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The Electoral Commission stands compromised and subservient.

FLP denounces failure to release of Electoral Decree

Updated at 10:42 pm on 19 March 2014

The Fiji Labour Party says it’s concerned that important election details are being released by the Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama during his campaign trail in the Lau group while the Electoral Commission maintains its silence on these matters.

FBC reported today that Mr Bainimarama told villagers in Lau that elections will be held over several days with polling taking place in some places before the main polling day and later in other places.

The regime had previously insisted that the national polls would be a one-day affair.

Mr Bainimarama has also released other details about how the September polls will be conducted.

The FLP denounces the Electoral Commission’s failure to release the Electoral Decree and rules governing the conduct of polls, which it says puts other non-regime parties clearly at a disadvantage in the elections.

The Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry says free, fair and credible elections are not possible under the prevailing conditions.

He says the whole process is being tightly managed by the regime while the Electoral Commission stands compromised and subservient.


19 thoughts on “The Electoral Commission stands compromised and subservient.

  1. Why is this bihari so concerned?

    Besides this bakrichod is full of hot air and must not be taken seriously.

    Be very careful this man will be the death of all natives.

  2. he controls everything including the elections…If you vote for either A,C or D it all goes to B. If we cant eradicate Corruption we might as well be the best at it.

  3. Ratu Sai cannt you figure out how events leading up to now is unethical and disadvantage non Bainimarama parties while favouring the illegal PM who continues to campaign publicly paid for the rtepayers??

    M Chaudary is perfectly correct.

    I am wondering why SODELPA and other parties are not complaining loudly and making sure the public are with the management of Election Commission and the illegal Govt.

    RO Teimumu please take a very public stand against what id happening as outlined in article above


  4. Fiji will NEVER have a free and fair election under the regime.
    The election will be rigged by Khayium.
    Everyone is wasting time.
    Fiji must have an interim government with apolitical people to take Fiji TO election.

  5. The illegal regime is using government resources to campaign.
    What is the position of Fiji Electoral Commission in this matter?.

  6. Why would we want to give the game away early. While Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF have all the time in the world to prepare for the provisions of Khaiyum’s visionary and holistic decree, we will whack it over the heads of Chodo and the other hopeful idiots with the shortest possible notice. They will run around like chicken, they will scream and yell, they will be confused. In the meanwhile we will have plenty of time to avoid any embarrassment through the assets declaration. With all the cash of Khaiyum and his friends being safely hidden in places such as Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Caiman Islands, our leaders will show that they are honest, hard working people on regular 100,000 per year salaries.

  7. This is the kind of bull-crap that dominates democracy in the Animal Farm kingdom of Papa Pig.

  8. Where are all i Taukei warriors?
    Khayium is running the show in Fiji and destroying i Taukei using your own people. Bro, this shows how i Taukei can be bought with money.

  9. Ratu Inoke and Filipe Bola have always benefited from every coup in Fiji. Both have being the coup plotters. Bola is 71 years and can hardly talk but the regime sees him fit to continue and send people at 55 to retire. This is indeed the Animal Farm.

  10. Does FBC belong to Raiz Khayium?
    Veena Bhatnagar bitch with all make up only talks to illegal regime and have praises for the illegal regime 24/7 on the radio.
    Why not Kepa, Chaudhry, Raman and others are not invited at FBC for talk back show.
    Not even once these people have been given the opportunity to speak.
    She should know that Chaudhry was democratically elected by Indians as their leader.

    I think because Veena Bhatnagar’s daughter eloped with a Muslim and for this reason she is always saying Salam on radio instead of Hindu greeting.

  11. what is the Electoral Commission’s position.
    they are in that kama sutra position of bending over to touch their toes.

  12. Kai Hae
    No wonder Veena’s daughter eloped with a Muslim.
    She is an old lady but puts make up and thinks she looks a beauty.
    She looks like a prostitute.

  13. How come Commission member Sowane invited Bainivuaka as chief guest to their comp anniversary celebrations and splashed over the papers – totally unprofessional and he shud resign but suppose no morals conscience so no bother for these kinds of morally bankrupt jokers!!!

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