been happy. It’s a luxury they can afford.They might have even had a celebration to mark the day. That’s something they are fond of doing – celebrating.

  23. I will not vote for MPC as he stole money from the poor.

    I will not vote for NFP because they have been dead since 1999.

    I was thinking of voting for sodelpa but their racist stance makes me uncomfortable.

    I have no choice but to vote for FB.

  24. I will be standing for NFP.

    I challenge Wadan to stand and see who gets more votes.

    Maybe Dr mahen reddy can also jump and stand as well.

  25. Let’s all boycott the elections. I am already upset that Ms kepa is the SdL leader.

    Frank can win the elections.

  26. Pls leave my father alone. He was elected but his term as a MP would have been expired by now.

    Let him enjoy his $3.5 million in Australia.

  27. Professor Wadan is professionally smarter than Biman and Mahen. Frank is a thug and has taken the country economically 30 years back. Economic growth figures indicate that MPC was the best P.M. Lets not get personal. LOOK AT ECONOMIC INDICATORS.

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